16 November 2008

Spreed the love in the air

Hai peeps,

Happy Sunday to all of my silent readers. Today is a bit gloomy tho. In fact,I have been spending all my day from morning to evening at home, or to be exact, in my room. My housmates are busy outing with their couple. Pitty to me.I have not been in a track for almost 4days. So it means that i really really need to control my food intakes. Perhaps i need to take less then 900 calories per day if am not jogging, swimming or hit to the gym. So, i need cut less carbo and meat but put lot of vege in my meals. When i say a lot..it means too much tho. My buddies say that the foods i consume are almost alike to what the foods which are servered in a hospital. Nah, i dont really care, as long as i keep the shape and look fit and also attractive in the age of 25. As the age is increasingly, the body may have low metobolisme to diggest the food and that why, people keen to have a hike in their weight eventhough they take less food. By, taking less foods doesnt mean that it is an effective way to cut the wieght. You shoud cut less calories intake not the food. Knowing the calories for every food might be a bonus for you to loss your weight. I love vegetables and don't you ever say that vegetable is a "rabit's food". Pembuat kek was too busy for the whole week and in fact the weather is not really suitable for us to have outdoor activities. Today pembuat kek had her last paper so I had nothing to do while waiting for her for a lunch. Regrettably, pembuat kek couldn’t make it coz she needs to have a nap and rest. So we are be of the same mind to meet up in evening. As I have a promises to pembuat kek to help her to pack all of her stuffs. So, while waiting to meet up with her this evening, I am tryin' to engrave something on this blog. Yesterday, my internet connection was suck and it sucessfully fucked me up tho due to heavy rain. I was darn bored all day long( Pembuat kek couldn’t spend her time coz she has to do a final revision for the last paper). I went for Kajang to deal with my postpaid bil then while strolling around in a shooping complex alone, then something popped in to my mind. Why not I buy a gift to celebrate pembuat kek and her family coz she and her family will move to their new house. In fact, new year is coming, so I think that it is a wise idea to do “a whole sum” of gift for both celebrations. So I made a quick survey to all stores. But then nothing stroke my attention. So I called a friend of mine- Cecilia. She was my junior and also a dealer for aroma therapy things. The irony thing was, she completed her Master 1 semester earlier than me. She had a coursework modulebut mine was a coursework and research modul. So ,I bought a set of that particular thing from Cecilia. I made my way fast to home coz that time was almost 6pm coz i have a date with pembuat kek at 8pm.I wrapped it in a classy look.so here it is….Tadaaa…..

The Front Look

Side look

How does it look? So classy right? I wrapped it by using newspapers. The Star Newspaper occay. Still sounds alluring and glamorous. I used a purple ribbon to complete the touch of the warping thing. So finally, a complete touch with my armature warping techniques are shown to the surface. Yeah..so puas hati. A lady in an accessory stall helped me to choose what kind of ribbon suit to the newspaper look. I just want to have something which is classy and sentimental impression. So what kind of aromatherapy set I have bought? Rahsia k. But then, the cost of it is almost similar to a month salary for a fresh undergraduate. Even the wrapping looks cheap but the as the old saying says “don’t judge a book by it cover”. That what I told to pembuat kek. (Pembuat kek may read this post). Coz I was too rushed to warp the gift so I forgot to take a picture of it. Later I ask permission form pembuat kek to tak a snap of it. I hope the gift macth and suit the theme of their new lovely house. It is much better if the thing can make the shinning chandelier, which was choosen by pembuat kek looks luxury.

I took in about 40 minutes to warp the gift. It costed me a lot of time to choose a suitable newspaper backgroud to emerge the classy and elegant look. Well, after all are done, then i have a short rest and had my favorite drink (which is the favorite drink for pembuat kek too..so sehati dna sejiwa kononya) and here it is.....

It is a routine for both of us to have it after lunch and dinner. This is our favorite green tea with a lemon flavour. It has lot of benifits to have it. It helps you to reduce the calories intakes, reduce the ageing impact, and to avoid from cancer. I like green tea so much! Even my family also love green tea.You call should try it peeps for a better life style!

till then, have a nice day with a lovely heart in sunday evening fellas.

X0X0X, Josh