20 May 2009

What a life? a popular phrase in me

Working makes me by a hair's breadth to do some workout and get more and more firm muscles and have dense shape. Some time my eating time is not that apt. As you work so hard and you keen to please your selves with lenience of food!

Sometimes I keep so strict to my diet and here it is…..

This meal kind of vigorous I guess coz lot of vegetables and less prepared by oil. It costs you RM50 only and it is simply enough for table of 2.

I like sushi and the main ingredient is beef which is warped nicely with the sweet and tender seaweed!

What makes the sushi seems to be special to me it comes straight forward with those “sambal”..so nice tho!

What i call as "evil" meals are can be categorized as below:-

Yong thau fuu..this is my favorite and the most important it is "pembuat kek's favorite" too!!!! we are so match not only in soul elements but also related to the stomach networking !hehehe.. what a life!

this nasi kebab kind of "so-so" for me. I just consume less carbo yet i still i'm being so vindictive to my self and again..what a life!

this is cheese cake fresh from starbuck freeze!Lovely and each pieces of the cake so tender and easily melt in the tongue for no compromise with other offers to live!hehe yet it is still so darn greasy to me!

i like this part of muffin. This is banana muffin from Starbuck. Am not kind of Starbuck "follower" but then just been there coz Ed and Daus need some companionship by using Starbuck as the lovely setting for chit chat..


this ice-cream is one of the best flavors ever i have had! It is Vanetta (correct me if i wrong). The taste is heavenly. If i have a word to enunciate to express my feeling toward this "object" is " it makes me horny to have it"! Once it was in my tongue i felt orgasm...

Daus in the crime scene...

Ed as the antagonist of the script ! Especially to my diet script!It was his ideas to have Starbuck at the 1st place which is at The Curve Damansara.

i had this..If i not mistaken it is called as Blackberry mocha...(i think so)

The taste: unknow and no further details except the blackberry!

so people, enough about the foods and yes, nowadays people want to have meal is not just for the sake of fulling the urge of hunger but just to have a taste of it. Every single feeling to get into the taste of each food makes you wanna scream "WHAT A LIFE folks"!

till then,