15 January 2008

My freaking out sunday

As planned with Jlo aka ok (hereafter), both of us went out and gathered at somewhere nearby KLCC to meet up with our new biasness partner “in crime”. Guess what, even if, the meeting was intended to have a real business purpose but then it became a small congregation with one of our school mates, in fact, she was our form mates but hope she will be one of our biz partner relly2 soon as what have been planned..muhahahahha..

My best "Idok" and me. I have known her for more that 10 years!My ex-primary mates, ex- formates and ex-collueage.( to many exs with her huh?)

I have no idea what is the name of this food. It costed us rm 9.90 per bowl.But the taste is not that really fucking superb!

I guess that day was “eating” time coz we fiiled our stomach until it cant bear with load of foods. It start at one of “high” class cafĂ©- Thanks for Idok coz she treated me and my turn will knock your contentment at some other days, then after we settled down all those things and planned a new mission, then we as the crow flies went to KLCC. However, in the midst of gulping down the forlorn of not watching a movie, I threw a bare suggestion to have a Karaoke time. So Idok and Lysa agreed to follow my idea. So,I won the voice here .ahaha. Thanks for both of them coz so understanding at that moment. Clap3 to them. I guess it was quite long for me not to force my self without stinting to have a far-fetched laughing. The day was like to be fulled with lot of jokes and ideas to be laughed at. Not to mention, when the “sperano” thing came to the surface. In fact, I cant really accept that KLCC was mistaken to be “Pavilion’ by us. OMG, I cant really believe that such thing will be bumped to our focus. I guess the “exhilaration” to get as soon as possible to New KTV (Karaoke Center) driven us imprudent and so fanatical. We needed to chase the time tho as the day was getting dark. It was around 6pm I guess. We had great times during that evening. For the first thing to be done, I opened the curtain by singing a jingoistic song. I sang Sarawak’s song. I managed not to forget the lyric tho! Clap3 for me. Then, followed by the Counter-tenor of mine Hahahaha, don’t believe that I can do it just that I love to make Idok fooled around. But I guess I really can make it. I do? Give me one more try Ok idok?

I love the vibes that we had over there. I sang one of my favorite songs- Kau ilham ku by Mambai ans it is such a rhythmical song, indeed.

Ok, i cna handle it form here, and the way i sang songs was pretty straigtforwad.

Idok n Lysa- nanyi lagu sedih giler babeng..huhuhu..sayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I can play this song with a guitar tho! Easy to be played I guess. We managed to had some pic snapping. This can be an authentication that we have been here. Again, I asked idok and Lysa if we can have a dinner at KFC for free.I do appreciate these girls coz, they did agree with me. Senang nak jaga le mereka ne kalo bawak berjalan2. Tak rugi gua cakap sama lu. Next station was Kotaraya. After million seconds of thinking and we coma to a decision to go to one of KFC’s Branch which is at Kotaraya. Heading to Kotaraya by using public transport is so challenging I guess especially when the dark comes to take part and it will be a widespread thing as that night (Saturday) to all. It was weekend, baby. Hahaha. Thanks to our friend a.k.a a manager in that fast food restaurant coz we had plenty of food to be tasted with a gluttonous craving. I love KFC Meltz. It is so flavorsome and lip-smacking to me. In fact, the Varity bucket did not attract even my single attention tho rather than I was licking my finger because of the appetizing of the Meltz. It tastes as Murtabak.

I love this meal..the meltz.........................looks simple but the taste is so superb to me tho.

Get ur tongue be there and and tell me your own appraisal about the food ok? I was having diarrhea for the next day and I totally assume that this could be due to Idok who has not washed her hand before having her meal. Just imagine that she was there with a bare hand and form the whole day and till that night she exposed to lot of epidemics in the region of her. Scary huh. In fact, after a few hours of the dinner she claimed that she had to be at toiltet frequently and it was diarrhea!! She touched my meal that why I was infected too..Arhhhh..shit huh.. Well, overall, that day wahs so splendid and am looking forward to have it more and more. Cant wait to have a small reunion among my school mates as suggested before. People will come to that get-together thing in a very different compared to their age, sttus and occupation . It was not in secondary school anymore tho.OMG, the time moves so fast even not only me who claim this state of affair. But then this is the journey of life which is to be mapped out as a collection of experiences .They come in may ways and poles apart representative to us by regarding the time and surrounding and the way we react to such these things. Well, I am totally dry today and writing this blog with a bare mind without sufficient of material and morphemes of word to be contextualized here. I am carving for more for the next reading to you, dear my silent readers. Agian, thanks for Idok and accidently toLysa for the companionship.Till then, have a nice day ya.

xoxoxox Josh