4 December 2007

Back to school after a long break

Back to school…..

After 3 weeks I have been missing in action from UKM (hehehe) , here I come. I come to conquer and to redeem my joy of being a student. Seems that now I have my passion back to do a Phd. Now still working to create a career development instead of self development. Well, my current research area is about human capital development tho.Okies, just recap about what I have done these few days. Today (Monday) I woke up at 6am because I thought that I had an appointment with a dentist but then I was wrong as it supposed to be tomorrow which is Tuesday. Gosh, i remembered that I was so in vague impression while be in the counter and be informed that it was not today. I supposed to meet a dentist last month (1st week of November) but then due to some of their nuisance matters which upon to my stoppage visit. Not to blame them as I was informed by them but then at the split second they made a call, I was busy and hardly to soak up all those changing. Well, I will not nitpick more for that and they are too busy tho as dental services here are just like a hot cake but then thanks god it will not lead to the epidemic of the black market occurrence.

It has been a long time I didn’t not have my breakfast or lunch at Zar’s Bakery. It is one of the most happening food services at UKM due to its lighten up vibes and lavishness foods yet with evenhanded price. The second hot spot will be at the Nescafe Kiosk. Being at the Bakery remains me about my old those good times while in my undergraduate point in time however was not able to capture those moments as to busy with daily routines I guess. In fact, at that time my hand phone camera was not able to give a sharp image due to its low pixel fine-tuning. But then, those memories will not be confiscated by the times as every second we are heading to the next period of time. Oh, I just notice that it has new scrumptious meal which is ;-

I have no idea how to call it but it is so darn mouth-watering. It is just RM5. On the upper surface, it has melted cheese which is a bit crispy with some onions. The most temptation part is the inner surface which is rich with a fine cooked beef, tomato, pasta, and some other ingredients which I have no idea what are they but what I can say is, the so called- pasta may make u to drop while looking at it.

This is the more evil part to me.In my level of apprisal to the "evil" food, it has juicy meat and the inner layer is so superb to be tasted! I cant resist my seft to think twise either to take it or not (due to my diet plan and now am taking meat 3 times in a week and most of it will be vegetables). It is tempting my loyalty to my diet plan!It is so "nyaman" and 'mengenyangkan" as i took it for my "brunch and i was fulled till night". At night i took no meat for the dinner due to the "evil food".
I need to work hard to reshape this shape so it will look more muscler. Hitting the gym will not work out if the diet is not in a appropiate manner.hehehe.

As i am talking about food, so here we are. This is not from the bakry but then it is Marybrown's recipies. Nasik Ayam Marybrown si so delicious and the taste is so amazing while it comes to ur tounge. I like its soup and the sos. These make it more diffrent compared to Sugarbun, or any other nasi ayam types in any other fast food counters! Thumb up to Marybrown.

I went to a library today and it has been quite sometime I have not been there. I keen to have online journals rather that to have a book. Infact you can get it more faster and they are not that thick as a book. I just download and save it at my PC or else I will print it out at the faculty which is no cost at all. I was a bit blur when I been at the library. Lot of things have been revolutionized including the photocopy card. I intended to Xerox some journals but then when I entered my card then it was unaccepted so I referred to the counter and they told me that the new card will be released soon. OMG, how many cards we have to deal with? So I need to do in in a cash. 70 pages cost me in about RM 6.00. So pricey tho! Shame on me, coz I don’t really know about that. I felt that I was a new comer to the library. No worries, anything will get fine and I get used to it within a second.

I was so blur in few seconds but then i managed to get the pic with the so called academic sence!hehehe.

Well, I have no ideas what to nag about but then I try my best to update my blog day by day as I used to be before. Till then, thanks a lot to my silent readers if you are still reading for more. Oh ya, it is december now. So, am counting on a day which is so special to me. I like December so much not because of the Zodiak Emblem but then as it is the end of year so it makes me to recall back what i have done previously so this makes me more down to earth when it comes to make any decisions esepcially about the plans for the next year. OMG, am moving to the next age then. To those who will get marriage during this month, i am wishing all of you, happily ever after and this goes to my brother and my sister in law. To my friend, bread a.k.a teacher Siti Zuibaidah (wah macam nak panggil time perhimpunan je), i hope that you will have a healty baby and hope both of you will be fine all the way you are. I know you are counting on your due date to deliver. Congrates to you and your hubby. Hey, i miss our college times! Yeah, PPBL( school of language and linguistic) is rock as it is! Till then…..