26 November 2010

let's try agian..

people, no matter what you do, never feel that you are lost in the sea of thought, passion, believing and productivity, you will never be alone. It is just a normal passage to be passed by. It is a sign of maturity and nothing is "short term platform" to be won.

People, any upshot will not just be so plain yet it may require many disputes to us. Get your self in to picture a sole PRISMA- a white platform yet generates a beautiful formation of rainbow.

Let's have a look on this simple states: when you have something to do, then you had a dateline to be complied with, so you keened to force your self then you found that you are in the cul-de-sec, then you started to loss your focus and direction.As a result, you started to force yourself yet nothing much can be done, then stress is increased to a crazy level it may be.Yet, nothing much can be seen nicely yet you work yourself like hell. Finally you got your self out of tune and you keen to reckless to other orders and commands then your productivity is declined and few uninvited symptoms like back pain, muscles stiffness, fatigue, hard to breath and insufficient of air to the brain will enormously quaver your focus on what you need to do in life , especially in personal and in working vibes.Due to these state of affair, you keen to be frustrated and be iniquitous to your personal welfare. And believe me, nobody will care or concern about these unless you self get ur bare feet to fix these.

so, people, do listen to this and hope that you feel much more radiant and gay with this song..till then..."let's try" and remember..do it and be unstoppable! Come do sing along with me.Yeah, we are heading to end of year and it would be stressful and hectic days to be passed by. Well, get you yourself a nice threat and elevate
your stress in a optimum level.Sometimes we need stress to drive us but in just a very minimum spark.

xoxox, josh