10 November 2009

October was the past....

Am back…

Holla pepes, it is cool to be back here….meaning am back for blogging…well, writing means that " it takes 2 tango- desire to write and the flow of ideas, perhaps.

Where should I start here?

Ok, in point of fact I’m in KL now, since 18 Oct 2009. Nothing much to say and intricate here..
This trip, I have to spend a bit longer in Kl compared to previous months where I have to be 2 weeks in Kch and another 2weeks in KL over and over again. Just that only for this week I will stay a bit longer..i’ll stay a bit longer ( a repetition here)

Well, previously I have just came back from Terenganu, to be exact, Marang. I have been there with pembuat kek for 3days 2 nights at Angulia Beach Resort . The pictures? Not in my camera tho..(wink).The ambiance was so really exceptional to be told. Just enjoy every single moment to the fullest. I always hunger for the great moments with pembuat kek. I was in about a month have not been meeting up with her.

Well, from the perspective of working schedule: the whole week since I came here was not that really pack as before…less in outside activities in the sense that I am getting tanned less…ahaha who cares,

For the 1st week, I was busy doing proposals and now am ready to hit the market but without helps from friends, I guess nothing much I can bag for.Oh ya, a bit eventful for the 1st week in KL coz I have to do some preparations to my self coz I was invited to give a talk by FLECRA to those youth regarding Business Prospects, in term of Health consultancy. No to mention, I have been failing to notice my PhD (inaugural writing ) for a quite long time tho! Shame on me!

I managed to meet up with some clients lately and future-partner –in crimes as well. Now, am waiting for the feedbacks from the markets. Doing marketing alone is quite hard tho. But I guess, thanks to my buddies, and my sifu- Maria, coz she has trained my inners strength to become brawnier compared to the “old josh”. well, old brand new me i guess, the sentence may sound uncanny to comprehend. I give her credits for the new coming of me

I would like to take this chance to say remorseful to Bonney Unting because of the lost of his nephew, recently. I compassionately would to bag all gentle readers to say a pray to the victim due to the car tragedy.

This early week, Bonney and I supposed to persist our plan to hit the laundry territories but the due to this state of affair, I guess I need to hold back for a while and will get this thing back to typical as what have planned settled by two parties. Well, when this inevitable thing happens, so I have already got a backup. So, while waiting Bonney , I will do some discussion with odee regarding the laundry doohickey.

Well, feel bit empty now coz pembuat kek is not around and probably she will hit the town in another one or two days from now. So, I guess I have to very vigilant to use the time I have now when she is not around. Tomorrow ,I’ll be meeting up with Theresa (my ex unimate) to discussion for future plan in crime during lunch, somewhere near to KLCC, then Ode, in the office perhaps after the lunch and at night might be meeting up with Nasrul to get any feedback regarding his outstation markets.

Tonight, am listening to a very sad sad song which is tagged by Knit Cecelia. U make me sad girl and u owe me this for listening the song…
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLVTU0vUogc) …so sad..sob sob sob

Well, what can I say here, I will update later then. Perhaps after watching 2012…by watching it may give me some ideas to write down something over here. Till then, Have a great day ahead people…

xoxox, Josh