24 November 2008

What was my sunday all about?

It was the Happy time for me..

Hai peeps…Happy morning to those who are working today,doesn’t really matter if u are a proletarian or work by ur own . I wrote this thread around 5am but then i was so sleepy so i was unable to complete it at that particular time. A bit late for me to engrave something coz after coming back from outing i was so tense and busy to do a translation task. I wonder how i can mentaly so strong enough to take Translation as my minor when i was in my undergraduate time. Well, i specialize in translating mass media texts, scienctific texts and literature works. If i not mistaken, if you are about to do translation for scienctific texts, you would get a nice payment. You will get in about 10 sen for each 20words. A good translater should have more than 2 dictinonary and a thesaurus! A must and that is the main requirment even you are 100% master both source language and target language. Coz we are not dealing with word per word while translating any text but we are dealing with emotion, cultural, sense of accurancy and the semantic of any idealogies in those texts. Accurancy doest really depend on the word per word tho. Just cut that carp. Well, Am sure the mood of Monday blues is still with you. Am still bouncy and vigor even though I came quite late from outing with Kinnetic . Kinnetic is a bunch of my close friends and we do spend and share our times together especially during Karaoke-ing session. Since I left my undergraduate period, I hardly have close friends coz in my postgraduate classes, the number of students are too limited. I had an experience where there were 2 person (including me) who took a particular course. Oh, today Kinnetic went to RedBox at Low Yat plaza, in Bukit Bintang. Supposed to be there in about 3pm. But due to the unexpected thing, so we were late for the meeting. Actually, on Sunday I had something to do and would like to prefer an outing on Saturday. But then due to the fact that Helmi had to be on-call on that day, so we waited till he was totally free. Yeah, that is the life being a doctor and u totally will busy like a bee. Firstly, Eron gave a ride to his friend. Then when he arrived at my place to pick me up, then the car was hardly to get started. So, Eron and I needed to ram it to a parking lot before it can be sent to any nearby workshop. Both of us spent the best quality of our energy to push the car due to the fact that none of us took lunch. Such thrill imagery when you were so famish then you need to do more extra force in order to push the car with full of your heart's content! So, from my place both of us went to Eron’s place to get a bike by taking a cap. We were away in about 4.30pm to KL and managed to be at Midvally in about 5.30pm. Using a bike! hadrld to believe it, but yes we did! We were almost caught by heavy rain . Such an obstacle tho. So, Helmi and Daus managed to be at the mall by their own. After all were arrived, then we took a fast move to bukit bintang using a cap and it was so costly as we had to pay rm20. I barely cant comprehend that as now on, the hike of the oil is no longer being a horrendous tight spot to anyone else but then another way around happens in the surface of veracity above all those who are in the urban territory. Such a shit tho! I guess someone needs to use his bare hand and goes down to the dirt and fix all those knotty issues which encircle around working class people. By the way, back to our outing story, and managed to be at bukit bintang around 6pm and started to rummage around for the Redbox. We took in about 30mins to get to the place and once we were there, we rush to the buffet table coz our stomach were kind of playing an orchestra. Siap boleh main lagu Michel bubble lagi. So the international tho. Almost like an orchestra in the Albert Hall, mind you(wink).

Yesterday I helped my self to have kind of heavy meals. For the starter I had 2 set of sush, and also raw prawn with the decoration of Japanese style. The, the main course I had nasi goring, an oyster with chicken salad.

I took 2 set of sushi.The pic above was my 1set. The second set has been forgoten to be splashed with the lense coz in was too hungry at that time..(wink)

The main course. So sedap.

The desert, This was my 1st set tho. I was too busy to attend the 2nd set with the camera as my stomach wont alow me to do that. :) For the second set, i helped my self with a lot of tommatos cherry and carrots. Yeah, am so detail about what i consume.

Ate and sang. I guess now, i should be "gentel" to this ideology which is "we can do 2 things at one particular time with your full of heart's content". ( Me, Daus and Helmi)

Eron menyendiri dgn makanan

The mocha with oat, raisins and arlmond..the taste was superb and creamy. At least the oat helps to assimilate the colestrol in my body after sucking all those creamy, sweet and a bit heavy meals.

Then, for the desert I had tomato cherry, cucumber, carrot and they were dressed with thousand island cream. I did help my self with 4cupcakes with a Mocha Oat Shake. Then, before we left the place we ordered the last drink and I had Honey Jujo Juice. It had a simple look but then the honey and raisins made the juice tastes fabulous. What a prefect combination.The mocha was so heavenly first-rate and fantastic. Gosh, I was full. We went back with full smile in the face coz we sang the song that we love and adore besides our stomach were pampered nicely as in a paradise not only with those lovely food yet with the placid tunes and voices of us. Almost perfect to the professional singer tho. What comes to my supprise is, both Eron and Daus can sing using their counter tenor! Would u guys want to beat me? Dear Kinnetic, if you do read this thread, keep your laugh for your self ya (wink).


What a fake...

I guess, the price was resonable to me. I have a card and i will use it for birthday celebration.Since my birthday will be around the corner so why not i get the card. In fact i was lucky on that day coz i only needed to pay RM4 instead of paying RM50 for normal day.What a nice offer. I might use the card with pembuat kek during my birthday,perhaps.(wink). The, we went out from the Redbox around 11pm. So Helmi catched a cap from Bukit Bintang to Sri Petaling. Eron, Daus and I took a monorail to KL central then ed and i seprated with daus from there. So, Eron and i took a bus to Midvally coz we parked the Ride over there. Sharp 11.45pm, we hit the highway with mercy coz it was a light raining.We took 30 mins to be at Bangi. Gosh, what a day. Full of obstacles yet trillion of wonderfull colours in my heart. Thanks for Eron to give me a ride.

So, this morning, I had my breaky with cornflakes and low fat milk. I skipped my lunch coz am still full and am intended to cut down my calories intake due to my low metabolism acceleration. What’s more, I have not burn my calories for sport activities almost a week. Such an old school fashion to have such menu , dont u think? I dont really into Cornflakes, just that accidently i bought it yesterday. I thought i would like to have it as a sneak rather than to have it for breaky but then, due to the fact i was still full at this noon so i graped it without any doubt. Gosh, it makes me feel darn quivering! So i adhere the pics and I let them to speak for them eslve and narrate our great outing yesterday to all of you my silent redears. I miss pembuat kek deeply and at least with the happy time session ease the burden of feeling lonley. I really miss pembuat kek, miss her smile, her shadow and also miss to breath the same air with her. Till then, cheers!

xoxoxox, Josh