29 September 2007

Small reunion means a lot to me....

Small reunion with fantastic stories to be went halves

Today, I was woke up by my phone call and this is not supposed to be my “alarm clock”. Honestly, I will automatically wake up by my self after 6 hours of sleeping. My biological clock is set for 6 hours of sleeping only and it will have no conciliation of having extra time..hahah. College mates are here and they are coming down to KL without telling me. So I was like “in the worst way” to get my self clean in a very short time as they are rushing to hunt some places. They are spending their time off to recuperate their “old good days when they were still a student’. Lucky for me as am not in the same group with them, I mean for this time being.

Gosh, how I really love the times we had together and it was 2 years back. The time where we never give up the ship when we lost in the middle of KL , especially at the night. Heading to somewhere without specific location. We were too bad in driving at that time as all of us dare to bet our time to have “try and erors” for finding direction. So taunt and heroic. Bazir minyak kete je. Doing practical jokes among each other, especially during April Fool. They are not just a joke tho. Friendship is the theme for such thing to be sounded as a jovial commemoration.

So, I do hope that they will keep all good days from not getting into thin air, as I do still keep them with me. Memories are considered as a precious measurement to quantify our self about how deep is our exploration toward the universe. Memories of being in this unique universe are too personal as we have poles apart of category , qualities, matchless and remarkable of the life experiences while we are still breathing under the great sun.

I received a good news and one of my very best friends will get engage end of this year. I am glad for the news. K.Stoney, if the news is true then I wish you trillion of cheerfulness and contentment buddy. Nah, sometime I am green with envy when hear such news. The envy comes from my part tho.I wish i can turn back time and get the feel of having"bed of roses" when you know you have someone special next to you. Holding the time too much will kill you, yet it is a must to evaluate you and your spouse for the sake of goodness. Well, that is the rule of the universe- as we are created to this world we need to love, hold, touch and breath the air of love from someone we wanted to be with. Just a crap of mine. Besides, What Beyonce has been citing in her verses- dangerously in love, are all true, indeed! Tomorrow, My mates asked to hook up for “wayang” time. I threw my suggestion- horror movie is the menu for tomorrow. Cant wait to be there and start the things we have left for few years back, all over again. Well, my dear Sunday, here we come. Will update this blog more with some other stories just stay tune if you all are reading for more.

X0x0X Josh..