21 May 2011

personal words come along with personal imagination

There is a new perspective to motivate our self to walk strongly thru the life pave.here, i am sharing something with you as you are walking thru my writing.

Talking about perspective, what do you really have in mind?

So many things will be popped out to the mind literally and it is a hard judgment to see which plays a vital roles in your consideration analysis. Well, that is a must for us.

Okies people, what is In your mind lately?

Mine? A bit chaotic as am currently upgrading and making myself conversant with auditing software; a story to have a beautiful report by using an intelligent software .Within a week I need to master both auditing basic terms and auditing software which are not really my forte. Yet, i was from Economic school when i was in form 4 and 5 up till when i was in Form Six.Count on me for Macroeconomic subject then.hehehe. Gosh, Shakespeare, Robert forest,Emilly, Anna Tan and other English literature wiritng are not in my head anymore. Gone as the wind of change swipe 'em away.

Yet, just count on me then we can see how I manage to get all these things in my fingertip.How messy is my mind?here are some proofs.

same pictures yet being represented in different ways and styles

Today, I came earlier to the office and thanks to my big bos coz we have enough facilities and supports. The most I like is the pantry we have as it always jam-packed with food, junks food to be precise even though i only like the green tea or other teas very much. If fact, the wifi is darn so fast tho! Less using my own broadband.

Well, new environment and new experience make me more matured and be able to cope with some influences and changing. Currently,as the post that am become a commercial player for an audit software (those who are auditors, come and see me if you are hunger to get a new way to do audit effectively), so it is a must for me to master some implementation aspects of audit software. Am the merely guy who plainly cant speak in mandarin so every day I made-up my self to be an English-man then.hehehe. Presently, am in JB now for the sake of studying yet after get my self easy to slot in to some or perhaps few insight about my profession scopes .

Cant wait to be back to Kuching this end of month, probably, and I need to stay back until 2nd june before I can get my self a break coz I need to update some plans and also roadshow agenda for my consultancy with friends not to mention about kek lapis(Sarawak layer cakes and this is the most popular cakes in Sarawak, Malaysia to be exact) supplying and also fresh prawn catering.

So many things on my sides yet I am happy with that..i like bussy! Be in JB for 2 weeks is a worth to me as I can walk around with pembuat kek and also we spent time together in a very evocative way. Pembuat kek and I went to Kota Tinggi tho. Attribute to her. Xoxoxox to u, a lovely Pembuat Kek.

Well, as I have nothing to be engraved here yet I want to show you something. Well, I get back again to you later on then. If you happen to wonder if the drangon's balls are really exit, here is one of the balls i have while walking in a lonely road, a road which is not taken by any other chances.

Till then, xoxox People