13 November 2008

I'm in the cul-de-sac thinking

It’s earlly in the morning and I still wide awake fellas.

Since I have plethora of time, then my nocturnal refuses to conquer my bed time. So what am I doing in this early morning? Well, I spend my time with my reading activities which is a part of my routine. So my times is used wisely. Am still waiting for the faculty to give my thesis for the correction. Hopefully they can give it as soon as possible coz I will fly again to Kuching, which almost certainly in the midst of November due to biz trips (agian and again). As far as I disquiet, the faculty still has not got any readers for it. Gosh! Wow, the time is moving so swiftly and the scariest thing is, we are heading to the end of year. Now, UKM is having its exams weeks. I will fly to Kuching once Pembuak kek has finished her exams. Pembuat kek has one more paper to go which is Statistics Methods- the subject that makes me not that really dull to the scientific calculation. After pembuat kek finished the last paper, then I have few days to spend with her. I’ll be in Kuching almost for 2 months. I bet I miss pembuat kek like crazy! In the mean time, while waiting for pembuat kek to end the last paper, I am spending my times to do my reading on several topics which I would start to engrave especially for the purpose of my PhD. By the way, talking about the end of this year, I find my self that I have been doing almost 70% of my plans which have been planned for the year 2008. For instance, I put my speed up to read more and more (even faster) for many issues and disciplines. I bet that am in the same track to the previous ‘Josh; (read my resolution for 2008 by navigating the December’s post for the 2007) who comes with the aim to become more independent all the ways he wants to be, especially, when he is being in the horizon of knowledges. So I think I can be more and more articulate to discuss everything under the sun compared to previous ‘Josh’.

Well, I have 2 rough topics to be chosen for my PhD proposal which are 1. Writing and Speaking development methods using Linguistics Tools (Under the filed of English Linguistic and TESL) Or
2. Sustainable Index for the rural areas development : The case study: economic and transposition index in agriculture areas ( Under the filed of Urban and Town Planning).

I have a reason for each topic I have made. I come with the first topic because nowadays we always face the old state of affair about people who have the problem to master the English. Some of them have a good sound of English but connection of the flow of writing with the vocabulary is almost suck. Yet, some of them are good in writing but then the connectivity of ideas and words used are so bored and a bit indistinctness (does this state of affair make you think that you are good in the language?) Let me count, how many years have you spend your time to study the language? Sorry for my outspoken mind- I was an editor for an instructor who has a Bachelor, Master and PhD from the UK and yet the English is so upside down! She is good in speaking but then in writing, the syntax is so upside down!The most horrible thing is, when the person is so educated then she or he keens to create unknown sentence structures which is going to be fitted in a page. Not to mention with full of the ambiguity of vocabularies in the pages.That why, we cant understand what the hell they are talking about. So, I come to my own entomologies of idea where, even you may sound almost perfect to the language but then when the flow of your language (words (vocabulary), meaning(semantic and pragmatic) and the flow of writing-the system of writing) is not strong or being in the “same page” with each other, then it means that there still a lack of English essentials in you. Am not talking am so good tho. Yet, am still studying more and more on how to improve my self. So, here I come with a linguistic device to construct a model which can help us to be more like “mat salleh” when we need to speak in English. Hence, Teacher Emy Kadam says that Linguistic has less prominent to gratify me with the future prospects. Eventhough Emy has English as her major but then she is currently not teaching English tho. So kesian kan but no need to me to dialouge her "kesian" in my blog..ahakss.Shall we go for the next line?

Ok, for the second topic, I do have an interest to create some new improvements to the rural areas especially how to preserve the rural areas, especially the agricultures areas, to make it more sound sustainable which be able to cater the future generations. Not to deny that agriculture sector has major impact on our economic development. The degrading of agriculture productivity due to the lack of sustainable actions will make your place hunger for raw materials and by the end of the day, it is not surprisingly that , for instance, we need to do a lot of export for those sands, solid and water (for instance). If there were no all these elements, so how can we go the nation of being developed country? How we can develope our manufacturing sector? In development, we will say that particular country has a good development by taking into account the facilities provided by the goverment and also by considering the human capital index as an indicator to measure which levels of development are we. Will the architecture and engineering disipline will be the main actor in providing the good infrastructure and other facilities while we are having the shortage of raw materials? Well, I wont elaborate more on this. So ,know am in the department of digging and digging more matterials to be read in order for me to be more articulate to what i am looking for and it has to come with passion to do the PhD. Frankly speaking i do it for pleasure and not for having a big cash. If you want to be a big spender then go for the bussiness line then. Who cares?

I am still in the mood of love tho. Thinking about pembuat kek. So sweet when out of blue pembuat kek sms-ed me then asked me to listen the song by Acha (sampai menutup mata) if I am wondering what does she think at this moment. Listening to this song makes me realize that Jlo’s dialing tone has the same melody to the “sampai menutup mata” song. OMG, baru I perasan that the song is so placid and the wording is so goosebumps. Gosh, I really cant wait to me pembuat kek tomorrow and in order to answering your question by using the song as your sweet metaphora, then I will certainly respon to you by saing these:-

In every romance, there will be times of ups and downs that test the strength of our love for each other. As I've learned, each downturn only makes me want you more.Having to part with you, even for a second, is really painful for me tho. In the course of times we have been together, you have changed me a lot and it makes me more sentitive to what you like and dislikes. You have taught me the meaning of appreication, patience and humility which above all, kindness that puts yourself behind others. I do not give a shit about how many admirers I have waiting in line. It is not them that my heart desires. It is you, and only you. I hope I have not been a disappointment to you. Warrpering my warm arms all over your body, with my nose being pressed against your cheek, coddling in your fragrance and softness of love, is the sweetest feeling of love I ever have.

Nah, i really cant wait for tommorow. My mind is keep on singging the quitoxic wordings.

till then, am off for now fellas.

xoxoxox Josh.

My feeling is tagged by this Buzz

My pembuat kek gives a lovely song and which has a total meaning of her heart. What a lovely melodrama thing tho. So here i am, i share and tribute this song to all of you my readers..

Acha Septriasa - Sampai Menutup Mata

Embun di pagi buta
Menebarkan bau asa
Detik demi detik ku hitung
Inikah saat ku pergi
Oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
Berikanlah aku hidup
Takkan ku sakiti dia
Hukum aku bila terjadi

Aku tak mudah mencintai
Aku tak mudah mengaku ku cinta
Aku tak mudah mengatakan
Aku jatuh cinta

Senandungku hanya untuk cinta
Tirakatku hanya untuk engkau
Tiada dusta sumpah ku cinta
Sampai ku menutup mata
Cintaku sampai ku menutup mata

Oh Tuhan ku cinta dia
Berikanlah aku hidup
Takkan ku sakiti dia
Hukum aku bila terjadi


xoxoxo Josh