10 December 2007

What was my sunday all about?

the lovely story goes like this.........

For the first time I went to a gym with Chriz and her muse, Odee. Chriz used to ask me to be in a gym together ( last year) and we have just made it and was yesterday (Sunday),2007. OMG, it was so long to wait such moment to come. Sabar je. So, boys and girl, be knotted and together when we hit those work out machines ok. I felt pain all over my body above all on my lumbar. And my hip seems to be scrawny coz it was quit a long time I did not manage to hit the track mill with 10 speed within 50mins. The result was only 450 calories were burnt. Gosh, with that speed, I used to burn 550-600 calories but that was few months before and now seems that my resilience not that in it’s higher peak. So need to get some tonics which facilitate me to hit above the latest figure I have. So sad huh! As usual, once I have the result on calories scanning, then I articulate to myself- it is darn fucking hard to lessen the calories but to take it such an easier shit! Just see in your mind's eye, mee goring mamak has 250 calories!But then, I can say almost 2 years and half I have been trying not to take Maggie mee as a part of my diet plan (but if if I did, I can say that I have just had 2-3 packet within a year ).Even now am a bit vegetarian when it comes to my diet plan. Okies, the easy way to reduce the weight is- roasting yourself at a sauna and that I try to do it over and over again. Oh ya, it was funny as odee, chriz and I were wearing red. Gosh, it was just a coincidence which fallen on that day. Okies, guys at least red can trigger off our self to be more and more key up while being in the department of gaining a healthy life style and nice shapes as well.”wink”

It is mind-boggling to me even the boy who was at the gym’s counter as he showed his curiosity because of the red theme, we were all red and this is such a unique picture because the faces look bigger that it suppose to be. This is the look once you just had your sleep then straight to the gym!Me with un-fix hair!Natural beauty occay!

We come and conquer. I love its sauna.Cool and comfortable.

After 16mins in the sauna i decided to take a snap. So sweeting but we tried to focus to the lense. I was thinking how would if be when die in a burning? Just do it to those who are rapits!

Before squeezing the fat in the sauna so i have take a snap for the proof either i look much beter or vice-versa after heatimg my self.

After "roasting" myself...My lip was so dry...

Here we go, Christmas is around the conner and i love the sesson because of the decorations and the gigantic trees we can see in any malls. The sesson also reminds us bout the new year is comming soon so do us ready with a new hope and new aim as the age is moving on?Gosh, am talking like am a old man. Should i just cheer up with my life and have every single moment with a joy and jovial?Stop nagging jerk-off!

After hitting those gym machines, the we mingled around at KLCC for a while. KLCC is not my port while outing or loafing during my free time or when my wallet is gaining its weight. (wink). I have no idea why sometime I not into KLCC for the rationale of window shopping or meeting people. Oh ya, when I was at a Starbuck, I was a blur and not showed any curiosity while being there. However, without any silent intention, once I touched it, I can feel the beat of my heart but I did not split it out to Odee. Once it dropped to my tongue ..i was orgasm without any sexual intention embedded on me. OMG, how I wish I were full naked and let my self be able to feel the aura of sexual by the silent and cool craving!I am abit shy to tell you guys what made me to be so here is the pic of such devil thing….

tadddaaa...............here is the thing.It is only for christmas sesson. Be there done that !

Odde told me that he has tried this once and the feel of having it so darn luscious so I dare to taste it and it is just RM13 for a regular size. Gosh, it is truly nice and mouth-watering. Once it melted on my tongue with the crunch, cream, ice-blended and the latte itself, I feel my face becomes numb and feel that the world is mine. Out of blue, one of Christmas songs was played but the melody was so sad and blue which caused me wanna cry while heaving it. I have no idea what the hell is the name of the latte that I took. However, I name it as a heartbroken latte. I felt heartbroken when the latte (the coolness of it) flew to my chest which made me almost cried because of the delicious if it.hehe. Sounds silly huh. People use to express the happiness while they are having some deleicous and “yummy’ food. But I dare to make some differences here which for me, I feel that I am so guilty and wanna be good for all the journey of mine so god will give me lot more opportunities to experience lot more and more lip smacking food in future ..hehe. Does it sound cute huh? So people, I would like to encourage you all to have a one stop step at Starbuck and try to taste it. Do split your comments out while u have tasted it. Oh ya, today I am a bit keyed up coz I met up with someone i like and regadless if the person feels the same but I will keep it at the lower tone and try not to be too excited. hehe. Managed to talk to the person in a very short time but it was worth I guess. Till then, take care fellas…