31 December 2008

H.a.p.p.y. B.e.s.d.a.y T.o M.e

As the time is clocking and pointing at 12am on 31 dec, i take this oppurtunity to have a shout "Happy besday to Josh.. and now you are just sweet 26 with all joys...."

yeah, it's the special day to me coz my besday is quite unique as it comes along with the new year eve session. OMG, i feel am so lucky to have the date for my besday..Thanks to my parents for having me on that special day. And also to the god for the journey he makes for me along with those blessing on me.thanks yeah...Thanks for those who wished me and only the god will pay your goodness on behalf of me. So for this birthday, i wish upon the stars to have :-

a. a wonderfull life with my beloved parents, siblings and family.
b. a wonderfull health
c. a wonderfull dreams and be able to have my own legend which is be more successful in my consultancy biz. Then i can manage to buy SLK (wink2) and now am eyeing some semi-Ds...(heheh)
d. a wonderfull friends with a cheerfull heart
e. give more to society in term of supports and ideas
f. be less ego and obdurate
g. be more intellectual and articulate more so i can blog more then with lot and lot of bumper issues
i. be more merrier
j. learn to appreciate more than before
k. be more carring

xoxoxo, Josh