4 November 2008

Quicky posting

Cheer up

Hai peeps,

Today am feeling a bit release due to the fact that one of my projects has been done , successfully. One of my clients agrees to do the payment and am kind of waiting for the “fruit” with both hands. Need to work more harder coz too much things I need to settle especially to makes sure that I have enough bucks to support my PhD. God’s will, perhaps am thinking to buy some properties next year. One of my friends bought 2 Semi Ds and he merged both together. So great tho and am so envy on that. Am dreaming on a Mediterranean home style. But the most imperative thing, what I learn in business line, you need to show ur result then people will take it as a positive perspective on you. That why in the early stage of doing business people will put a little bit of their investment on a car. Picture this, let’s say that you are targeting a big project and it worth to you, and in fact you are totally qualified for the project. What would u do? To convince people that you are qualified, would u show your housing grad to your client to make an attestation that you are really a bizman? Or let’s say that your property is in the making , would u bring them to the “in the making” thing? Or just showing your bank account to testimony that you own almost 5 figure income in a month? That are so scarstic and show off things to be done. Just put this state of affairs in yourselves, would u do a business affair with someone who physically has not really convinces your gut feeling? For sure you are truly make your step vigilantly when it come to trust other people coz you don’t want to be called as an asshole who is effortlessly being cheated . Especially when it comes to a big cash. Me neither! So, hopefully this coming January I can get my dream car. I’ll talk about it in the next post once if officially have in. the clue- am dreaming about a first car which is above 100K. God’s will tho. Just be patient aite?

Not that really goose bumps thing but when you do something with your truly heart and efforts and once in a while you are in upside down, then you really be pleased about every single drop of your efforts. Nah, am not in actual fact be bothered about what people think about me. The most essential thing is “I really care about what I think about them’. Coz they don’t feed you when u are starving for a stable and cozy life. Those people won’t help you with their both hands for you to hold on. A good friend doesn’t even bother about what you are b rather than to know what is happen to you. Hardly to make our plans be in the line as what we want too. Should I say, not that unproblematic to make our plan in the same page with us, literally. But then, at least, having lot of plans will help us not to depend on one plan only. So it is excellent that we can straightforwardly do some quick proxies. Talking about “replacement” , am listening to the song “Irreplaceable” by a darn funny singer. The song seems to be a prodigy to the real one. Where a lot of funny and scarstic things towards girls. Really nice and cute voice tho even it sounds a bit taboo. So of people say it is sang by Neyo but I bet it wasn’t by him.

I just had my lunch with bebe. Pembuat kek looks nice today. Really nice and supreb. compred to the weeks where pembuat kek felt so tension with the surrounding around her. Well, pembuat kek helps me a lot and i tight my heart for you, bebe. (wink) Credit to u bebe.

I guess, need to stop till here. Will catch up with your guys again once I have time to reload some bumper issues for the next posting.

xoxoxo, Josh