7 September 2007

a month later?

I went to UKM’s out patient department to get my teeth being checked and fix some of the teeth. I supposed i paid my visit to the dentis in was about last year but because I was a working people on that particular of time and I cant meet up the date. I need to wait until 2nd of October. Huh, A month later? Gosh I have several interviews to be attended and I need something to glint my self in order to win the floor from other rivals. Okies, hook by crook I need to wait for it. Nah, aint ask for more. Back to old ages before, I was not that keen to meet up with dentists as they are so scary with their white plain coat and a mask. Besides that, the twinge that you will get while the dentists are going to bradawl the teeth will be remained in a quite long time. Feel that the brain gets crack or it seems to be a bit trumble because of this and this is such a dreadful and outlandish feeling and u may wish someone tries to make you up when u feel the pain but then nothing much you can do while the drilling takes its place (nak tak nak kena sabar je) with the company of “owch’ sounds. Nah, I accept as true that to be looked nice and good it is very hard to be bear as beauty is pain, am I right ladies? Today, I noticed that I had managed to reduce the weight for 2 kilos. It is pretty good for now. I guess as I back to my natural hair now, I look slimmer than before so that was kinda a blunder and slip-up for me to put em’ all in “lions’ fir type of colour”. I have insufficient of words to be expressed here but this will not stop me from not to nag here as i wont make the silent voice of mine will be the building block to my next, next day ahead. Till them will cater you guys with other issues here.

Xoxoxoxoox, Josh