3 November 2008

Movie of this month

It’s been quite long time for me not to update with any type of entertainment buzz. Well, today, I choose “Good Luck Chuck” as the movie of the month. Some of you might raise ur eyebrow or drawn when am talking about the movie. I have been watching the movie for many times. Dane Cook is a natural romantic comedian, I guess. My credits go to him. Also Jessica Alba is really good being ‘clumsy’ as the script wants too. Well, what I can say about this movie? It is so romantic, spectacular charming for most of its’ scenes, and sometime we may wish that we want to find a love as easy and romantic and what Cook and Alba have. The love finding is so “bed of roses’ I guess. It makes me be pleased about the love I have and how I wish to be in the scene of being falling in love at the first sight or during the first date. Gosh, the movie makes me to be in the castle in the sky where I can fall in love again and again, above all, when the first time u feel the angle of love shoots a love bow in a straight line to the center of your heart (wink).

Back to the movie, well, nobody will have such a significant chance as both Cook and Alba have. Cook, who is being cursed as what his mind tells him, finds his love in the most quixotic ways and totally hostile with the “terminology of cursing, literally. The traits of being gawky and klutzy of Alba makes Cook occupies his heart for her. Such a unique remarks which tells apart Alba with other chicks who only want to be fucked by Cook for the reason of meeting up with the soul mate after 1 fucking shoot. That makes the story becomes passionate comedian as both of them. Thank god that I have the movie in my pc. So I can keep on watching the movie for the soul rejuvenation. I like the song which is entitled “shut me out” by Aidan Hawken which is one of the songs for the movie. To me, the song has so simple wordings and one of the best words which create a center of attention the most are:-

If I could start all over with you again,I'd change the way the story ends.I'd try my best to help you along,If ever there's anything wrong,But I know you gotta be moving on.

Here is the link for you guys if you want to listen to the song. Believe me, listening to this song makes you want to fall in love again and again……

Besides that, Hawken has a soft tone of voice. His sweet chestura makes the song seems to be live and get to the line of the scene where Cook tries to fix the things and say that “the thing you love maybe needed to let go”. The voice which is a bit husky and it makes the wordings sound romantic to ears. Nice projection of the voice tho. Husky yet soft. Rough but with a soft and silky edge. He is not singing from his throat all the way and that why Hawken’s tone can be heard clearly even the song is so slow (melody arrangement). I am sure he uses his diaphragm more and supports his voice and this makes u can hear the full potential of what his instrument (Oral production organ) can do.

Bravo to the production teams and also to the greats romantic actors-Cook and Alba.

Loveeeeeeeeeeee it..