18 March 2012

the power of visualization

You may have nothing.....

yet, you have something that others may don't have....

do you ever know that, 

a day mean a lot to most of us?

a day with a praise of the Lord for giving us a chance to be a better  person than yesterday?

if you feel that you are ugly by visualization, then 

look to your name coz it reflects personality,

don't treat world causes life seems to be unfair to you,

coz, there is or are people who judge you by what do you do that what do you reflect in the "beauty mirror"

Again, head up and the sky has no limit for you to "fly".....

how does this Sushi look to you?

could  it be ugly if you are about to eat it,

Yet i can be the  most cuties - art of craft, can ever be in this whole universe, as if you are judging it by "what it has been perceived by creators (sushi maker)

It is totally cute, isn't it?

See, the power of Visualization may conquer your logic state as well as emotion's cubicle.
Here, i'm leaving you guys, with some quotation from Men Health Magazine- a healthy way to have a good diet and plan your metabolism state!

How to Lose the Last 10
No matter what exercise you choose, there's only so much fat you can burn during, say, a 30-minute workout. And research shows that the better trained you become, the more your body's "exercise efficiency" improves—meaning the same amount of activity burns fewer calories as time goes by. For instance, University of California at Berkeley scientists determined that to avoid age-related weight gain, avid runners need to boost their weekly mileage by 1.7 miles every year.
So to lose the last 10 pounds, you have to think beyond how much fat you burn during your workout. Instead, focus on the amount you burn during the other 23 hours and 30 minutes of your day—while you're sitting at your desk, lounging in front of the television, and lying in bed sleeping. And to achieve this benefit, you need to hit the weights and do interval sprints. By knowing the right combination of sets, repetitions, rest periods, and exercises and the best method of cardio, you can create a workout that not only burns as many calories as a 4-mile jog, but, unlike that jog, also unleashes a flood of fat-burning hormones that stoke your metabolism for hours after you exercise. The result: Your body's fat-burning furnace runs on high all day long, even when you're sitting on the couch. Here's how to build the perfect metabolism-boosting workout plan, step-by-step.

Read more at Men's Health: 
Thanks to Men Health Magazine, for detail do pay it a visit then.

Cheers and XoXo
~  Si Murai  yang  murai tidak ramas buku sebab segan ilmu~
~Gunakan hak berfikir sebelum guna  hak bersuara~
~kalau teperlajar sila guna hak miranda~

*translation of the above and do read it between the lines*
~a magpie as it be and remains illiteracy with its myth than facts
~understand the right of thinking before you may say a word
~ you may think that you are "literal" hence don't ever try to lose the rule of logic which may maintain the sensibility of yours~

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17 March 2012

Let's coloring

Coloring….with your heart
We share the same colour of eyes (most probably with those common colours)

When we are talking about colour, it is kinda writing to me.

Yet, using colour as your words and heart as your “pencil and eraser” sounds not that easy as it could be.

Why?lets’ imagine if you may have ample of colours and they are blended like  yellow and white?green and blue?How about  we are going to interpret it without “eating our hearts. Let’s say we are using 1 method of writing using “hearts and colors”  all over the world. Hence, it may take time and mutual define toward everything.  Why this thing can be happened? This is due to the power of mind to differentiates itself with the rest. A flesh of meat  yet of has super powerful influence to govern each human being? So, another scenario is about to start, a voice or action overs than others. Probably I can say, we are talking about a same language yet different social class of using it. This is what happening in most of decision making as well as policy making. Come, we sit and have a peace of mind to tackle this thing. Nowadays, lot and lot of people are truly educated and this will make them the ability to interpret a thing in many ways( creative and innovative, as what this is the ideology of our school system). Bravo for this! Glad that am in that era to know and when I’m growing then I apply the creativity to my own business. Yet, it is kinda lack of something and probably the elements of being creative is not really solid in me. Meaning,  the flavor of creativities are not that up to the max as it is determined to be. No worry, ladies and gentlemen, there is still a room to improve this scenario.

When we are too creative, sometime other wont accept it and it is kinda weird and isolated to them. Rejection and objection are coming up and will those of creative will be able to cope with all this? Whether he will become more create or just holding back? Okies this sounds a bit foul for me yet do we really prepare this “the idea of tackling this” to your students across curriculum? Then, just a random thought, why those who are well educated fall apart at the end of the day as it could be in their life? totaly messy? Life is so challenging compared to before, isn’t it?. It is so cold out there yet lot of luxury coloring may put your consciousness and worriedness aside.  They need help and absolutely a help. Dont ever assume they can fix this “mess” by their own as when you are in a cul-de-sac, nothing can be seen clearly and at that point of time, your heart wont be able to replace the ability of writing alone the line, logically and sensibly. Moral of the story, teach our youngster to fish yet don’t forget to teach them how to hunt others which is totally not a fish as an ad hoc when the competiveness goes wild.

Again, can we really use our heart to write the meaning of colour?This will become a challenge to those Language teachers, isn’t it? Especially when they need to conduct LINUS to their students.

Well, happy school holidays to all students and teachers. Remember,  learn to fish yet learn to eat others too. A life should  be balance, build your foundation then no matter how far the storm may take you away, you still “sober” as before.

So, for testing on how sober are you, mind to read those colors with your heart. Caution: No emotion attached is embedded. ~Mata kita sama warna tapi tidak pada hati~


So, here, for testing, 

4 March 2012

Go and Fly a kite- a kite of you yourself

Holla peeps,

Now am watching those who are participating in Mentor.

It is good to have such a reality program show to tap those talented performer.The selection of candidates could be high yet still it's being mingled around with emotion state.That why it is kinda not really smooth there. Kinda a drama, instead. So that why i state "performer" rather than a singer.

To be a real performer ( nowadays, you must be multi-entertaining if you wish to survive in the "developing industry" i can say), doesn't require you to beg for teary eyes, fringle attitude of showing the inner side of you to gain respect rather than honour. Respect and honor are two difference things tho. Explanations: 1. You will get an honor if you "do more that you should receive- for Honor
2. You get the authority and power to make people accept who you are- for respect.

Pardon me for my humble gits, as there are just about to be developed thru time and space- that am living in. For sure, they are just a random idea to be argued! Without arguing, then it wont be developed for a good reason, am i right? :)

Reading from some good sources; successful people, really makes me understand the craziness of them.
For instance, why some of them, are good in school yet dropped. In few years later, they are making such a big value of money?

Not to mention, some of they, have been equipped themselves with good grade for a good "working prospect" yet leave it out and walk away? chasing something which is called as the absurdness to normal people yet brilliant in some sort of ways- how it can impacts your life and decision. The formula: do be so easy to leave your case to the world, walk and walk! So for that, i leave you guys with these wording:-

Where you are sending it up to nowhere it could be,
all at once you are lighter that air,
you can dance over the breeze; over houses and trees,
with you, holding it tight with your staring on your kite

Today, no Kite but i give you a wonderful of sweetness to be offered to you,by hoping that it can tame your hatred heart. If you found your self in a cul-de-sec,get back to the basic and enjoy this colorful sweeties of love.


3 March 2012

Brownie or Pinkie?

A cup of love or joy, people?

Where else can you find joy?

The wording of having a joy, is so absurd. None of us, human being, would be able to define it precisely; where it is accepted as a common agreement among the rest.Again, i ask, what do you wish to have for this tea break, ladies and gentlemen?A cup of love? Brown or pink?

Well, as for me, regardless you are male or female, jack or rose, Romeo or Julie, A or Z, or a character of mice or men? the meaning or joy can be seen by looking at you. By asking a person with this question” how do you feel today”? they you can see his or her rejoinder. Word can be manipulated by body language yet body language hardly be defined by word. Like, any words? Nah, it could be yes to others but how about the rest?. As for that, telecommunication is improving a lot, from the features of sending and receiving message or sms- just spill out the word of your mind and send it, graphic- any type of icon can epitomize the entire of your intention if you are care less to pay with your fingers with the keypads/ touch screen, and to the ability of sending media files- music can be represented in a way you wanted it be to wide-ranging of your entire message in wording context.Barvo to all these features, yet why we still hard to delineate what is the exact meaning of joy? Agree to an idea of saying the word joy won’t last yet an existing of it creates a divine imagery to someone’s heart. It could be me or you. As for me, I’m looking joy as it is represented by the face while someone is looking, hearing or touching a magical gift- could be a word - I love you, could be a picture- rise and shine in heart, or could be a gift- a honest gift which has above that all prices.

So, to people, out there, remember, if you are depress, or looking something which is a bit ecstasy then it may not come from other parts of world, indeed. It is within you. You yourself can program what you wanted it to be. As in marketing, how are we going to influence your buyers? In stead of consulting and negotiating with them, we CAN program them to what we wanted them to be. Many people know this state of affair yet less who really understand what it the meaning of “programming” them.

Till then, Life is once, and you make the difference to others, Cheer up and live to the fullest. Happy Weekend people. Make your seft glowing in any part of space, time and world, indeed.

“Apa yang kau buat, semestinya untuk dirimu dan untuk siapa lagi?…(whatever you do, unequivocally it is for you, if not you than who else?)

Come, cheeer up
- i got this for 14/02/12-

xoxoxoo, Josh