3 March 2012

Brownie or Pinkie?

A cup of love or joy, people?

Where else can you find joy?

The wording of having a joy, is so absurd. None of us, human being, would be able to define it precisely; where it is accepted as a common agreement among the rest.Again, i ask, what do you wish to have for this tea break, ladies and gentlemen?A cup of love? Brown or pink?

Well, as for me, regardless you are male or female, jack or rose, Romeo or Julie, A or Z, or a character of mice or men? the meaning or joy can be seen by looking at you. By asking a person with this question” how do you feel today”? they you can see his or her rejoinder. Word can be manipulated by body language yet body language hardly be defined by word. Like, any words? Nah, it could be yes to others but how about the rest?. As for that, telecommunication is improving a lot, from the features of sending and receiving message or sms- just spill out the word of your mind and send it, graphic- any type of icon can epitomize the entire of your intention if you are care less to pay with your fingers with the keypads/ touch screen, and to the ability of sending media files- music can be represented in a way you wanted it be to wide-ranging of your entire message in wording context.Barvo to all these features, yet why we still hard to delineate what is the exact meaning of joy? Agree to an idea of saying the word joy won’t last yet an existing of it creates a divine imagery to someone’s heart. It could be me or you. As for me, I’m looking joy as it is represented by the face while someone is looking, hearing or touching a magical gift- could be a word - I love you, could be a picture- rise and shine in heart, or could be a gift- a honest gift which has above that all prices.

So, to people, out there, remember, if you are depress, or looking something which is a bit ecstasy then it may not come from other parts of world, indeed. It is within you. You yourself can program what you wanted it to be. As in marketing, how are we going to influence your buyers? In stead of consulting and negotiating with them, we CAN program them to what we wanted them to be. Many people know this state of affair yet less who really understand what it the meaning of “programming” them.

Till then, Life is once, and you make the difference to others, Cheer up and live to the fullest. Happy Weekend people. Make your seft glowing in any part of space, time and world, indeed.

“Apa yang kau buat, semestinya untuk dirimu dan untuk siapa lagi?…(whatever you do, unequivocally it is for you, if not you than who else?)

Come, cheeer up
- i got this for 14/02/12-

xoxoxoo, Josh