8 October 2007

jiwang le....

Yesterday, my good buddy called me up –Mike. We chated for a while to kill the time for no reason. He is so bitch lately. Nothing much can be done tho. To Mike- dude, sik kacak la girlfriend ko ya carik je yang lain! Talk about the chat, it was an unruffled chat and miss those old dense and crazy agendas! Then, today I was woke up again (up to that time, in the previous post I told you guys that I was woke up by an by a bewildering sms) because of a sms from one of my good Univ mates. What I can say, 70% of our time while in college was reserved for arguing with each other and as usual I always cool in debating! One of December baby’s traits? Sometime I do miss those “arguing” moments. In her sms, she said that, last weekend while she cleaned her place then she found those unadorned yet consequential notes which are from me. Erm, I cant have down pat which one but what I can say that I was ardent to drop some lines to those I feel comfortable with, especially during their important dates or so forth but am not that freak to drop notes devoid of reasons. Well, for Cecilia, I dedicate the song -1985 by Bowling for soup! It has some analogous stories with what we have now. I love em’.

Oh ya, I have my own poems and writing though and I keep it in my “book of shadow’ . Such an inventive and schmaltzy soul I guess. But then, don’t get me wrong as u may think am too “jiwang” aka passionate for nothing. I have 25 assortments of live and death poems! Most people feel taboo to talk about death but then without knowing the meaning of death how can you understand the meaning and feel the joy of life? Now am thinking of having some meals at Chillies . I have not been there for ages! Nah at the same time, Starbuck is cool tho.Am confusing which place should I to release my farmished. Yeah, am going alone! I guess am having writer’s block!!!! Am off for now.