8 November 2010

an entry

what life is all about?

nothing much can be explained to what have been happened lately.

full of anger, disappointed and betrayed yet rejoicing all opportunities which are given to us. Yeah, another way to be more mature and more responsible to yourself. A great learning process tho, indeed.

These few days my friends and i were busy like a bee to distribute flayers from one coprate places to another and also from one domestic place to another. Being chased by dogs and stared by others would be our so called bread and butter. Aint cost anything for those tasks tho.Life is a game so play with it. Life is a love so enjoy it and life is a struggle so complete it!

talking about this coming GALA DINNER AND DANCE, would be a priority among girls around me. Gosh, they are excited and exhilarating by themselves. That would be a proof to show that their female hormone conquers the world. No offence tho. An array of thought at the midst of night.

What i have done last week? I was in UKM for personal reasons for 2 days. Gosh, i miss my time coz pembuat kek was with me tho. Wink-wink. I managed to have my self satey kajang and nasi briani gam with pembuat kek. Thanks a lot for such great things dear. Will be looking forward again for such treats. Will you?

talking about dinner, am in the state of confusing- what should i wear and to liaise my personal desire and budget. Am so inundated!! I am wanted to have an average tone to be wore and yet it sounds fabulous. Not that too high or low, yes it is just right in the midst. Here am searching few things to be wore:1. an average look with" tuxedo with a simple scarf. 2. a tuxedo with a bow tie.3. a blazer with a shining and striking thin tie yet a plain white T. 4.a slim leaning suit for weeding.

Okies, since that am still distorting my self with huge of choices, so let me show you in what state am i.
However, i wish to have these outfit "fabs thingy"

well, all the choices are enlivening and heady. So,i will blog again then. c ya fella.