10 October 2010

a random writing with - a day after and another " a day after"-s

it's lovely Monday morning.
I love Monday because it means new day starts and the life goes on and one.Life is a process of keep on moving forward and I do belief that, yes you can buy a watch but u cant buy time. Life goes smoothly yet tough lately. As we are heading to the end of year, time is ticking and waits no more. Many things have passed these few weeks. Okies, at the 1st week of September, my team and I went to have a family day and it was superb tho. Thanks for those who helped and gave supports at that time. Fun will not come if teamwork and support are not collided. Then, the day after, we were busy with a new and fresh seminar regarding economic issue. Yes, we attended the seminar – Economic Transformation Program which was held at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. It was a “medium” to get public’s feedback on the economic issues. During the talk, I attended several workshop- business services, health care, agriculture, wholesale and tourism. For sure, I can enhance my perspective and be more articulate regarding such fields in future and am looking forward to learn more and get more gist catalyze n so called my capitalism cognitive. Then, a day after, we had meeting to set up an event which is called as “One Explore Race Game” which will be held on this 17th September 2010. This event would be great tho and we have organized such event last year and we received overwhelming responses from public. Again, a tiring day mingled around me again as the day after we discussed the “explore race”, we need to get ready our boot which will be set up in UNIMAS during its convocation from 8th september until 11th september . And again, another day after, as we were busy with “operational and setting few things up” we need to put our hands on to the latest event which is bowling event in UNIMAS bowling center. Tasks are so demanding and time is consuming. Apart of keeping on making and handling event, yet the emotional state is not that working smoothly and those days passed by and I felt I my self in a long run to complete and end this “hectic” dilemma.
Those ups and downs wont drag yet it will grown-up me to be more open minded and always alert to any kind of “mindset” creepy-crawly thingy. Long distance relationship does mark a very deep scar inside me. I wish right now I can have an airplane and go to the star and wont be back to the dirt. Off from “ emotional curfew” for a while. This is the best wish I can make. Well, the solutions? Go ahead, face it and get the solutions..think positive more and say “less” to its rivals. Every times I faced such uneasy days, I’ll get a pen and jot down what is the problem and on the opposite of it I’ll set few solution for it. Then, I can easily go to bed and start my new day ahead. It really works tho. Just u should have a gut to write down what afraid you the most and compile it with its solution. Okies then, enough for such crap thingy. So, need to get my self a space a bit then continue to go down to the battlefield. Okies, peoples, where should I get an airplane so i can go to another day after?heheheheh

okies..let's sing together, shall we?

xoxoxo Josh