2 November 2008

Kickin' alive

Hai fellas,

So long that I have not updated my writing here. Seems that all bumpers issues are not longer a bumper issue anymore. Gosh..Sorry for the sleep through winter of me. Dear gentle readers, you all might wondering what has happened to me since that I have not rare to keep posted.

I have been so busy for my viva voice for the thesis. I bet it is so hard to do a research based thesis rather than doing a project writing. Dealing with data, descriptive and inference statistical analysis drives u insane. Accumulating till know, I spent almost 18 credit hours for the thesis or even more I guess. Gosh. So pain- money and effort. Not to mention when u need to focus to one thing only. So now, am feel so leave go of for that. Btw, in the time am so eventful with the viva voice and also post-correction after my external reader read my thesis, then I have a month to inclusive those correction. Hard to match what your supervisor wants and what the external wants. So the tag” life is hard to be pleased” is totally to “down to earth” to me. Many things happened lately and these things makes me hard to start my update. So many things I want to share with you all dear gentle readers. My housmate was a victim to the dengue fever and this taman perumahan is considered as the high risk of dengue in Kajang area. What comes to my curiosity is, my areas is filled by those educated renters and owners but then I cant imagine how come the area becomes dengue’s territory? Based on my logical opinion, in the case of town planning, it happens when the density is above the limit it should be and then, the area are too close to other suburban which means that, in my area, we have in about 2-3 “taman’ near by with us and we are separated with other “taman’ only with 500m (approximately). And also garbage facilities are still inappropriate plus the density management it so weak. Not to mention that there would be more than 15 unit of shop houses left near to our place. So intimidating and bloodcurdling scenario tho. Nowadays, the vector control will be here and there to do the forging. Besides my scary story which made me so buzy for hiding from the stupid dengue, I was demanding to be an adjunct to my babe for the furniture and lighting stuffs. Oh ya, I love chandelier, especially when it comes from Egypt and you can totally be able to figure out which one is made from Egypt by looking into the types of crystal shape and cutting. So one lovely night, a chandelier which cost RM 2,800 is purchased.

Not to mention that, since July and till October, I was to busy to fly here and there (KL to Kch) for biz trips. Lately I am so tired to be on plane. Busy with my consultancy project. My cool buddies and I are doing some consultancy biz projects. Well, so many things to be considered and glad that today, almost 70% of it are totally done. At this midst of November I will be flew again to Kch. During those period, July – October, I only had few times to pay a visit to my parents which was during hari raya break. I have just spent 5days with them. Managed to pay hari raya visit to some of my close friends and also my biz partners in crime. Even that I always drop to Kuching but hardly have adequate time to pay them a visit at Kapit. It just that from Kuching to Kapit will need you to spend 15 mins on a plane or 8hours on a bus or 5hours on an express boat. So just choose which mode u would like to use. Besides that I only have a week to be spent when I go for the biz trips.

Need to work hard now coz that I do put my self in a rigid time line. At least by the end of this year (my birthday) I have something to be proved to my previous dreams, hopes and desire. What would it be? Well, am targeting to have something extra cool. Well, I do believe that we should “berangan-angan” coz we will be driven by it. But then just need to put the dreams in the same line with the efforts you want to bet. Currently I expose my self in the world of business writings and journals which expand my mind that academic makes u more ingenious and imaginative to improve and create your own comfort zone but it wont makes u rich compared those who are in the business line.And most of engineers go for business line. So I gamble my “young” fro this. Coz, for all men, by taking a risk when they are 30, it is so darn risky coz once they drop then hardly to get a stable line coz at that time you will have lot of commitments which is family, parents, financial, house , car and so forth. Let’s start when u have nothing coz may not lose so many thing to be lose when you are getting “shrink” . Psychologists say that, in the age of 30, a man has a predisposition to regret more on what he has not done when he was young and hardly to stand firm when he has chaos at that age. Well, just need to be dare to face the risk. For me, I don’t really care about what people think about me but the important thing is, just think about what i think about them. That all.

I target and dreams are, before I reach my 30s, I wish that at least I have my PhD and also be able to expand the consultancy thing.Oh ya, own a SLK 2000. Talking about doctoral studies, I will prolong it next year (July intake). Now am currently converting my field a little bit. So I guess for this coming research am might do “ecosystem sustainable planning” or “sustainable town indicator analysis” or back to my pervious bachelor field- the analysis of English sound. Too much topics to be considered. Now am trying to do which one is the most interesting to be done. Frankly speaking, am doing this doctoral studies is just for the pleasure and satisfaction and also the title “Dr” will be useful for business purpose especially in consultancy. But then I have to own up that I love teaching line. Well, for me, the PhD thing is one of the backup. Just in case the consultancy wont work as what has been planned or turn into another way around then I still have something to be sold to the contemporary labor market. Nah, that is just a planned. Men need to plan more than women coz they will be the head of a family. Anything when a family is not that having a cozy surrounding then the men will be pointed for such nuisance, So scary right when you are growing older and older into an adult. If u are a man, the by the age of 30, people will oviously peep on your achivements compared to "how many kids do you have" at that time.

Oh ya, during the my holiday at my parents’ place, I felt so cozy. And I forgot to take the pics during that time. My mum baked my favorite cake but then am so strict to my diet. So till now, I am still able to deal with my weight which is 64.5kg. The last time I post my blog, I was 67kg, mind you. Even at my hometown, I do actively jogging and swimming. Same things happen when I get back to KL just that I hit the gym and on and off will be on the tennis court. Well, doing cardio workout will help ur vein to be able to control the blood preasure and maintain the stress among those vein. So aint easy to have a good shape of body which need a serious attention. Previously, i bought one of french "body firming lotion" for men and it was Rm 380. Recomended by one of my biz partner and gosh, it gives minimum effect to my left and right side of my abs..so i stop to believe any cosmestic product which saling a fake tag-"your body shape is important to us". So fucked up right.So people, dont ever believe any kind of comsestic product which tells u that u can remove ur fat abs away. Never! Just hit the gym and that is the best solution. In fact u an help ur heart, ur hormon and tisue to be more and more healty. Doing cardio, for instance will stimulate ur bone to produce more and more new stem cells which helps u to release any pain in ur mucles by replacing any damage tissues.

The baby packs.

Nothing much I have to say here. Will update later. Till then, have a nice day ahead.

xoxoxo Josh,