13 April 2011

no one can barely judge the Perfectionisms of others

take me if you dare, taste me if you care

so the writer wanted to "take me", at least the writer still has his sense of sympathetic not to let it goes

if i am ugly will u take rather not to taste me?

if i am pretty will you dare to die for the taste that i have?

the take the pretty rather these two ugly and plain tastes

Or you do prefer to have a balance in a time yet should it be called as a selfish to the other half?
at the end, pretty and ugly have extra ordinary yet they do share something in common as they are curfew-ed within their own look...neither pretty nor ugly can be a better half of you if you dont dare to give a chance for any taste of world to be your preference.

taste never wrong yet the instinct always plays along with all senses that we used to have to make something seems to be nothing right or wrong.

you believe and you see then you know whether you are right or wrong.
xoxox, Josh