20 November 2008

The quicky of the early morning

Hai silent readers,

While typing this entry, my attention is captured by the lovely drops of raining from my window view. So sweet. What’s more, am thinking about how providential I am with all I have. Yeah, as a human being, we hardly being satisfy to our surrounding. Due to that particular instinct, god gives u a lovely yet intricate brain for us to be able to chase and do some improvements to please our ‘never ending’ desires. That is the beauty of being a human. By making improvements to improve the quality of your satisfaction across times and spaces. This kind of state of affair needs a complex mind to work on this matters. So, thinking about the desires, I have talked to my biz partner to do something which sounds cool to commemorate this coming new year. Celebrating the new year without archiving or getting something is not my type. So, now am thinking to take a big task from my biz partner which needs to be completed before this end of month. For any great job and performance will be rewarded. So my biz partner says that she will gives me an item of LV. Mind you. Can this state of affair be called as the serendipity in the context of mine? The cheapest LV item may cost you merely RM 600. So I challenge my self to give the very best of my performance to complete her challenges. Now, I have just finished my planning for tomorrow. Lot of people I need to give a buzz for update. Gosh, my postpaid bill will be in a highly hike! But I don’t care coz am not a kind of person who waste the bill talking for zilch. Wasting the saliva je.

Talking about the concept of contentment, since pembuat kek is not around, so I more homey. I have my lunch and dinner at home. Well, my meal would be the mix of peas, some salad, and some vegetables. NO RICE intakes at all. Out of blue, i love to watch Rachel Ray ‘s talk show at midnight. At that show, she came out with the “big mac” recipe. This recipe was attributed to USA Olympic Training Center which is one of the main meals for trainers before they were going to Beijing. So, as the recipe uses pasta for the main ingredient, so I was so tempting to have pasta. The next morning, I made my way to a supermarket to get groceries. So I bought pasta (I choose those with less carbohydrate), celery, onion, radish, carrot, white mushroom, onion leaves, tomato puree, blended of fish meat, half cooked of beans, and slices of sausage. I changed a bit of the main elements of the menu coz I strictly monitor my diet plan. The final touch, I mixed the pasta with black and white pepper. I fried those meat with thyme and herb with addition of olive virgin oil. Also, with the taste of mayonise flavour. It is a must for me with some drops of lemon juice. So it was smelled good. So here is the picture of my pasta and it was right away from my amature cooking skills.

It looks simple but full of flavor and scrumptious tho especially with my favorite drink It tastes so heavenly to me.. So i took pasta for lunch and dinner. Whole some of the pasta for the whole day~

Till then, I will update late
xoxox, Josh