31 August 2007

Blogging for a soul of mine

Sounds so plain (i mean the title) yet it has complex meaning to be explored and digested. Cant think an exact word to anticipate the real "emotion" toward the word. Okies, feel bit keyed up here because tomorow i'll fly back to Kajang...well, life must go on tho. Nah, nothing much i do currently as i just read and read anything..huhu my mood to read is so "impressive"..so rajin la pulak..Yeah, at least i have some awarness about certain issses when i am requested to speak my mind.haha.Yesterday i viewed my gradmum's pics. I was /am totaly feelin so blue because of that but then remember "to die we have to live and not all can live. So for those who are livining and celebreating thier life, no matter what it takes and no matter how hard the god takes "other life" from you, it (death) is just a part of a life (i watched OPRAH's show and i got these words from it). Well, am ok now. Thnaks for some friends and companies who are giving condelance.I appreciate it guys.I still remember, a friend of mine gave me some "tonic" words and gave a shoulder for me while the "sorrow" came to hit my ego, then i was having tear on the plane as i was heading to swk on that night.Talking about appreciation i have the words are still cycling in my mind.....i will stcik to the words!So, i give these tributes to all my friends (1st degree of 2nd or 3rd or....infinity degree of you,all of you deserve to be my friends)...just a lame tought tho! ;p

Dear Frineds,

Somewhere between the *procrastination* and the homework.. and the incessant forwards and the friendships and the calls to each other complaining about CrUsHeS and BF/GF!! Somewhere between the phone calls to oldfriends and the "I miss you's", the "I love you's" and the "What are we doing tonight's?" And somewherebetween all of the changing and growing...somewhere between the classes and the skippingclasses...and the StUdYiNg for teStS...And thePRETENDING to "StUdY" for TeStS... And the downright NOT StUdYiNg for TeStS... I forgot--I forgot what ScHooL was all about.

Somewhere between all the appointments, starbuck coffee, and Mc Donald's... paying bills and then not paying bills...Making plans then breaking plans... Appearing, Disappearing, then reappearing ... I forgot--I forgot what it was like to cry. I forgot that pretending to be happy doesn't make you happy... And that pretending tobe SmArT doesn't make you smart .. I forgot that you can't just forget the past infear of the FUTURE... I forgot that you can't control falling in LoVe.. And that you can't PERTEND NOT to make yourself fall in *LoVe*.... I learned that I can LOVE...

I learned that it's okay to MEsS UP.... And it's okay to ask for HELP!!!.. And it's okay to feel like crap... I learned it's okay to cOmPLaiNand wHINe to all your friends for a whole day........ I learned that sometimes the things you wantmost you just can't have and the things that you look for are right in front of you.I learned that the greatest thing about HiGh ScHOoL and CoLLeGe and the working worldit isn't about the parties or the DRiNKiNG or the Hookups ...

It's the *FrIeNdShIpS*, which means taking chances. I learned that sometimes the things we want to forget are the things which we most need to talk about... I learned that TIME and LOVE can heal all things... I learned that just when you think it can't get worse - it does! ...but with the love and support of friends - you survive... I've learned that when you start feeling BaD about L O S I N G touch and about those that you've lost! They too, are feeling the same way....

I learned that letters from friends are the most important things. And that sending cards to your friends makes you feel better! But, basically, I just learned that my friends........ Both old and new..... are the most importantpeople to me in the world AND.......without them, I wouldn't be whoI am today.....

So this is a THANK YOU to all of my friends... For always being there. And even if we're not on good terms or we have lost touch...

I will always have an unconditionallove for you.. ~Always and forever ~ to deem a special relationship from a normal friendship, well i am open to it~

~ i do believe that a good relationship will come from a good platform which give u time and space to know each other! So i am still beliving about it as i am open to any posibilities because i am just a human who has a heart and to talk about feeling i have not enough power or acess (acess? as the way u enter ur PIN numb at ATM??huhuh..can u do so to acess heart's ATM?) to get tru a pure heart. Nah, no body perfect but then i do believe that if it is not about "death and life" we stil can do "fix" some mess... all of us deserve to have it if u have a prefect attitude toward it and also find the connection for feeling toward each other...

Josh is blogin off~

29 August 2007

~am missing someone~

hai there..
Still at Swk,No mood to blog and will be back to Malaya soon. Just get back from my kampung. Still feel lonely here..am listening to a song (Puff Daddy and Faith Evian). I ddcate this song to my gradmum as she has just passed away last Monday on 2oth August 2007. Hope her spirit will be placed in the honor place as ohters. Sure, i will be miss her and the life should be on as usual then...~Blogging off~


19 August 2007

Ruang Rindu......

To be honesty, i have been missing lot of people since last week. I accept this state of affiar and consider it as the beautify of human's traits which is fulled with emotion. Tears are so subjective to some extend which can be considered as the subsidary of the "raibow" of human's state. It cracks human fortification of emotion no matter how hard you try to deny it to speaks for it seft. Okies, My mood is swing and one of the reasons why i am in the such space of sorrow is because my gradmum is not that well.. I cant talk inlogic to some extend because i try to bear this from being splited out from my black "pride" and "parade". I wanna be home but then my dad says i can stay back for a while as she is pretty fine but my heart says she is weak! To be honesty, my gradmum is the person who always being my emotion and feeling sewage as i share my life stories eventhough somethime it is just a carp compared to my parents and siblings.Okies, am having my tears..now and it is just a lame proclamation to say it is a "tear", am wainting to be back as soon my things are done here. Good buddies and companies are really needed here. Okies, thanks for my side. Not to say am here knee my seft to get those sympathy but then i just try to say what i should and want to. My sis called me nd i have no ideas i was hardly to speak very well. Silent and jitters is the dominat "bulding block" in me! No words while i breath in and out seems that no sound from me. Okies, am still kicking alive here. I have some imporant reasons why i need to stay as soon as these thing are done then i will be there for not to think it "twise"! Gosh, anybody can help me to rejuvenate some positive tonics which make me be able to hit all the turmoils by using my own bare feet? Innocuous of space is n o longer cozy for me yet i have to tkae this in my own cup and taste it as a real man. YEah..be the Knigth of your seft then you are heading to the maturities of your own shell..I just need to rest and think positive here. My prays will follow my words for her. Till then, I dedicate this song to here. My love to her is not Full-stope where ever life brings my breath, i owe her for trillion of love and cares! ~ every time i speak, every step i make, as the nigh and daylight i some time forget or neglect for not to think of you, every bone i break, but here, i woo myself to keep on saying "i will be missing you"~



talk talk talk talk..but what is the next ....?

The blue is over the “cup”. Okies make this a the sub heading for today, shall we?

It may sound undisruptive to some of people yet to me tho. Out of blue I get to know that not all people will be able to being satisfied with other parties. Okies, why this can be happened to the surface? Now, I start to summon up back to the function of human’s brain (arh..am digging for some terms from psycholinguistic (psychology and linguistic-science of language) views). We have our own mental development which brings some sort of learning and thinking paving in term of entomologies, ontology and methodologies of understanding, digesting and comprehend anything which can be received by some tonics and at the end will be carried by human’ sensory either from sound or wave or via touching. Okies, Let me take from the perspective of wave stimulation and oscillation. (Psycholinguists-correct me if am wrong). So it has to be connected by the ears, sounds,brain and human..So, lets go one by one ok...

Ok, from the point of views of Physic studies- the sounds that we can hear are created briskly in the air pressure around 101,325 of atmosefera pressure which is in the consistent value and the more bigger its changes ( consistent value) the more clearly and overtly it can be heard. Sound is created when the air is being disturbed or in other word it can be imagined by having this analogy – imagine that a stone is fallen down to the clear water and we can see the waves which are created and these waves are seen in the surface. So this state of affair seems to be similar to the concept of “air is being disturbed” and the more clear the “electrical impulse” can be picked up by the ears and the function of ears is to detect those changing in the consistent value of sound. Okies, enough from this perspective. Thank god that I have to know this for my coursework readings! (sigh) . Okies the above information are about the natures of sound and now we try to understand the natures of human in order to understand and precive the sound. At the end we will be able to understand why there are some communciation problems which warp our mood in order to talk and converse in anyway?Let we consider this in order to understand some focal points about human communication..

From the prespective of language and communication, as am talking about human’s nature of conversation and my focal point is about the interaction activity, so I bring ur attention to see it from the perspective of Information organization (information-integration theory which is one of theories of human communication) and the theory centers on the way people accumulate and organize information about some person, object, situation or ideas and attitude .
An attitude is a position to act in a positive or negative way toward some projects. The information-integration theory is one of the natures of attitudes and attitude change! The theory says that there are two factors which are affecting your attitudes which are valance; refers to weather information supports your beliefs and attitudes, it has “positive” valance, and Weight; refers to the weight you assign to the information and it function to the credibility of what you are trying to say. If you have less weight than you are talking something which may be deemed as crap or nothing- someone has pointing this to me and thanks again as I am try to put thin in the line of conversation in the next agenda, i hope so.
Theory of reasoned action refers to a certain way which is determined by your attitude toward the behaviour and set of beliefs about how other people would like you to behave. So, your intention to do something seems to be identical to your attitude toward the behaviors times the strength of that attitude plus what others think times the strength of their position. Here is the formula of this theory:-

Bi = AbW1 + (SN)w2

Bi = behavior Intention
Ab = attitude toward the behaviour
SN = subject Norm (What others think)
W1 = Weight of attitude
W2 = weight of subjective norm

My contemplation regarding the information will be like this - to make these clear, you will try to respond (your verbal languages and paralinguistic cues) are very much depended and upon to your treats (let say someone tries to harm you via his or her words, you may think that you need to say “give and take” so you keen to take some precautions in order not to get innocuous tru your emotion fortification! So based on my opinion, this seems to be one of the biggest issues and comes to the surface when you and your partners try to sit in a round table, basically. Or even when you try to have informal chat- conversational or vitrual mode of interaction!

Yeah, it is quite a long time I have not been writing such ‘tense” thing as I got some comments from my readers but sometime it is good to have such reading in order to make the brain to be negative to any development of Curst which kills the brain cells and this makes us no to think more spacious upon to some circumstances. Well, the notes above are real and quoted from some of my reading material. If we understood the norm of human communication, i guess we will have less conflict and more joys when we are in the line of renjoicing and sucking than Fcukin' the beatiful of life. English literaturte says that -by taking into acount what is arisen by Psychoanalytic theory, we have Id, Ego and Superego. Normally we have ego which puts us in the "conzy" zone in order to be in logic but if the superego takes place and above all, that means the person is racing within himselft in order to be much higher than others. I can say that, because of the he tries to manupulate all the talks in order to gain some social respects while in the line of communiating with each other. Correct me if i am wrong, aigan?.If you want to have more and reading for more on the above issues or terms then just give me a Buzz..till then…Enjoy the song ....


Artist : Darren Hayes Song : Insatiable
When moonlight crawls along the street, shasing away the summer heat, Footsteps outside somewhere below, the world revolves, I've let it go. We build our church above this street, we practice love between these sheets, The candy sweetness scent of you, it bathes my skin, I'm stained by you. And all I have to do is hold you, there's a racing within my heart, And I am barely touching you. [Chorus]
Turn the lights down low, take it off, Let me show my love for you, insatiable. Turn me on, never stop, wanna taste every drop, My love for you, insatiable.
(I love these part)

The moonlight plays upon your skin, a kiss that lingers takes me in, I fall asleep inside of you, there are no words, there's only truth. Breathe in, breathe out, there is no sound, we move together, up and down, We levitate, our bodies soar, our feet don't even touch the floor. And nobody knows you like I do, coz the world, they don't understand, But I grow stronger in your hands. Chorus x 2
We never sleep, we're always holdin hands, kissin for hours, talkin, makin plans, I feel like a better man, just being in the same room. We never sleep, there's just so much to do, so much to say, Can't close my eyes when I'm with you, insatiable, the way I'm loving you.
(and these part too)

Chorus x 2 When I look in your eyes, insatiable, the way I make love with you, Oh, what can I do? Insatiable, insatiable for you.
Josh is signin' off.......

14 August 2007

Head Up young Boys

Yeah...just feel like to write the title as the above. Feel a b it gloomy tho but am tryin' not to keyed up or sarrow when the circle of life comes to hit you. Now am thinking, if we are happened to be in such phatos mood then, head up young boys and girls. This is a life. Starting now on, i Would like to shout that " Make the life becomes easier" Okies. I feel much release and better now after gaining some helps and inspirations from some friends. They even give me a call and buzz. I am podering that where is the love one when we are really in the "cul-de-sac" angle? Well, this is the reality.I will make sure that my life is neither a simple crap nor cheap!. Well, Thanks for some of my close companies...i give u all a humble appreciation- Thanks a lot guys. Josh!!

10 August 2007

Dudes minus Chicks -so what these dudes will do?

Zouk- Here we come

Occay boys and girls, the story goes like this:-

Thursday night- ladies night, we hunted for some clubs in order to burn our nocturnal longing (young desire).We supposed to have our night on Wednesday but some of our friends were to busy and at that nigh and there was a fustal game! To have it Friday might not be a good reason as Joanes’ parents will be here on Friday and for sure we never deem to be caught by them.Going to club like you are burning your money to the hell (Insaf sekejap). As we were late to depart from Bangi to KL as the time was 12am, then we decided to vessel our night heading to Zouk and for those who are not aware about Zouk, then, am so proud to tell you that Zouk is the most famous club in Malaysia and if you were still “hanging in the sky” then you can visit http://www.hitz.fm/ (clubbing) site. I was not been there for quite long and am so bolt from the blue that Zouk seems to be darn congested and I think the floor is not that big as few months ago! At 12-1 am we were hardly have enough spaces to dance and I was darn perturbed. So from 1- 3 am, people started to be laid back and we (active dudes and jazz) burn the floor with an assortment of boogies! People, if you want to know the most hottest club in the mean time, then you can browse hitz’s site. As usually, I can bet you to be on the floor direct 3 hours none stop! As today was ladies night, and I bet that a lot of hot chicks were mingle around. One of my buddies had change to get the “spot light” by a fcukin hot chick. Joanes, you were lucky man! This could be bonus for you dude- a graduation gift! Oh ya, I got nice kisses too I had no idea why I had lovely one! Maybe she felt i was too good in treating her while in the floor! (wink wink wink). We had an offer from some chicks but then we were not that cheap to be lame for such offer as in KL, anything can be happened and not to be so revelation it those hot and nice chicks are trying to make use of you to get rid from big fish, authority or police ( we never know if they were involved in some syndicate and once you woke up then you might find yourseft in "action"). I guess, the best part of being social might let you not to be so “perasan” or easy to “turn on” if ladies tried to make use of you feeling for something and this will create some awareness to you! Practical experience means something! Well, I have some pictures to be went halves to all of you. The surrounding in the club was not that bad. The cool gratitude was given to Dj Uno and Joe Flizow (Too Pahat) for dropping the enormous beat! After coming back from Zouk, as usually we went to Resturan Pelita and for sure you can easily be acquainted with some people (at least 60% of the customers) who were hooking up over there. I guess the restaurant will have to put up a white flag if there are not “clubers” mingling around. Well, economic cycle is related to People-entertainment and need - those who are running business- last but not least it will affect the economic policies (as we are in the epoch of globalization, you can see that some of the policies have to be “lame” and bent to the social need especially those foreigner as we need their spending in order to keep the cash floor in the harmless flow. If you read the a book by Noraini and Sumit “ globalisasi– pemangsa dan mangsa, then you will know what am talking about.Gosh, am feeling so tired as I has just clean my room, did laundry, mop the room and now the room seems to be fresh with detol odor and apple fragrance. Okies, here are some of the pictures. By the way, Next week, Zouk will be having Mambo Jambo night (retro 70, 80 and 90s) so we will be there- for sure I guess! So now am thinking to get some classical stuffs especially the suit in order to get the feel of the night. People, be there and done that. The entrance is still reasonable. Will upload some pictures to all of you and those who are reading for more, get in touch to my page ya. Mike Harrison, I bet you will bent your knee while browsing some of theses coolest pictures. Till then, Josh is signing off!


~i love this song~

~ behind the scence with the simple look but the butt is ready to show some tense moving and groves.

~ before recieveing the calling from the floor, and Mr. Joanes was hiding from the spotlight,at the back~

~these butts seem to be in the top "great" list while being in the floor~

~ we still stand firm even though we were "burnt out"~

~am too exhausted for being in the floor and we feel really fit~

~Mambo Jambo, here we come to hunt you, \w/ (he he he he )


6 August 2007

breath and breath.....

Am intoxicated by anything around me…..

A morning Sunday makes me feel so blue for no reason. Hey, am not a proletarian anymore but then I should not being attached with such feelin’. Everything is pretty fine to me but then I do think there is something leaking, yeah it has to be somewhere but where is it??? And i remain to be silent and nobody to be blamed here.Cut the carp. Feelin’ tired as whole day was reserved to walk and walk around Midvalley. There were some incidents have happened when I have just arrived at the mall. Well, Jeff may know about it. Okies, cut the crap. Hook up from 2pm till 7pm at the mall will be a reason for u to have trillion of tiredness. Well, it may be another way around to some of people as I can see this person is quite active as I can see this fella signing off a bit late. By the way, En. Abdul Rahman, thanks for the camaraderie, yesterday. Hope we can have lot more of “Scanning” and “analyzing” people if they were bumped into us. Well, that is their mistake tho! Sometime it could be nice to have some bicthing stuffs. Hang on, we are not bitch, excuse me! Supposed that I want to buy something to be read at MPH and I can sit over there for hours tho! Reading is fun! But I prefer those reading materials which are related to current issues, history and some of culture representative thru postcolonial writings! More reality but less emotion! By the way, I love to be in MPH but I don’t feel delight and some sense of bliss while being in UKM’s Library. Coz it makes me feel tense! Oh ya, one of the book I do really love to have at this time being is

Does it look nice to you as what I can see? I do adore the way J.Oliver perform his spontaneous expression into simple yet fantastic meals! A big applause to this fella! The unique of this book is, you ca put ur pic in order to b one of his students. The way how all contents are delivered sound to be so nice and simple which makes this pieces of mind sounds creative and goosebump! Gosh I am having my short term flu and this is one of the reason why I am not in the mood to enjoy the 1st day of this week! What ever it is, am trying to get this rid from my unpleasant emotion toward the figment of mine imagination! Darn! My throat seems to be so glair and this might be caused of having cheese cake at Star Buck!My tounge is belong to Asian! While writing this, my favorite song comes out- I don’t love you by My Chemical Romance! Okies, attention to the bad mood that I have.. dude( the mood) u can stay a while then, Just for a while!) layan perasaan jap. Till then, Josh is going to Bloggin Off

X0x0x0x0x Josh

~ blurness makes the life sounds so flimsy and this can be unique representative to some unravel values~


I love this song, this is really makes my butt to shake and shake it self! ;)

3 August 2007

Just a view -part 1

I am so fervent to write, especially today. I have no idea and I have no explicit reason why I am so raring to go to engrave. Okies, Now, after writing some of intense stuffs, then I want to lessen the tense of these reading impacts by putting this reading stage into elastic mode. Just have done my reading on some note which are related to my MA (Development Science) The notes are talking about Environmental Impact Assesment. I love such field as it is related to Enginnering, biotechnology, agriculture, botany, chemistry, biology and geography. I got these note form a friend of mine. Arhman, if u are reading this blog, then my credit is given to you and ur brother! Guess what, it costs you rm 400-320, per entry in order to attent the seminar! Now am trying to search some construction and environmental consultant which are related to development and environment areas as my carrer pathway. Changing field of study from language to some semi technical things will cost you a lot in term of effort and brain to think as u are comin gfrom nothing to something. Everything under the sun is carzy so we cant anticipate something bliss by floding those arms! Well, maybe (not that sure as it depends on current circumtances) i enrol myself for another Master which is offered by UPM under Enginnering faculty- Emercency Respond Planning which will lead me to enter some offshore and site construction areas! If it will promise me a beter future, then not a big deal for me to bend my knee for it then as the knowledge is soemthing u cant buy unless u have passion on it.

Okies, let me show you the food i am looking forward to have at evry night. This killin' me to hate the fish (Ikan Keli). Gosh the taste is darn cool especially its sambal! People, u should believe my taste. I So fantactis in term of its fish and sambal. It ( Percle lele) is just a simple fries fish which is served with raw cabbage, tomato, and long bean. But when it comes with sambal. Man, it taste like u are “gonna” licking ur toe. McDonald, here it comes to bet u with the slogan u have –I’m lovin' it (can you see the grammatical error on the slogan?) hahaha. Well, this is the pic of the my preferred food. Well, looking to the food will not bring some utmost impact right. No worries as am not that blind to read between the line (as u might need some other things to stimulate ur mental picture about the mouthwatering food I am saying , now) Okies, here is the song I do adore. Akon- Sorry, blame on me! Gosh, out of sudden I am thinking to those people I am closed with and I do sorry for what I have done as I do know my responsibilities toward people around me. Well, listen to this song! Akon, you have another superb hit man! Darn,it is so implausible and far-fetched! Listen to the vibe of the lyric then u will know what the "direction" of the song heading t0!


To all my family members- sorry for all the burdens and my tenacious, God- as am not the holly virgin saint, my close companies, friends,, ex-students, teachers and lecturers, students and my ex-Collogues, makcik cafe Kolej Kediaman Amindunin Baki, Librarian UKM, Pekerja UKM, minah kilang (eh ada ke?) Piza Hunt (mike, if u remember what we have done, then u will know what am trying to say here man), Mr. Lab FPB (sebab print selalu tak bayar), the most bad thing- sorry to some of my frineds yg i bagi mkn wiskies Kucing!!heheh. To emy and C-kenit..so sory coz i always released the emission of carbondiaoxide to both of you and pulled out your tiub A.K.A bra until it makes sound which makes me turn up! My intention to entertain both of you in such way and my apology certaily follow my words..To wati, sorry because making you are in "confuse" while u were next to me..and to some few names i cant mention here..Sorry to all of you. Not forgeting to my univ mates, secondary and primary mates...sorry for something and thanks for everything!

~as life goes on i’m starting to learn more and more about responsibility which need me to speak for all of my substances, i realize everything i do is affecting the people around me~

xoxoxox Josh

2 August 2007

Da Emancipation of black soul….attention to: “TO SMART WOMEN WHO NEED A LAUGH AND TO MEN YOU THINK CAN HANDLE IT”

Erm….what can I say to the above words?? need time to figure it out..well, it has countless semantic values that are intersected with others words…but for me…well, I do have my own discernment regarding to the sense of emancipation…. well, don’t get me wrong.. Doesn’t mean that it has some relations to the hot chick pop star-Mariah C, then u will think about her bops….wow wow..mind that k…I like tat chick (erm..i can smeel the rebellion of masculinity postcolonial here –which is related to the concept of hybrid of the west and east..)….yeah I aren’t saint hehehehe..wanna makes my heart says “sha la lala”..if u ask me..then my answer will be like these-prerogative and liberty. But in what sagacity does this state of affairs can be noticed by regarding to the “bold” words? in what ways? Just want to go halves sumtin to u (to get ur ass getting warm up as u nedd to sit and read this blog till then end b4 u can make any logic verdict to it )…last week..my friends and I went to our other friends place…then…it was so damn cool coz a lot of chick-priceless and worth than that… and not to be mentioned regardin to those who were riveted in the place… kekekekkeke..then…after hanged out for 3hours..Then I realized that my ex-junior was looking at me in rampant lookin..then, I replied her with a beam (should u imagine the way I gave the smile as I am becomin extinct to do so and so does her!!shy la..)but regrettably, we will never end up with silent mode then..heheh..at least I’m not sexist in anyhow. What's more, we have never talked to each other after the pron-nite (2003). well, only the body language will be on behalf of us at the time..so silly huh? hey, we shall not say that-since both genders males and female want to have neutral barriers- anyone can make a first move as long as comfortable affairs are there without regard any gender to do so….girls, if u think that u are equal to boys, then will u have the 1st move in any ways then?? But…the risk for gals who think they should be sober regarding to the culture mind state tat they have..well be dare to take the risk tat u might be isolated from males’norm then-likes“andara”tu”..kekekekek… oh ya b4 that, I want to give a short definition to what is the exact meaning of gender?? gender is social construction rather than biological construction as u can see in this modern era we tend to accept women to be in the high hierarchy especially in any workplaces…..gender is not because of sex but the main pillar to create and try to manipulate this state of affair to sex is social-psychological ideas….for instance..society says that gal-babysitter and boys-babymakers..…and there should be a new paradigm in pointin eve’s norms within this invigoratin postmodern thought? it could be “gentle-ladies” ( I cant put is as “gentleladies” as it-the lexical doesn’t created yet in my pc’s dictionary even in nowadays corpus!!!) if there is “gentlemen” then is should have “genteladies”. as we have adam and eve….that we call as adjancy pair! So, can a new paradigm “gentle-ladies” be in nowadays surface as it never been set up in the main medium of human communication-LANGUAGE.. fuh..i’m so tired to take notice of the need to be equaled but then some practical steps up are never be done within the “hot button “ of human being rather than it’s considered as “peripheral” with the “hardcore” efforts to combat orthodox perceptions about gender issues.… why we then to stumble on to certain problems in milieu of people by looking into “far” solution rather than somethin which are closed to us…for instance: the 1st ways to neutralized gender barriers is via human main medium -communication (language) and this can be done it a language doesn’t being so sexist –this can be found in scores of proverbs like “sun-giving light to all creatures” is regarded as father but “moon-perceives light and is considered as subordinate to the sun ” is regarded as mother and why there should be barrier here???? we try to create new guiding principle which are far from our norm??? language is the main property of human being who live under the same sun...erm..even color – expressed in language, is polarized by regarding to the concept of gender like dark/blue-males and pink or white –females…fuh..can u imagine the momentous of gender in our socio-economic word by taking into account the idea of prompt of globalization moving? Fuh..i bet u for the statement which is really spot on to me. so it means that it (language) will easily influence and absorb in our “infected archetype ” so, will u blame the policy then if it doesn’t really work? as urseft then.never blame anybody for the old (I called as black soul-as we never have any changes here neither white nor pink..hehehe) damn mistake…so, guys I do have some examples for u to have a slight reading as u r at the end of this “today” blog b4 u try to have scrutiny process for ur reading to in order to get what do I mean. till then, keep ur gender real and alive.

well, don’t get mean or harm ya..it’s just a step to go further to amplify the level of thinking among sages ..wakakaka..if u feel confiused coz of this ..well, it’s mean tat u r thinking rather than letting
ur brain’s cell getting lazy without nutin. …it’s time for me to stop nagging for this time being..and will ask u to bump
ur eyes here again for the next hardcore periodicals …..adios amigos…

The Silent Treatment A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. Suddenly, the man realized that the next day,he would need his wife to wake him at 5:00 AM for an early morning business flight. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence (and LOSE), he wrote on a piece of paper, "Please wake me at 5:00 AM " He left it where he knew she would find it.The next morning, the man woke up, only to discover it was 9:00 AM and he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go andsee why his wife hadn't wakened him, when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed. The paper said, "It is 5:00 AM. Wake up." Men are not equipped for these kinds of contests.
WIFE VS. HUSBAND A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, "Relatives of yours?" "Yep," the wife replied , "in-laws

WOMEN'S REVENGE "Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. "So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked."No," she replied, " but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally."

UNDERSTANDING WOMEN (A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE) I know I'm not going to understand women. I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root, and still be afraid of a spider.

W O R D S A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day... 30,000 to a man's 15,000. The wife replied, "The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men... The husband then turned to his wife and asked, "What?"
CREATION A man said t o his wife one day, "I don't know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time. " The wife responded, "Allow me to explain. God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me; God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you!
WHO DOES WHAT A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning. The wife said, "You should do it, because you get up first, and then we don't have to wait as long to get our coffee.." The husband said, " You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee." Wife replies, "No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the coffee." Husband replies, "I can't believe that, show me." So she fetched the Bible, and opened the New Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says.........."HEBREWS"
God may have created man before woman, but there is always a rough draft before the masterpiece.

note: we are so unique creature who live under the sun and i do believe that evryting under the sun is totaly damn crazy....
Signnin' Off Josh

Which one comes 1st?egg or chicken?

Yeah it’s sound so witty coz the above matter have been talked so long and now, I hardly hear any explicit and implicit avowals for the above bewildering query.. Damn with it!!!hehehe, don’t mean that I am so called impudent huh? Well, many of us are not aware regarding the above query and it’s sound so tricky instead of so wicked (come n la, how can chicken comes first before the egg-can u envisage that the chicken appears to the surface without having the typical process of hatching? And how can the egg comes before the chicken- no chicken means no mitosis process which creates the cell of future chickens. if there is no cells so how can they live? Or the chicken just made to be appeared in the surface without the means of science itinerary?
No WAY! Dude…DON’T U EVER think that I am a secular ok!! I do deem in spiritual- the god creates creatures in this world and he is almighty ones… his power is NO DOUBT on it….BUT we have to apply both logic and science PLUS spiritual sense and this makes us much more better than some antecedents who believed in ONE side only rather than having it more than he can! to make this clear, please see the process of subsistence of human philosophies and theories…… by taking into account on the epoch and social discourse-why this happened and what drived this situation to be happened? history will talk to us..dont wait for the proof to speak for itself we don’t have the sense of curiosity!! at certain time on past, so u will get easy to digest to what the hell I am goin to talk about……back to the chicken story :so if there is also no chicken then how can a hen will produce an “egg-wanabe baby” and please don’t get wrong me coz sometime chickens will produce an egg even if they have no “ sexual intercourse” ..heheheh..EVEN a cockfighting!!! especially if chickens are so healthy then the egg will be called as “telur gemuk”..hehehehe okies..so the above lines is about the pre-introduction to what am I going to talk and story about.

1st of all, I will us the above matter “chicken VS egg” to speak for today’s world view in my own perspective…those who are interested or may NOT agree with me,well, u can respond to this writing then…the voice is urs and I don’t want to colonize ur mind and VOICE- to speak 4 indecisive issues without having any chance to speak it up!

Let’s get this conversations started ten. Today we are living the world of technology and we are surrounded by so plenty of modern living style- conversely these kind of living should be are called as “post-modern” rather than modern. Today’s improvement is more better and advanced compared to the past. Do u know how this happens? and what is the source of the improvement in human’s intellectual institution-which produce so many fields like social science and pure science? The answer is because of needs. The human’s needs become more complex and the insurgency of economic comes to the board.. The economic affair was and is the main pillar and remark to human’s civilizations. Need+Economic=CAPITALISM.

I‘m sure that some of u might not agree with me however, I have ready with some of my explanations for it. Okies let’s look how capitalism operates it system and absorbs in human’s norms….let’s start to talk about some philosophies .Let’s begin to start from the epoch of rebellion of industrial in Europe. During this era, there were more to feudal system where human (labor) are being recruited by the well-to-do people who have lands to work on. Then this was one of the stages where the sagacity of economic comes to surface. The labors were isolated from his boss coz they were working class and most of them were poor people. Then after the foray of industry insurgency, Adam smith sees the world by taking into account the macro level-the labors as Adam sees they should be separated from each other (professional vs unskilled )
Hegel – a Germany idealist says that human need should come from his consciousness and the idea of consciousness was driven to the belief of god. Hegel believed in the world of spiritual which driven human consciousness. The moral of the story, human should not be too greedy and just fulfill his need rationally rather than to have a plenty of it coz after all, it will keep apart human from the god-. Again this is the sense of alienation (a part from each other). Hence, K.Marx sees this situation should not happen coz the impact was more on the labors themselves rater than the bosses. Marx believes in logic and scientific idea and he opposed to the idea of Hegel. For him, everyting which were happened to human’s nature were not happen without reason and there should be some structure or rigid explanation for certain problems which wrapped human’s cycle. This was a kind of humiliations and it seems to T-down the labors. So Marx rose up to speak for the labors that these should not be in this world. So, he increased to change the situation by breaking the concept of depress among labors. the labor should work hard in order to gain wealth. This can be happened if state has good organization skills in order to control the economic affairs. Coz in Marx’s history, he lived in a poor situation even his father was a lawyer. So dishearten and humiliation can be exiled. Means, that state should provide facilities to his nations, equally and the facilities should be same to all of them. He hates the sense of alienation among labors and the bosses have to do with this. Here, alienation refers to a situation where , for example, if u work for someone and u give him 100% efforts for making a shoe, but at the end u will not get pay as what u should have and u are being deployed unequally which is out of human rights. what's more, u cant deal directly with the dealer of the shoe…so your boss just take the shoe and he will deal with the dealer 100%..Means, that u don’t have 100% contact with ur product-how it’s being sold, being negotiated and so forth.
No doubt if some labors were cheated in phrase of the salary they should get compared to the value that the boss has by selling the products. so u can see that ur efforts and abilities are not shown into the surface……so u are seems to be voiceless…Above and beyond, the thought of alienation also mirror the micro level of human’s society basis-in the concept of gender. For instance, leadership hierachy was controlled by males rather than females. Females tended to work as a derivative pillar to the past society.In the past, their economic activities were not too commercial as males do. If males were leader, so females will substitute to males..this shows that females always being a shadow to males especially in the world of industry.Then, the concept of patraichy is coming the the board and it might/might not be in this meantime...depend on how do u will analysis the social impact assesment which is arround u! After Marx’s idea, there were so many ideologies came to the ground of earth such as neo-liberalism, modernization (based on western’s ideologies, to be a morden people we should leave the past and change our journey to something new, which means that neglect religion concept as in past religion was the major pillar to human civilization-not many people love to be called as modernist..mind that), colonial (western bring along the concept of modernism out from
Europe), post-colonial(resistance in holding the era of colonies) and last but not least is post-modernism (started on 1970-today and it perceives varieties of ideologies together and there should be balanced between science and spiritual ideologies).All of these ideologies are driven by the sense of Capitalism!!!! In capitalism- we can compete with each other without any restriction. so the poor will be worse but the rich will live more merrier….. Thank god that our country has ekonomi-campuran where public sector will monitor the grow of private sector. But we should remember that, because of capitalism ,we face the issue of alienation! Does it happen in our norm????Let’s I give u some hints..we tend to replace our task by produsing robots.Yeah I do agree that we need technologies to make our life more esier and meaningfull.For instance we can reduse our working hours by letting the robots doing our job. I do agree that we need to replace human’s responsibilities which can cause harm to human being by replacing human with robots…However, for some serious situation yes I do..but we are to depend and relay on the gadget. Once day there is no hesitate that we are isolated or alienated from our job even our own products-and society for the reason that of so many intellectual “fake” human which will turn to primary creature rather than secondary ones. So where is our position then? I will not bolt from the blue if they are much cleaver than us coz we make them cleaver as human being in order to make them understand our needs and also to replace our position…mind that…we can keep on depending on technologies but make sure that we should not too much giving hope on them to be or equal to us..and make sure that we are not a secondary master to our own creation…this makes sense-we should not try to be god..coz god is more powerful who makes us to be what we are rather than what we are going to be-we have to work hard for our future..I do agree that we should be bendable and must have give and take in our life. and this is what post-modernism all about. Keep it hip hop and real!!!heheheh..
so get back to the above title…so tell me where is
urposition in this world? are u in the position of chicken-human’s nature is very important or egg- (capitalism)need is really important? Remember..if there is no human, so there will be no need but if there is need which comes 1st then there will no true “ human” also as human is driven by needs (technologies)!!!Are u isolated or alienated which resulted by choosing human or the needs as ur top list??
If yes, so since when? the moral of the above explanation is:- No human so no capitalism but also no capitalism so there will be no ADVANCED HUMAN as nowadays. especially as u!!!!?Juz think about it then. Accept what is relevant and say NO to what is not!! be transparent, honest, natural and rational.. Finally I can explore the implicit of the issues which relay on the spicy and dazzling question “Which one comes 1st? Chicken or egg?”.So do u get what am I trying to say? till then adios amigos brabados.
Blogging off: Josh