19 February 2011

Come and Let's be a part of our story, dear my gentle readers..

Holla readers,

How are you guys doing there? Thanks for keep on visiting me tho. To be honest am so glad that all you are so interested to read for more from this blog.

I will try my best to cater ur reading mood, alright?

Okies, what do I have lately?

Well, as usually, am keep on busy with my work

, my business for wellness consultancy and also my freelancer as an event management, Mc and speaker for various activities.

What a day tho. Today, I spend most of my time to refresh my mind about some pedagogy skill to tackle non native ENGLISH speakers, especially among kids. Gosh, I do feel so hard to deal which such scenario. Currently am attached with a language center and my scope of instruction is from those kiddy and kiddo til advance level of English courses. Yet, I do feel it is relatively mind-numbing to deal with a situation which may not wring your ideas spontaneously. So now I am try to educate those kiddo and kiddy from no body , especially in English language training to a somebody with a good command of the language. Owh, by the way, am having a mixed feeling about a news that I have had today, form our Director. She wants me to switch from academic department into a person who in charge – outstation operation. Meaning to say that I will totally handle operation and some other marketing issues. I am pointed due to my previous experiences in cooperate and entrepreneur context as am currentlydoing my consultancy business tho. One I am ready with a enormous networking and contact of client, then I will focus only to my business development, personally.

Well, a so glad oz be given such chance to handle the task. Well, what I can see, learning operation and management in a real context would be prcious experiences, above all, when you would like to have your own consultancy in some other times.

By the way i do have some for about our wellness consultancy. Remember, I have told you guys about an event that we have had? ONE BIGGEST LOSER IN KUCHING. Who are we?Scroll up ur eyes to the above picture.

Our One Biggest Loser Contesters who are arranged correspondingly to their level- the winner is Veronica who wins RM 2000 cash PLUS 8 therapy vouchers which worth rm 500. The the 2nd winner win 8 vouchers that wroth rm 350 and the 3rd winner would be back with rm 250 which is associated with 5 therapy vouchers. Does it sound great tho you?

Our Winner for the cash game- Veronica walks proudly with her raving mad efforts...thumb up sister!!

We had 10 contestants and all of them managed to get their weight lose. Yeah, you hear me. Well, this is the best thing I really like about HighTECH. You wont feel anything when you get a friendly therapy and it more often than not takes in about 50 minutes to Remove toxin, Repair your cells, organs, system and entire function of your body, Replenish your body with great nutrition by supplying enough blood flow to all of your organs, Rejuvenate your cell, tissue, organ, system and body in nick of time and then one you have all Rs, then you will find yourself( body) in a state of Healthy as you will be rewarded with a great Recovery from past health problems ( it may takes time coz we are using natural therapy yet the possibilities ( once you get a full recovery) to suffer from the prior illness might be in a very minimum state. YES, by having all these Rs, you will be lost your weight tho!!! Does this sound amazing to those who are hunger to get a prefect figure yet they stumble in the midst of their diet planning? Why you should purge your favorite indulgence from your menu, extremely, just for sake of being a “pigeon”?

Okies, here I enclose to you some pictures to be judged by all of your own sight. If there is any query regarding HIGHTECH for losing weight and also gives you a total effect of natural wellness, should you don’t be vacillated to give me a buzz. We are located in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. If you guys, happen to be in Malaysia, we have on about 20 branches include Sabah and Sarawak.

Okies, I guess it is not that too late for me to wish those who are celebrating CHINESE NEW YEAR, on the whole in Malaysia and others from respective countries. Yeah, mine was a blast experiences and my CHOP GOH MEI( valentine day in Chinese calendar) was so far-fetched and I treasure them as my all and nothing “gonna” change them form such state. Owh yes bebe, thanks and tribute to Phobe for servicing and treating us so very well during our visit to her place. The menu was so fantastic and yes, indeed all of the are kinda “toe licking good”. Dear Phobe, next time around, we hope that we can share all joys and love in the air regardless where are we, alright? No matter what future holds, remember there is no limit and boundaries to get the stomach being tighten together ( meaning to say, where ever you do just never forget to feed us more as you have astonishing and the exquisiteness of art cooking, inevitably. Again,thanks for your exceedingly support to us- ONE since its beginning and will be lasting forever till the breath takes us away.

All in one- let's be One for all...so people, there are plenty of seats for you to fit your self in, what are u waiting for? Now we are a part of your neighborhood tho!

Can you spot me, along the way to fly up kong meng lantern

Smile with those foods people......they are our professional service provider! call them for FREE Health consultancy! For more details, do come and get u close to you without any doubt! WE ARE CARE for your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Okies, I guess I need to get my self a rest. I was still not even have a single rest after coming back from work at 9.30pm, and now am at MacD and engraving something for my consultancy and somehow give off few times to scroll my attention towards my laptop screen in order to get some inputs which will be used for our Teaching training in house, and doubtless I will carry out it among our staffs. Not to mention that my team and I will do some briefing to government staffs as in conjunction of English Awareness. Wish me luck k.

So, I hope that all of you, gentel reader, will have a great day ahead and enjoy your Sunday

x0x0x0x, Josh