10 November 2010

quick questions

holla readers...

as some of you may read my entries, humbly i would like to say " thanks for ur times and attention" to each of my entry.

Well, as writing is about my personal ego so i engrave the ego in a more easy way- no nagging no swearing and no body language will be interluded.

Basically, via writing will enable me to have self reflection to what am i holding now- normally it is about the ideology and philosophy that reshape my personalities.

Occay, enough said. Now, as am in costumer line, i to a certain extend to have problems to handle with a good negotiation and marketing skills when i happen to meet new arrogant yet potential clients. What would you do if you may happen to such state of affair?
Basically. am not from business education background and counselling philosophy tho. So, i am humbly really need your feedback regarding to what action and skill or tips i should take note in order to have the guts to have an effective way to do some follow up skills, negotiation and meeting skills- especially when i am in the regime of so-called cold hearted clients?

Any suggestions you may email it to me or just shot me with your ideas and comments this entry. Your concern and responsiveness are very much appreciated.

xoxox, Josh