30 September 2007

Glenn Medeiros Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You Lyrics

I ddcate this song to all lovers- especially to some of my good fellas who are going to have a very great day- Enggagment. Illat Stoney and Feddy and also not forgetting to my brother, all of you are the hero of this year bro. Cant wait to meet up with your girls! Cheers frend!

29 September 2007

Small reunion means a lot to me....

Small reunion with fantastic stories to be went halves

Today, I was woke up by my phone call and this is not supposed to be my “alarm clock”. Honestly, I will automatically wake up by my self after 6 hours of sleeping. My biological clock is set for 6 hours of sleeping only and it will have no conciliation of having extra time..hahah. College mates are here and they are coming down to KL without telling me. So I was like “in the worst way” to get my self clean in a very short time as they are rushing to hunt some places. They are spending their time off to recuperate their “old good days when they were still a student’. Lucky for me as am not in the same group with them, I mean for this time being.

Gosh, how I really love the times we had together and it was 2 years back. The time where we never give up the ship when we lost in the middle of KL , especially at the night. Heading to somewhere without specific location. We were too bad in driving at that time as all of us dare to bet our time to have “try and erors” for finding direction. So taunt and heroic. Bazir minyak kete je. Doing practical jokes among each other, especially during April Fool. They are not just a joke tho. Friendship is the theme for such thing to be sounded as a jovial commemoration.

So, I do hope that they will keep all good days from not getting into thin air, as I do still keep them with me. Memories are considered as a precious measurement to quantify our self about how deep is our exploration toward the universe. Memories of being in this unique universe are too personal as we have poles apart of category , qualities, matchless and remarkable of the life experiences while we are still breathing under the great sun.

I received a good news and one of my very best friends will get engage end of this year. I am glad for the news. K.Stoney, if the news is true then I wish you trillion of cheerfulness and contentment buddy. Nah, sometime I am green with envy when hear such news. The envy comes from my part tho.I wish i can turn back time and get the feel of having"bed of roses" when you know you have someone special next to you. Holding the time too much will kill you, yet it is a must to evaluate you and your spouse for the sake of goodness. Well, that is the rule of the universe- as we are created to this world we need to love, hold, touch and breath the air of love from someone we wanted to be with. Just a crap of mine. Besides, What Beyonce has been citing in her verses- dangerously in love, are all true, indeed! Tomorrow, My mates asked to hook up for “wayang” time. I threw my suggestion- horror movie is the menu for tomorrow. Cant wait to be there and start the things we have left for few years back, all over again. Well, my dear Sunday, here we come. Will update this blog more with some other stories just stay tune if you all are reading for more.

X0x0X Josh..

27 September 2007

Landscaping is a wide spectrum across the universe…

We are living in the big space which may be accompanied by some other elements of earth (water, fire, air and wind). These makes the universe seems to be so exceptional and matchless especially when we are talking about living things, Human per se. I am looking and searching something which sounds paranoid or paranormal to all of you. Bermuda triangle, UFO and USO- uninditified Subemerge Object, are something that am intended to know with more detail. Talking about these, I do believe that we are not living in this world alone as there will be some other creatures who are walking along with us or may be breathing the same air with us. We are living not in a condensed space so there might be some possibilities to have them together with us. I have browsed some information on the internet but I rather believe on National Geographic Channel coverage because it seems less fake compared to the way it represents the details. This is one of the beauties of the universe. Not to say am too freak about them but then as am looking and searching for some information about them makes my mind to see things from many other aspect and wont accept thing without any solid elucidations. Nah, searching and reading about them is just a hobby for me and it is become a light reading to me tho. At least I can make my reading becomes more myriad and diverge from previous type of reading by expanding the scope of reading interests. Now I am so keen to read up about landscape. It could be nice if I were from landscaping or architectural background. If I had a house I would like to have a touch of Mediterranean style or Modern Contemporary. But for the kitchen decoration, Classical English will be better I guess where we can see lot of ceramics and some inconsequential plants which give u a great touch and mood while having your meal. Yeah it is just a imagination for future plans and will keep the aim of having such beautification till the day comes to the surface. ;p

x0x0x0x0 Josh

Dry rose is so unique isnt it?This is one of my classical Collection interm of some Cosmic Pictures.Just take them as my light hobby to appreciate any thing under the sun.

Dangerously in love

Nice song..love the vibes of the show and stage! Nice indeed. Well, i think beyonce has a bright potenital to move over and seek for stary-stary daylight achivment. Nice and well done to her.Her words are so mean to all situation regardless time and context!

23 September 2007

Enrique Iglesias - Somebody's me Music Video (with Lyrics)

I’m feel worthlessness in whole this Sunday

Nothing much I can say for this whole Sunday. I feel irritated both mentally and physically because of this so “cozy zone”. Gosh, I am feel so dry. Nothing much I can figure out. My thesis seems to be so boring to me..Too much time I spent with it till I get “desiccated”. Well, I found this song. Nice and the words seem to be so stunning. In my level of appreciation, I guess it is so prefect in term of deliberation” of it. Another one more good creative and brilliant works by Enrique. Just go ahead dude. Listening to this song makes me miss someone and really I am. Doesnt really hope if the person notice about this. Just a tought of mine.

21 September 2007

mariah carey-it's like that

it's a lday night tonight..so i ddcate this song for all clubers.So sorry as i cant take part at this time being-time constraint because of doing something urgent. Till then, shake all off ya..Love this song while having some boggy shakes

Just to be aware of what?

To many scary things are happened to us, above all, in nowadays societies. Criminal is every where and vital disease is just “around” your Conner. Sounds daunting and bloodcurdling huh? Well, this is the fact. Am not to say that I am having OCD as called by Mr Darcythewithy. Ok, do you know what is OCD? Here are some phrases which are provided by Mr. Darcythewitty (u are acknowledged here bro)

What is OCD? Obessive Compulsive Disoder

a psychiatric anxiety disorder most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive, distressing, intrusive thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or "rituals") which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

Yeah, for you info, I feel insecure when I am in the middle of crowed places as there might be the a silent killer which comes with “white mask” and it is so prefect to be called as a silent blast. Not to say that I am so meticulous and fussy about anything but hell ya, I have to admit this for some reasons. Something about me;-

I can say that I never even try to touch the edge of escalator while using it as I assume that there are so many people are touching it who has different background of health. We never know if there is some infected emulsion of human being like blood. You never sure and know if your skin is having scratch so it may lead those viruses or bacteria to get in. Besides that I am reluctant to grip or touch any LRT or commuter’s rows in case I cant manage to get a seat.

I rarely use men’ toilet type which is located at a wall and you just simply pee on it. Nah, the toilet might have some infected urine of sick people- STD?, mind you. Let say, you are having high shoot of pee straight to the “wall” then sure it will reflect back to you right? or specifically it may reflect to the Pe**s back. About the consequences of it, nah I wont elaborate more on it. Be my guess to figure it out. Having a “big business” aka defecating at public toilet (unless at KLCC) is not for me, tho. Cheap malls will not be at my 1st place as its toilet is not managed propely, and still.

Money or coin is a great medium of transferring diseases. Anybody have right to owe and have it regardless what status you are. I do make sure that after touching or griping it, I make sure I wont touch any part of my body especially the face. The reason is, because I do have pimples and sometime they are to easy to attract bacteria as the skin surface may be exposed while having some recovery pimples. So , by touching it to ur face, you may help those bacteria to come in. Well, we never know where does the money come from right? Washing hand? Detol is my priority here.

You may say that I am so freak to some extend or can be called as OCD.Nah, I don’t bother what people might say as long I am pretty sure that I am to conscious about health and fitness. What I have written here are just a simple thought to be shared which is what I am thinking now. No force or temptation to urge you all to be as what I am now- too freak about all these universes yet I am not that isolated from the logical thought for some situations unless they have some high jeopardizes to be alerted. This is the life and thanks god that we are able to read and understand some facts about how to keep safe to your self even it is cant be prevented 100% but unless you manage to control rather than just folding your arms.The saying- Education makes your life better , can be applied and sounds logic in this context- Health maintenance. Sorry if I do freak you guys out. Till then, will nag again for some issues.
Bersama menuju ke arah masyarakat sihat…

Xoxoxo Josh

17 September 2007

Kelly Rowland- Still In Love With My Ex REMIX (With lyrics)

Nice song. Well, i heard it before but then just that today i feel would like to put it in my blog. Kelly has the potential to spread her wings among her other counterparts. So classy yet it shares the sense of "jovial" in loving someone even it may sound hurt and irony to some extends while you are in the department of forgiving any unsecure considerations which knock ur heart till ur feet to be forgiven...sounds wierd isnt it?yeah. A poet may have this kind of tought i guess. Enjoy the lyric fellas...those who are not dare to ahve chance to love and be loved then, do not further and proceed to listen to it as it may make you to be dangerously in love agian with someone that you never deem for.hehehehe ;p

16 September 2007

Let's get our old good days back, shall we?

I love the wording and the music.Thanks to Natanile Imbruglia for the lovely song- Tron. It is so simple yet its words can be mean about some deep meanings of feeling toward someone especially while u are being rejected...Music brings unspoken voices to be heard so my peeps, just go havles this music with each other..Shall we?


i thought I saw a man brought to life
He was warm,
he came around like he was dignified
He showed me what it was to cry
Well you couldn't be that man
I adoredYou don't seem to know, don't seem to care what your heart is for
But I don't know him anymore
There's nothing where he used to lie
My conversation has run dry
That's whats going on, nothing's fine
I'm torn
I'm all out of faith
this is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn
You're a little late,
I'm already torn
So I guess the fortune teller's tell us right
Should have seen just what was there and not some holy light
But you crawled beneath my veins and nowI don't care,
I have no luck,
I don't miss it all that much
There's just so many things that I can't touch,
I'm torn I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn
You're a little late,
I'm already torn. Torn.
There's nothing where he used to lie
My inspiration has run dry
That's what's going on, nothings right,
I'm torn I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn
I'm all out of faith, this is how I feel
I'm cold and I'm ashamed bound and broken on the floor
You're a little late, I'm already torn
X0x0x0x0x0x00x, Josh

15 September 2007

Music of my heart - it is a wonderful song to be shared and go halves together ;p

Lovely and placid wording,indeed. OMG, i feel that i was a teen while listening to this song as my young ages were broughten up along with this kinds of verse..The lyric is so saccharnie and lovely

14 September 2007

A light wish for today- So lucky that we still have this new day to breath as before

A lovely evening

It's Friday evening.

Feel bit sleepy today as nothing much I can do. Doing nothing is like a “silent killer” inside me. So am making myself busy like a bee- cleaning my place, searching some journals, chatting with friends via YM and hunting for jobs. A friend of mine called me and she told me she wants to make a congregate among some of us (fellow friends) and I told her that it can be “on”, perhaps on Saturday. Well, will see how it goes and will take this opportunity to make a appraisal for some perfumes. Here we come. Okays, talking about perfume, I have this friend of mine (let me call this person as “2324”. It is a code huh? well, this fella will know and notice that who am I referring to.

Dear “2324” , as I keep my promise to you where I will consider you as one of my “issues” in my blog so we are deal ok. “2324” such a …arhh.. no word how to describe this fella but “2423” has some good characters which are painted in “black” means.(this means that “2324” is so kejam when “2324” comes to do sharing and yet JUAL MAHAL. This drives me to be mad. Sabar je. But not to say “2324” is inhuman even sometime “2324” may transform into such attitude as “2324” does have some abilities to show that “what is the feeling of missing someone). Sometime , ido miss "2324"'s provocations which sound so malicious to me but at least that come from "true color" intention than pretend to be soemthing which has "empty" representative of the nature of behaviour. Nah, that all for now. I am having deficiency of ideas coz too sleepy after having my late lunch.Am going to watch “Let’s go to the poison”. Such a side-splitting and witty movie, indeed. Till then, take care everybody.

X0x0x0x0x Josh

A light Wish. It is so lucky that we have another day to live

Praise to god that we still can enjoy and cheeris this moment and at the same time we still have some opputurnities to see some bright stars. As we are living in this day (today), it means that we still have some predisposition to improve our self, gain love and be bounded with a healthy and safe family, friends, socities, and communities, which are knoted with our childhood and adolocent stages throughtout some good and bad times of our life. Today, there is another new baby who was born in this day. Happy besday to Mr. Expectro- u know who you are. I tought this buddy was 27 years old. So sorry for the inaccurate calculation.Happy many returns with full of blessing for all of ur future undertakings. Yesterday was my housmate - D' s besday. Bro, have a wonderfull future and undertaking in what ever you do. Happly ever after with all things you have. Okies, i guess i have to stop to nag here as i am so sleepy to crak my mind to split out some expressions in this vein of "virtual diary". Will still have time to do some blogging activities. Agian, i am so lucky as i am still can enjoy the sun as usual. Do listen to the Video Clip-lucky Lucky as the wording is awesome to me.Till then, take care fellas..

x0x0x0x0x Josh

12 September 2007

Be Tolerate Please

I went back from my lunch this evening. On the way I went back, I saw a girl threw her pepsi can to the construction area nearby to my place and I was like shocked and loathe to what she was doing at that particular of time. She is well educated (as i can see her appreances and i do take into account other facets of her, which bring me to this assumptation) Holly shit! Now, this kind of idea come in and pop up in my mind “ 1st class facilities and 3rd class mentality". Reading such "bold" phrase, what may come to your mind? Okies, let's start this "mind talk", shall we?

To be honest, I am so sensitive when someone is throwing something all over the place and some of you may have the same thinking. Littering sweet wraps is such a suck and abhor attitude to me. Yeah, some people might think that doing such thing sounds so “nothing” to them as it is a pity thing but remember, something that is gigantic should have a base to be immersed which comes from small thing, right? So don’t take too light when it comes to an attitude where you have predisposition to litter miniature things.

Besides that, I can see that some of construction areas are too “sick” while projects are ran by developers. May be of the leverages of environmental and constructions awareness in me makes me so gnashing my teeth when the sites are considered as reprehensible environmental sites! Ok here are the things I want to be highlighted by all of you, my silent readers which are:-

1. indiscriminate dumping behind the “shelter” of the workers

2. Solid waste and Centralize Labor quarters (CLQ) are not managed nicely. For instant their toilet is not equipped with septic tank.

3.House keepings have not managed properly as we can see some of the metals all over the place. Lack of Life Cycle Analysis awareness. That why in schools (nowadays), they try to cultivate “love the nature” among students. In biology area, it is called as Biologi Pemuliharaan. Some of courses are using such term.

4. Some of the sites may not show their Safety Signage clearly for the purpose of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

5. CLQ has lack of facilities which may hamper their Safety and Health in term of Water and some important needs for them to keep their productivity

6. Some of the yards are not maintained nicely as we can see lot of sharp and dangerous metals

Well, I hope all of us think seriously about the nature. To have a better live unquestionably and beyond doubt stats with a healthy place to live which, again, consists of the concept of Earth Sustainability. Till then, “today can create a better place for next, next and next tomorrow”.

X0x0x0x0x Josh

Forever Love- dulcet tune, isn't it?

Fasting is coming

Holla peeps....

I would like to wish those who are muslim, happy fasting my frends. May you all have full of blessing within this month. Not to forget to wish happy besday to a frend of mine "Darcywitty", the more older the more wiser and "handsomer"ahahaha. Wish him full of luck and happy many returs in what ever he will do. I have insufficent "crap" to nag here but then i keep my promise to cater you guys with trillion and lot more of some issues. By the way, am currently listening to Gary Barlow- he is my favorite singer since i was in my secondary school. I love his song "So girl help me" and the most dulcet, euphonious and tuneful song is "forever love" Gosh, i am speechless while watching and listening to this videoclip. Till then, takce care peeps...

x0x0x0x Josh

9 September 2007

Charmed Life? "what say you?"

It's a wonder?

Am thinking about this - it's a wonder? What does the word mean? Nah, i am not talking about it in the concept of literal meaning but that may be something that the sender is trying to say. I recieved a sms from a friend of mine which at the same time made me up (gosh it is 10am). Then it is quite mysterious to me as it is "simple and pure" word to me. Nothing mcuh can be figured it out what she is trying to say. Out of blue am thinking about "it's a wonder" by BoyZone. My very young days were broughten up throughtout their verses. Back to the SMS. Then i deem something. In fact i am trying to keep on asking my selft - did i not mind mine P's and Q's while talking to other people? It is a matter of course that we are easily to be provoked by such pitty matter. Especially when it may hurt or harm others, especially when it comes to feeling and emotion fortification! The scars remains for a couple of times tho. Nah, i will try to give such preplex sms next to nothing at this time of speaking. But still i am keep on wondering what does the Sms is all about. Tired to mull it over as it comes to the "cul-de-sac" conclusion. By the way..Happy monday fellas. Dont let pitty thing to shake ur mood easily.

x0x0x0x0 Josh

Charmed life?

Charmed life?

Human is no that easy to be fulfilled and satisfied by each other as this can be oscillated by the lust of having something. Why am saying so? Nah, just take a couple of minutes to let your self to see “how the land lies” by mean of scot- free from any bias thinking while you are scrutinizing your self.

Okies, today my housemate and I went to attend a walk-in interview at Jln Ampang for MISC’s career development. Well, I managed to get my self in as my housemate wouldn’t manage to get thru. I got my turn which was 86. I was too jumpy as other rivals were not that “simple and pure” to me. Okies, I was suggested to apply for Human Resources (Sea) but sounds interesting tho and it doesn’t raise chain for me even though my background is not related to this post. So, I was like hitting the nail on the head while I needed to say something about Human recourses, especially about some labor acts. I managed to say something about the acts. Just too light on the acts I guess. I was putting too much hope to be chosen in Environmental Department. (sigh)!

My rivals were trying to hold all the trumps and I was like to shiver because they are too “exclusive” to me, I mean in term of dressing. Next time I’ll bring my blazer along then. Wait and see. The atmosphere and vibes of Nikko Hotel was not that bad even its outer look is so getting on!

After the interview my housemate and I had some chat at the lobby and then heading to the rest room to change the outfit. Then, while at the rest room, a guy came to us and asked some opinions about how the interview went on. He asked we to join him for a walk then we were heading to Ampang Point. After having short conversation with him, then I realized that “is there any charmed life here?” At least for me? I feel in my bones that am in the self-effacing appreciation towards my own nature. That guy was British-boarding-school student. Having Accounting background and worked with Petronas. After a year of working then he quits from the company and looking for other jobs. He said that he cant bear with the boss as she is too bossy. Okies, I noticed that he had good payment while in the company but then so hard to please other right? He did not manage to get in the interview as he was late for 5 minutes so he will be called if he passed the screen test without having any interview session, within this period of time. Does it sound so risky for him right? I wish him best of luck then and to me too. I hope that my application will go like clockwork. Till then, have a good Monday fellas!

Xoxoxoxox Josh

8 September 2007

arh...............how could i?

Today is my younger bro's besday...
I forgot to wish him and to be the 1st person to wish him when the date hits him. Well no point to wish him too early as he was not around yesterday as he went to Mukah for his school football competition. I has just realized that today is his "besday" and my mum gave ma a buzz to tell me that they are having a small celebration for him and i were cought on that time because of my "supidity" not to be aware because of this (rasa bersalah je..even i have such problem where i keen to forget the important date with my couple..hahaha) as i realized it straight on that time! Darn..well, am feel so bad because of this. My mistake then. I wish him with trillion of happieness and sucessfull in life. Happly ever after my dear bro. My wishes are u command and they are arround u where ever u go.

New baby is ready to grow for 2008

New move to all..there is a new sunshine to all of us.

After reading the Star today, my mind is captured by a slight reading on Budget 2008. Yeah , I just want to have a slight counter on that. Taken as a whole, I give applause to the Govt as it made a new move to perk up the development of nation by taking into account of Sustainable Development which are social & politic , culture, economic, environment . I know most of the bloger do react to this but this is the way how i do my recap about the budget 2008.

Social -no school fees, the quality of education is equall to all nations, good in healthy services and there is a privilege to buy some healthy equipments as well.)

Economic - the is a relief that we can see via the liase of property companies with the civilians as those who eligible and non-eligible buyers can go halves their joy while having their own material goods which is Rm 381 mil for low-cot housing is in its way to hit the nation, very very soon I guess. Cooperate tax is going to be reduced further 25% for 2009 which this will lead the impel of private investment.

Culture -via the appreciation and improvement of tourism sector as the budget welcomes the existence of infrastructure leverage which can be seen thru the allocation of RM858mil. By having such urge to improve the tourism sector this can give trickle down effect to those undeveloped areas to be sparked as other areas and for sure the education leverage will come along to this budding of tourism infrastructure. How? Then I let u to figure it out).

Environment-for instance, Pemudah is a new channel to apply for the approval of the EIA in an efficient and competent time and the manner of evaluating it-correct me if I am wrong). But then, seems to be less amendment about some allocations which are in line with the toast of property and tourism embarking toward a “better life” for tomorrow. Correct me if am wrong and if there is any, my silent readers. May be I didn’t across such amendment during this particular of time.

But overall, this Budget gives you some basis improvement throughtout 2008 as it concerns on the concept of sustainability of development which should not be taken for granted by any mean. Cheer up my nations and let’s enjoy and appreciate every single mean of life that comes to us as the life is so short to be prejudiced and all of sudden am thinking about "pride and prejudice by Julia A. Till then, welcome board to Budget 2008 and can it be called as a gift for this 50th Independent day to all nation? I deem so.

xoxoxoxo Josh

7 September 2007

a month later?

I went to UKM’s out patient department to get my teeth being checked and fix some of the teeth. I supposed i paid my visit to the dentis in was about last year but because I was a working people on that particular of time and I cant meet up the date. I need to wait until 2nd of October. Huh, A month later? Gosh I have several interviews to be attended and I need something to glint my self in order to win the floor from other rivals. Okies, hook by crook I need to wait for it. Nah, aint ask for more. Back to old ages before, I was not that keen to meet up with dentists as they are so scary with their white plain coat and a mask. Besides that, the twinge that you will get while the dentists are going to bradawl the teeth will be remained in a quite long time. Feel that the brain gets crack or it seems to be a bit trumble because of this and this is such a dreadful and outlandish feeling and u may wish someone tries to make you up when u feel the pain but then nothing much you can do while the drilling takes its place (nak tak nak kena sabar je) with the company of “owch’ sounds. Nah, I accept as true that to be looked nice and good it is very hard to be bear as beauty is pain, am I right ladies? Today, I noticed that I had managed to reduce the weight for 2 kilos. It is pretty good for now. I guess as I back to my natural hair now, I look slimmer than before so that was kinda a blunder and slip-up for me to put em’ all in “lions’ fir type of colour”. I have insufficient of words to be expressed here but this will not stop me from not to nag here as i wont make the silent voice of mine will be the building block to my next, next day ahead. Till them will cater you guys with other issues here.

Xoxoxoxoox, Josh

5 September 2007

Faith Hill - Breathe

Just breath

Just Breath

Today, it is quite a lovely evening. Am listening to Faith Hill- Breath. The scence of the video clip is so eye-catching to me and i deem this because now, a part of listening to this song i am enjoying the likeness of sunset and the nightfall of this evening which is straight flaunted to my eyes. Then i realize that, am proud of having myseft here. I mean the innocaious of space that i have now is so unbelieveable and i darn glad that i can enjoy and renjoy the beautiful of god's creation. I love sunset and sunrise as both is so boisterous and it is the utmost of scene that god has made to us to be appreciated. The view makes me to fall in love easily when there is a correct attitde toward the person i like! Such a lame proclamation tho. If i had a chance, i would like to have a wedding where i can see the sunset. Using garden concept? i guess that is so prefect! So , those who wants to tackle me (perasan kejap) dont you ever take this into account when we talk about love while in these sence. Talking about romantic, a friend of mine is getting married. He is a very good buddy of mine since my Upper secondary period. Go to play snooker together, go pub together, hook up at colin's place till all night long together. He is mature than his age! After graduation from college, then all of us seem to be "fallen apart". Ilat Stoney used to tell me about this.The more older we are , the more detach we will be. I know how he feels as now he is teaching at rural school then no entertaiment plus great buddies are not arround. How i miss that moment! Thinking about this makes us feel more to appreciate each other while meeting up with together. I went to my place last week, then to my supprise, i even did not manage to meet up with my close buddies! As there were not even there. As my emergency holiday was just a week and a half, it was not that enough to hook up then. Well, dude, thanks coz let me know during the last minute and that was so throbing dude. You owe me this!! Fedy Jackson, hope we can have a bachelor night before u get ur weeding ring. Sure his fiance is hot u guess as this dude is hardly to get attached with any girls. Okeis. bravo to you dude and joys will be next to you all the day you and ur spouse are being together as one now and future.

Okies, the above pic was taken in 2002 i guess. As you can see, that was just a part of our close companies. I do still remember when we used to go to a mall in a group of 14 and all of us are very close company to each other. We went to the mall before the day we had our STPM. Gosh, it was so a far-fecthed moment. Okies, as u can see from the pic, 4 out of 10 are seriously attcheded- from the left to the right: K.Moi is attached to somebody, Bonney lee is a married man now, Winne is also attached and the same thing goes to Julia, then Feddy. The rest are still bachelor. So, who will be the next and to be voted as the next counterpart as those four? The god will show his reprisal for the above quest.Till then, signing off


To those who are going to get a knot, well, listen to the above song and it may help you to understand more and appreciate the love you have. Happlly ever after fellas

xoxoxox, Josh

4 September 2007

3 September 2007

Forever Love....(Just to Hear you that you love me)

Just to Hear You Say That You Love Me
~ Most of people are dying while listening to this song. Their souls are taken out of painfull, trumoils, doubt, untrust and hate toward each other even they block the sun (the reality of the people) and accept all lie and weakness of each other which complete each other and these bring them to a "knot". If not, why there are some people whant this song to be the background of their wedding moment? This is the beauty of country songs, at least to me. But what say you? Those higlited lines are very much mean to me and the wording is so darn superb. I use "green" to hilitght it for a reson. Why? Nah, should love be green all the time without fading in as it may be an emblem of your relationship? Have a look for this quotation "I would love you 10 years before the flood(mean the preson has ready for anythig to be with you, my vegatable love should grow faster than empires and more slow that disaster"?

If I could win your heartIf you'd let me in your heartI'd be so happy, baby
Just for these arms to be
Holding you close to me
There's nothing in this world I won't try
No limit to what I'd do to make you mine
I'd climb right up to the skyI'd take down the starsJust to be in your arms, baby
I'd go and capture the moonThat's what I would doJust to hear you say that you love me
Just to hear you say that you love me
If I could taste your kiss
There'd be no sweeter gift Heaven could offer, baby
I want to be the one living to give you love
I'd walk across this world just to be
Close to you cause I want you close to me, yeah
I'd climb right up to the skyI'd take down the stars
Just to be in your arms, baby
I'd go and capture the moon
That's what I would do
Just to hear you say that you love me
Just to hear you say that you love me
For the rest of your life
Love me for the rest of all time
Just say the word
And I'll give you my world
There's nothing I won't do baby,
just to be with you
I'd climb right up to the skyTake down the stars
Just to be in your arms, babyI'd go and capture the moon
That's what I would doJust to hear you say that you love me
Just to hear you say that you love me ,
babyJust to hear you say that you love me
Oh, I need to hear you say that you love me,
babyJust to hear you say that you love meJust say you love meJust say you need meJust to hear you say that you love me
x0x0x0x0x Josh

Placid sounds are all over you

Today, nothing much I can do. Just stayed at home and guess what all day long I was listening to country songs. Yeah, to my surprise, I never take in that it may be my “full time “menu”. Okies, but then I am listening to any kind and genre of music so no special barricade or hurdles that may hamper my ear catching processes. Nah, it is mind-boggling if you mull over that age is the eventual point of reference to take for granted what type of music might be listened by the person. Yeah for me, I love all songs, you just name it and u’ll get it but my attention will be easily grasped by country songs and some happening songs that can make me to wobble my bone and butt but then, it is not just hip hop songs can make me to make a grove but any kind of music that sounds attention- grabbing and mesmerizing. Music may edify you life and death. As the sullenness and sweetness of life are represented in the music throughout the time span. Besides, music reveals unspoken desire and interior voice to be sounded “aloud”! You can talk about something or no matter which that are which less sardonic, tongue in cheek and coarse. Yeah, that is the stunning of music which complete a life of a person at any rate any boundaries and to see some jubilation of faces while sharing the same music.You can see how people put aside their ego, social status and some social standard while eating a plate of rice together.Remember, music is like a rice of soul which makes u be more human as it helps ur soul to grow and appreicate the beautiy of ur life. Now the idea of saying that, we all human is same to each other, is working out here. Then you may think that this kind of music is the music to die for. Well, am listening to this Video clip by Tim McGraw (Live like you were dying). The wording of the song is so touching to me and thanks god for your plan of me as I can see and appreciate lot of things which are namely to love, passion, life and death, joy, sadness, and to some glaring experiences that put together me as what am today.


Faith Hills and Tim- Let’s make a love-

Nice wording tho! Well, the arrangement of the tone is so astonishing and jaw-dropping.


Yeah, if there was a legal rule to marry a song then I take a chance to marry with this song. heheh, a lame assertion of me. I ddcate this song to those who are in love, looking for new love, and celebrating their love. Love is to complete each other means you nad your spouse whould be not in the same attitude, a bit far in term of intrest but not that too far. a person called Dear One is a person to complte our weakness and to stand still to wacth and accpet all the uncertain reaction of us. Appreciate the love you when you have the time and chance. Nah, am lecturing me as well.Well, fellas, take a time to browse and listen to the above Video clips. Till then..

Xoxoxoox, Josh