3 September 2010

a quick entry

Dummy or dumper?
Which one is the most suitable phrase to describe yourself?
Apparently, the sense of “defining who are you” is a very tough yet a bit more illustrative to categorize who are u while in the midst of public communion. This state of affair comes and acrosses my attention when a biz partner of mine is cheated by someone who is so merciless, deceitful and always takes for granted for what he is wanted to have. So I leave you with a witty question to be shouted out loud- who is stupid here? The so called nerdy yet full with a blessed heart or the person who is always knows when to get a trap?

The answer for such question is so indistinguishable to be comprehended. Well, such question wont have any defined answer and the final argument regarding the issue will be depending on who has the majority solid ideas despite the consequences of the logic and accountability matters. Your blessed and wise gist would not help you much if you are in the state of evincible. Pitty to a friend of mine. The asshole is such a bad treat and he may represent thousands of people who may have such a small little brain which may seem to be in the same size with his own balls by taking advantage toward those helping hands.
Now, let’s see ..life becomes a business to us nowadays. We are taking advantage to those who may not be called as stupid but those who may have the at least quarter of saint’s traits. Sometimes, those wise man who may have a potable heart and full of resplendent of mindset would be easier to be a victim because of being in the state of having a simple mind and heart. We always think that “ please don’t put your self in a complicated mood” but we resist to be so and it is such a normal trait among human. Due to such state of affair we keen to create misery and chaos in our surrounding. Human is so unique to be understood even by human them selve. Due to such fact, the academic world sees the emergence of anthprology and sociology.

So how is about those who are always taking advantage toward those helping hands?would such people can be easily called as a great survivor or a jerk with full of libelous desires. Well, this is not to get the definite answer as it merely to get the most and majority gist regarding such cliché question all over the world. In such cruel world, a cliché stereotype is- when you are involving your self in a business line then others or you yourself may have a second thought those who are running their own business will considered to be a “bundle machine of cash” to other or you yourself.Back to the story that I have , a friend of mine is being “a dummy” to a guy by lending sum of amount before reckoning the risk she may have at the end of the day. What’s a life tho. Such stupid cliché- “ you are the biz line people, then you will be the last opt for us when we are in the cul-de sec of cash flow? Depending to others rather than you get it by yourself. Doesn’t mean that while in biz line there would be “smooth and easy”. It is just that you have the capability to design what size of profit you want to have at the end of month compared to working line. Yet, the risk and tension are both collided when you are in biz line. That why they deserve to get the best of everything due to the ability to handle a huge amount of stress and the risk they will encounter throughout the biz journey.

So, the conclusion is,don’t ever take any advantage to the “dummy” and don’t be so proud to be a “dumper” coz remember, what revolves us involves us.

so beware of dumpper