13 February 2011

king of your mind

A life never promises you anything yet you need to walk the life to the fullest for you to have what you dream for...

There is nothing can stop you from thinking and breaking thru what you have in mind, they aren't king of anything to you..

hello friends,
How are u?
thanks for keep on reading and visiting me here. It is such a pleasure to know that there are silent readers who keep their eyes stick to this blog for no particular reason. Yeah, that is one of the special traits of human language which lies in unspoken lines. We greet and agree yet conflict with each others regardless what kind of ground you are.

What do you guys up for today?
Mine is quit joy and bliss tho. I do enjoy every time after i woke up in the morning and instill my self with the sense of appreciation about what i have- family, love ones, health, opportunity, friends, supports, trusts and creditability of become an active player.

It is midst of February and am still working so hard to get everything in tune. It is really hard tho. I must do the best to walk my talks! Definitely i am. A part of me worries and another part of me says- cheers up boy coz you are moving and adjusting yourself. Get some space then you can have a clear pathway as green as grass, to synchronize everything without jeopardizing others.

Thought are collided with some outer influences yet am still behold to what i really want in life. Today, at work place, i do enjoy everything time i come to class and consult few students. Along the way of teaching line, now i do understand what i really have to do in order to get the aim of every learning processes. No for me teaching adults, or any related courses such as elementary, pre intermediate ,intermediate, upper intermediate, and advance wont sound so challenging to me rather than get the hand on to those who are doing BEGINNER and Starter courses and also KIDDO courses tho.
This would be very hard and it seems that bang your head to the wall as it requires your brilliant creativities to deal with spontaneousness pedagogy. The aim of teaching is: teach those who literally weak but most of us do prefer the "vice versa" ones. A very good teacher would not polarize his or her students but then, take it as a challenge tosee how good is his or her art of teaching while dealing with such state of affairs. Paying more to this quality and credibility of teacher is really worth to your money,ladies and gentlemen.

so pay me more then.....ahaksss..

Today, i wke up earlier coz i had to sort things out for my sub-consultancy- checking the list for those who want to get their natural therapy and health check, dealing with FAQ regarding prawn, and then i headed to work then at night i had to update and get feedback from those who have dealt with us regarding wellness consultancy including prawn buyers.
So for those who want to buy some prawn, do let me know occay coz am the middle and for this product. A part from that, am have just done email some clients who want to give them self a try to get our high tech laundry services which can be done by them self at home. We are targeting people who are so busy to help them self to do laundry for them self.

We are not launderette BUT we are supplying laundry mechanism to help you to "wash ur cloths faster yet having minimal cost in term of electricity and water. So enterprising and really fun.

Oh yeah, tomorrow will be our graduation day for our language graduates. Go and apply what you have learnt. Remember, do ever stop there as the learning process is a continually develop! Erm, am thinking about what should i wear for tomorrow.

Oh ya, this what i did for today,due to direct contact to air-condition, then my skin keen to get itch and finally i decided to have a therapy for my skin, particularly to my face as today i took a complimentary set and it comes with many packages including Fisho spa and also , toe treatments. So, here is one of the proofs that i managed to show it here. Their flow of business are like this- you being served with a tea, then u have toe treatment, then aroma therapy- you need to inhale for 3 times then you undergo the facial therapy and finally you will be given a tea with a healthy consultancy. At the end of the session i said" what a life fellas". Frankly speaking, this is my second time for me to have facial therapy coz i normally have it by DIY.

Occay, people, it is time for me to sign off and do have a great day ahead and keep your self fit and health if you need any alternative health and fit consultancy, do give me a ring then....

come and let's keep on smiling people...show it to me your smiling face!
xoxox, Josh