21 February 2008

Runaway Love-The absurdness of normal mentality

The absurdness of normal mentality

Absurdness?? What does it relate to??heheh..well, i use the word just for the sake of giving you a signal toward the reality of “human”. Okies, let’s to straight to the dirt.Yesterday, I talked to a friend of mine and we have talked so many things- under the sun, as there are lot of unravel things, this state of affair makes both of us have a predisposition to be loquacious. It was fun. One of the most electrifying topics that we have conversed about is about “an acceptance”. As he played the card to start the talk so flow was started with a topic “an acceptance” toward everything. Sounds general to talk about right? But the topic was calculatingly to be so in order we can dig and dig the topic until we find the underpinning of it. So, I love to scrutinize some ideas with those who really have a critical thinking in order to have some “give and take” – we learn something from them and so do they, from any discourse. So at the end I can map out what do I have in mind toward the reality. Ok, the conversation started like this-what do u understand about “an acceptance”. So my answer is, I will accept anything either in state AKA abstract or concrete chemistry, regardless any barriers as long as I can mingle and kindle some of “coziness” with the new elements that I have met. So, the chemistry that I refer to is-in term of thoughts and deeds. So his answers would go like this- acceptance + reason. As he mentioned, no reason we wont do nothing (this makes me think about cost benefit solution, hehe iklan kejap) For instance, to accept someone to be a friend, we might have some reason for friend-close or just “a friend”; for financial ; for fun and entertainment; and so forth. So, as he mentioned, most in human life (as I make it short into a conclusion) there is an approach 90 %vs 10% which means 90% of our daily routine including actions and thoughts are be in command of us. So this state of affairs can be sounded as “nothing comes for free”. If you failed in any friendship or relationshipp because of chaos or some stupid pleasants then, dont get easy to be alarmed and blame our destiny coz it not because of destiny unless we are talking about death and life! Even in relationship or friendship we hope some “feedbacks” in term of caring and concern! Even animals do have such so called chain toward each other in order to be safe and able to survive in a wild surrounding! So the morale of the story, even relationship with our parents is also controlled and we have a reason toward the acceptance about them because we come from them and our admiration should not be questioned for such relationship that we have with them. So the moral of the story, be nice to people who are really nice to you and be liberal to any circumstances that happened to you (am not including any nature orders here). Once you feel that your existence is not appreciated then do be that down but take it as a challenge in order to understand human’s obdurate toward some logic and about others’ feeling!so be there done that. Will come back with some issues to be shared with.Sometime your are bleeding and eating your inner side from your inside but just be positve at all time..Cheers! :) So, listen to this song and it's about "Runaway Love".Try to compherend the lyric and try to understand the nature of human and why sometime the world is so "cold" :)