21 September 2007

mariah carey-it's like that

it's a lday night tonight..so i ddcate this song for all clubers.So sorry as i cant take part at this time being-time constraint because of doing something urgent. Till then, shake all off ya..Love this song while having some boggy shakes

Just to be aware of what?

To many scary things are happened to us, above all, in nowadays societies. Criminal is every where and vital disease is just “around” your Conner. Sounds daunting and bloodcurdling huh? Well, this is the fact. Am not to say that I am having OCD as called by Mr Darcythewithy. Ok, do you know what is OCD? Here are some phrases which are provided by Mr. Darcythewitty (u are acknowledged here bro)

What is OCD? Obessive Compulsive Disoder

a psychiatric anxiety disorder most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive, distressing, intrusive thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or "rituals") which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

Yeah, for you info, I feel insecure when I am in the middle of crowed places as there might be the a silent killer which comes with “white mask” and it is so prefect to be called as a silent blast. Not to say that I am so meticulous and fussy about anything but hell ya, I have to admit this for some reasons. Something about me;-

I can say that I never even try to touch the edge of escalator while using it as I assume that there are so many people are touching it who has different background of health. We never know if there is some infected emulsion of human being like blood. You never sure and know if your skin is having scratch so it may lead those viruses or bacteria to get in. Besides that I am reluctant to grip or touch any LRT or commuter’s rows in case I cant manage to get a seat.

I rarely use men’ toilet type which is located at a wall and you just simply pee on it. Nah, the toilet might have some infected urine of sick people- STD?, mind you. Let say, you are having high shoot of pee straight to the “wall” then sure it will reflect back to you right? or specifically it may reflect to the Pe**s back. About the consequences of it, nah I wont elaborate more on it. Be my guess to figure it out. Having a “big business” aka defecating at public toilet (unless at KLCC) is not for me, tho. Cheap malls will not be at my 1st place as its toilet is not managed propely, and still.

Money or coin is a great medium of transferring diseases. Anybody have right to owe and have it regardless what status you are. I do make sure that after touching or griping it, I make sure I wont touch any part of my body especially the face. The reason is, because I do have pimples and sometime they are to easy to attract bacteria as the skin surface may be exposed while having some recovery pimples. So , by touching it to ur face, you may help those bacteria to come in. Well, we never know where does the money come from right? Washing hand? Detol is my priority here.

You may say that I am so freak to some extend or can be called as OCD.Nah, I don’t bother what people might say as long I am pretty sure that I am to conscious about health and fitness. What I have written here are just a simple thought to be shared which is what I am thinking now. No force or temptation to urge you all to be as what I am now- too freak about all these universes yet I am not that isolated from the logical thought for some situations unless they have some high jeopardizes to be alerted. This is the life and thanks god that we are able to read and understand some facts about how to keep safe to your self even it is cant be prevented 100% but unless you manage to control rather than just folding your arms.The saying- Education makes your life better , can be applied and sounds logic in this context- Health maintenance. Sorry if I do freak you guys out. Till then, will nag again for some issues.
Bersama menuju ke arah masyarakat sihat…

Xoxoxo Josh