12 October 2009

Feelin' so flat ....

hai peeps...

just drop by for being out from those blue feelin'...a simple blog which makes you read effortless will be like this.......

This whole weeks..i mean starting from last wednesday, i feel am so free for nothing..i am totaly miss all the pack times ..sleeping at 4am in the morning...packed with meeting with teams and clients...not to mention including to attend events and the big time which is -mamak session time...hahah..in fact i dont consume any kind of mamak's food coz am strictly to my diet but i just love to see people, especially my team to sit together and i gave them some of puzzels for them to figure em' out. So, taking from there, i'll know their IQ levels...including me tho..ahahahha

Now am in Kuching for almost a week. Settling everything here before heading to KL for more than 2 weeks as usual. Well, what makes me hate or dizzy while "flying" is the aiprot itself. Too pack with bunch of wierd, noisy and hot people...(wink. The truth is..i hate the atmosphere in an aiport.. Especially , all those rules and the air...from what i have learned before, when u come to a modernity of infrastructure, the most terrify thing you may scare would be pollution by air!

Well, i miss my hometown now...even tho i will be there every month...i mean every 1st week of a month..well, to be exact. i miss my little brother. Starting next month, my schedulewill be so tight as tight as the ass(heheh...)

coz next month my schedule will be including Bintulu outstations. Well, i guess i should thankfull to my "flat" time...you might think that am a bit bizzare coz complaning too much time for nothing. Well, that is me..i am sucker for traveling and like being busy like a bee..Coz for me, when i am 30, i would work less than what i am now.So that is the way i plan my schedule. Some of people might work hard when they come at that stage but VICE VERSA with me!

I never come up cross my mind to what i am now..Back to some previous years, i would end up to be a very good darn worker when i in the age of early 30 perhaps..but now, my at that age i guess i want to be in the line in real estate...but for sure should be an investor..so i am trying so hard by the age of 30, i hope, i would get my PhD and a step a head in real estate industry...well, at least 50% from the plan will work right?live the life with a goal seeting.Dare to dream coz remember...you is the choosen one to be here...compared to other soldiers (am reffering to the sperms)

Talking about my goal settings, my short term goal setting would be Nokia N97..hehehe..medium would be completing the 1st phrase of the PHD and the long term will be...more outstanding with some stuff (will revel them later....this would be a nightmare for those who dislike supprise so much)...

Okies people, i will blog later..coz i need to do some readings..btw, i will upload my lates event-picnic at Sg Rayu in Kuching...till then, have a nice day ahead and remember, enjoy every single moment you have till the fullest...

take care people...

xoxoxo, Josh

9 October 2009

sometimes joys and love come around....

i believe that good things come around and for sure i will never waste every single time to get my self down for illogicaly reasons... .............

so for that i start my days with these words.....

This is the beginning of a new day ...
I have been given me this day
To use as I will.
I can waste it ... or use it for good,
But what I do today is important
Because I am exchanging
A day of my life for it!

When tomorrow comes,
This day will be gone forever,
Leaving in its place
Something that I have traded for it.

I want it to be gain ... and not loss;
Good ... and not evil;
Success ... and not failure;
In order that I shall not regret
The price that I have paid for it.

I will try just for today,
For you never fail ...
Until you stop trying.

so people..remember that... as what ~ Helen Steiner Rice ~ says....

If wishes worked like magic,
And plans worked that way too,
And everything you wished for,
Whether good or bad for you,
Immediately was granted
With no effort on your part,
You抎 experience no fulfillment
Of your spirit or your heart.

For things achieved too easily
Lose their charm and meaning too,
For it is life difficulties
And the trials we go through
That makes us strong in spirit
And endow us with the will
To surmount the insurmountable
And to climb the highest hill.

So wish not for the easy way
To win your heart desire,
For the joy in overcoming
And withstanding flood and fire,
For to triumph over trouble
And grow stronger with defeat
Is to win the kind of victory
That will make your life complete.

xoxoxo, Josh

2 October 2009

out of blue ..so i want to jot something....here it goes....

too many things i like to share...as too many pictures are in my D-Drive...

i was too messy at this time..somewhere in kuching...my friends were having "ayam penyet" but me?Nah....am in diet..Too messy coz i have just finished my a quick discussion and the brain was overloaded....

but then, as i knew someone had a peek on me...so i ready with a nice snapshot before heading to home....

taken by a pro occay...it was taking while i watched the rain in a blue sky.....

old town coffee...it is one of my hottest coffees that strikes my lust to get more and more orgasm...

a sample of my favorite kuih raya....when i was in campus..a friend of mine (waty)always "berzakat" kuih raya to me....this make me always remember about her no matter where she goes..

so people....i would like to leave you with a sweet phrase i heard and it gives me a melodiously emotion as it has a prefect combination of feeling toward its rhythm and tone..
"ada cinta yang gelap, ada cinta yang malap dan ada cinta yang terang.....cinta muncul dalam pelbagai demensi cahaya yang hanya dilihat oleh mata hati"