6 December 2011

Cause and Effect, Everyone

Having a good Dine and Wine will bring you Joy! Really? Here is the verdict of the "true of the statment"

It was pretty good as a paradise to have a pampered day and mind. Reading a book and licking all over the spoon!What a devine feeling, Ever!

Till Then, the consequence is keep on flowing to be a bit schlocky, just for a while.

Then as the lust and desire went wild for a while, just for a while..the effect of splashing the hot oil changes the "feeling" and "the mood" of this particular part of important muscle!

Then, i searched for a food which is more wild than the desire and lust...aummm

Finnaly, i commit and i admit that healthy is my priority..so i highlighted it for i myself!

till then,

While minggling around then these became hostage then and now~

Remember, never try to be wild event for a while as the cause and effect will bring lot of time to be recovered and being "occay" as people said, ,follow your heart not your heart (ikut hati binasa). Never even for Once...
see you guy then..