29 July 2007

Just a view

Don’t make u to be Fooled

This is not to be called as advisory parental coz it can be happened to anywhere, including You. Okies, maybe because of my dark side makes me to say such ghastly AKA dire but yeah, what you have learnt before will help you to “sharpen” your visionary to see anything around you, unless u are aimed to be such a submissive creature. Okies, this intro seems to be “not down to earth “ huh? To make this ideology sounds short, my friends and I went to Titiwangsa to have a great twilight while watching the some people who were really know how to enjoy the “weekend night” (most working people will be very happy for this). Hey, am not saying that people who are not thinking about “Titiwangsa” in the 1st place are dumb for not being there. I am talking about people who really been there for “enjoy” than making some sort of “home (bed time) time spending” I guess you all know what am trying to talk here , right? Oh ya, taking about The Eye on Malaysia, I am totally disagree with the provided toilet as it is not that pretty expediency enough on term of hygiene and “assessable”. It is too far to be ceased ! As the place is the focus of Tourist then it should be pretty convenience in term of hygiene and fulfill the basic needs. It is not merely to have a nice ambience! Well, have nothing to nag here. By the way, I do have a nice Video Clip for you which is from Gym Class Heroes. I love em’ so much. Man the lyric is darn Goosebumps. Till then, take care :


x0x0x0x Josh

20 July 2007

My top 10 fav music- and they are still

My Top ten Fav Songs during 8years back

Hai peeps, today, I would like to share with you my most wanted songs when I was still in my schooling period. It is nice to listen and compelled them together here by using the blog. Utilize the facilities that we have now to make them suit to us in term of "life, hope, and long journey that we have and still long way to go - adapted from a walk to remember) Have all of them into 1 shoot is so awe-inspiring for me as I myself can have my “those old days” back. What's more, i can simply sync the song based on my requirment and needs tho! Well, memory is something personal to you and u have the right to have it from any cost! Okies, just cut the crap and let have a look to some of the video clips. Shall we?


(from 5ive- Until the time is through. This nice and the wording is so superb)


(also from 5ive, and this is so touching. They were split up after having is album. I have this ablum tho! i mean the orginal one)


(this is from Step, i have this Cd too. My mum bought buy this for me when i was 18 for my besday present.hahahah..sounds cute isn't it? Well, what can i say from this video clip? Okies, i love the wroding, the melody is so placid, the coustom and especially the dance! i wish i were there..having such dance and custom..hehe. I love these lyric " but my heart just can hold back, it is the way u make me feel,i love u anyway how i can i walk away,i'm gonna make u mind, it is not impossible, i wont hurt no body as u r belong to some else but my eart cant hold back)


(this is from ABBA, Dancing Queen. Nice and their harmony is so superb. i adore them so much!)


(by Sade- by ur side. Nice ambiance and i love the sence of the video clip. Well, if u really can comprehend the lyric and the melody of the song then u will know WHY sade seems to be a fairy tale lady which is represented in the most peripery way!)


(From Vitamic V- Graduation (friend Forever). gosh..am missing my friends so much...well, i managed to ask they to think about reunion ..my SPM, STPM, and Bachelor mates..huhu. i am speechless when am in the department to put these in the line especially something about this song! well, i will get back to u when i have soemthing i mind! So awefull and awesome! Okies, listen to this song ..will ya)


(boyzone- i love this so much. Sound light and a bit eassy. But i never take a light hearing while cathing thier words...Gosh, this song has my HEART!! Agian, am speechless...will give u back with some commens and views regarding to this Video Clip. Overall, this is "jaw -dropping" song!! Listen to the last phrase and verse of this song then u will knoe what am i talking about..no matter what!)


(Andy William...i love his version. When i was in my Ba, my group used this song for our English literature fest..wel,, Sze Ling (script) and Adline (song arrangment, if i not mistaken)... both u have the idea of creating the world of student literature...) Well, i love my Group (Group 2)..guys u are in the memory of mine..heheh)


( This song is of the A walk to remember 's soundtrack. Nice movie tho! I heard this song when i was in secondary school but then t it has my heart when i watched the movie, then i can feel the repercussion of this song and its lyric..the word i feel so touching when Mandy says "do not to have a reason to be agnry with god")


( Taken form armagadon 's sountrack..I dont want to miss a thing..cool..it is so superb and splendid. I have no word to espress who much i love this placid melody and tune..gosh..i Dont want To mIss this Song even the days and years pass by......)


(Darren Hayes, i love his debuts. I was about to put some of his song here , i mean in this blog but then i worry if it will come to the contradicton to the "above topic". If i put all of em' here, so this blog should change it tite to "more than 10 fav songs..hhuhuhu i wont do that) Overally, Go Darren..u have my word to be the star man..go and go ...power rangers....hehehehe (should i say power rangers here?well i used to love em' before but now seems that the series is scuk...)

People, if u cant click the stated links, then do copy em' and open them in a new window. Sorry for the inconvinince.

till then, Njoy pees....

oh ya..lst but not least..try to watch this Video clip...(extra 1 video clip as u manage to listen all 10 of them..hehe) so, here we go;-


x0x0x0 Josh

17 July 2007

4 a man with a new fresh pride

Words Women

Use Fine This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

Five Minutes If she is getting dressed, this is half an hour.

Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given 5 more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. Nothing

This is the calm before the storm. This means "something" and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with "nothing" usually end in "fine".

Go Ahead This is a dare, not permission, DON'T DO IT! Loud Sigh Although not actually a word, the loud sigh is often misunderstood by men.

A "Loud Sigh" means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing".

That's Okay This is one of the most dangerous statements that woman can make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

Thanks This is the least used of all words in the female vocabulary. If a woman is thanking you. Do not question it, just say you're welcome and back out of the room slowly.
These are didicated to all Men and who seek for a help, or to the Women who know for a laugh.







9 July 2007

Who is the big boss?

Who's in Charge?

All the organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who the one in charge was.

"I should be in charge," said the brain, "because I run all the body's systems, so without me nothing would happen".

"I should be in charge," said the blood, "because I circulate oxygen all over so without me you'd all waste away."

"I should be in charge," said the stomach, "because I process food and give all of you energy."

"I should be in charge," said the legs , "because I carry the body wherever it needs to go."

"I should be in charge," said the eyes, "because I allow the body to see where it goes."

"I should be in charge," said the rectum , "Because I'm responsible for waste removal." All the other body parts laughed at the rectum and insulted him, so in a huff, he shut down tight.

Within a few days, the brain had a terrible headache, the stomach was bloated, the legs got wobbly, the eyes got watery, and the blood was toxic. They all decided that the rectum should be THE BOSS.

The Moral of the story?

The as$hole is usually in charge !!

Josh xoxoxoxo

“We are primitive, young, yet believe in freedom”

“We are primitive, young, yet believe in freedom”

I quoted the above heading from Optimous Prime’s Line. Nice line, indeed. Watching Transformers is not merely to adore and being keyed up because of the surrounding and upshots that u can trace from the film. Value laden, out form the physical and facets line, can be comprehended by the words clearly. Dot be too cheap to accept a story because of its “drama”. Look beyond that. The moral of the story, as optimpus says, human is primitive, young and many things to be learnt, so we need to work and amalgamate together in order to be “mature” than young in term of acquiring something new! No fighting and be able to “survive” as a mature human. Acting like grown-up people but think less than that may mean nothing than something. Correct me if I am wrong. My apology will follow any discontent from this reading! Yeah, we always pay attention to people who are keen censure that western movies is too “trash” and not good for kid because of the action- war, to cannibal I guess, and “budaya kuning” aka Crap. Okies, if u go to any seminar or symposium or colloquium, then they gossip about globalization, the keen to talk this and that ( those Crap” by saying that” I guess their movies are too much, to harsh, “fetid” like asshole, kissing and “fCuking” (am not referring to fucking here, fCuking can be pre-fucking I guess..haha, and I my self delineate this as the gift to show the sense of libidinous!) Because we are too young so should we not to have those crap! Will this ensure u will have first-rate moral then? Not all people are open to the sense of broadmindedness of those craps. Well, am here not to judge people but then just to open this up for ur attention so we can have a good reciprocate here..lot more positive than negative objections! Okies, if we cut those crap, then what will we see? Those “craps” represent what happen to this world, ladies and gentlemen. Use this opportunity to know the entire world, above all if we are too broke to get a flight to voyage all over the world. Yeah, people love to frown on of the bad things of others but for themselves ?who will?do they allow people to do so to them? Okies. just use the "freedom" that we have as we are elastic than those "transformers" to go further and further if cant agiant the cozy zone but am not asking u all to agiant the nature oder!heheh.Do based on ur limit but not that let ur limit to decide it for u. Byu the way, ask this question to ur self, are u live for ur limit or ur limit lives for u?Overall, I love buble bee..Cute and nice. Haha, especially when he is lubricating the police (I will change the term pee to “lubricate”). See, I learn new use of word here. Okies then I have nothing to nag here. Will cater you all with more hot and spice issues.

x0x0x0 Josh
Uncompleted mission - Another X-file

There are so many things to be shared here. Uncompleted?What is that? Okies, first and foremost, i just would like to let u know that this blog has been written on Sunday but then because of the heavey thunder (out of blue am thinking about thunder cat, one of my fav cartoons when i was a kid and we (my childhood frends and i used to struggel among each of us because we were so fractic to be the heros!), and i have just managed to continue with my blog this evening which is at 7.25pm. Gosh this was really uncompleted misson and it is interrelated to the topic above. Well, what I can say, today (saturday and even this monday-as i said i have managed to post this blog this evening) is a very frantic (bukan hari2 kata letih ke?). Let the story begin, shall ya? Here we go......Once open the time at................I went to Seremban 2 at 9am, then managed to get back to the room at 2pm. Have a nap then woke up at 5pm. Christ made a call and asked me to to join her and odde to have sate kajang. Having satey Kajang at that time was not in my 1st menu as i intended to have jog with my friend and this was my reaction when they tried to ask me to join them.

At 6pm Christ and odee came over to take me to have Sate Kajang. However, Christ and odde managed to pledge to go out by showing me their appetize toward saty kajang. I guess both of them can be a good mascot to promote the sate all over the world...(christ and odde, pak, embak, maaf-in ya).Okies the blow pic was how both of them tried to presuade me to have sate kajang with them.So lurcative and mouth-watering right? (pic 2)

Then, at 7.30, I got a call from a friend of mine. Miss the person tho. Well, “u take care then”. Okies, at after “sate-ing, at Hj. Shamsuri’ s restaurant, then we were heading to My place as I needed to change my myself – am not talking that I will transform into “transformers” occay. That is too much to say that am one of transformers members ;) . Okies, cut the crap. After I have done with my “changes” so we drove to Putrajaya- Cyberjaya with the intention to see – Pentas Ikon. As stated in a newspaper, the show will be started today (as christ’s said)Then, god damn it, the show was over last 2 days (wed) so hardly to admit the statement that we are late for the show! Okies. This is so unfair. Based on chrits’s elucidation, As the newspaper said the show will meet the public tonight, so it could be nice to be there as the entrance is at no cost. However, the newspaper said the show will be on air tonight (it has been recorded) as it was not on the air during the day it was held! So poignant right?Okies, let me show u what will i do if i am darn fcuking angry. Psst....Am not trying to bluf u but then please dont get confuse when u see the below pic coz if u just see if for 1 sight then u will tought that is the Fantastic 4 is using his "ideas" to have such fims. What u dont believe me?okies, just have a look by urseft (pic 3)

See, can u get what am trying to tell ya'? heheheh..okies cut the crap, just get back to the line ya. Still we felt that we are cheated by the media and we didn’t really contented by this statement, so we went to “the palace of justice” as in pic 4.

Well, this should be a great lesson for us and those who are so excited to hound such show; moral of the story we need to be able to read between the line! Which is between the language in context (ad) and the metalanguge of the “reading material”. Okies I noticed about this (as in pic 4). Thanks god i chrits managed to get her seft calm down, if not the she automatically will turn into sailormoon..ceh...just because of the posing with the new T-shirt..awuuuuuuuu.Sounds hot ya.shake 2 a bit bebe.. So, odee, "what say you"? (ahaks, this phrase is so Malaysian English). So, christ, we are waiting what "frank" responds will odee give to u..I guess from the upper top look,it is quite nice how about from the lower back? ;p

Oh ya fellas, I have just got an invitation from my ex-students(diploma program) to attend their leave-taking party next week (as in pic 5).

It is quite finicky when some one remember about you and this show that at least there are some people think about u instead of ur parents. So, I have no idea why some people not be glad about their “ability to live”? This so pathetic when u try to deal with commit suicide for nothing. Yeah, I do understand that some people are born to be asshole! Talking about suicide, I have a song for you all and this is not about suicide at all but then it is about the feeling of a boy when he tries to recall back his “grandmother’s story” about what love means to him. Nice one, so Mr. Kingston, show me if u r kicking buddy :


Okies, yesterday I found one of my students work. I found it is quite amusing to me..u know why? Okies, I gave a quize for them, then I asked them to construct a simple sentence (compound complex sentence) by using some given words. Okies, refer to pic 6.
He wrote “ Computer has many current” . okies people, please don’t lau
gh at my students okies as they are in their 1st semester! (even though was laughing while marking it). But he has potential (as what Paul Moss always says) because he was so active while in my class. Some students sound good in speaking especially those who are from KL and Klang Vally and some of them got A2 in English. However, in term of interpreting liner and non-liner text, even summarizing, they are still critical. I have no idea how they can get such result in SPM. Well, that is what we have now. Exam oriented than flexibilities and capabilities to be more practical in real context. But then when they come to workplace, this can be hard for them. A friend of mine, he has 3.6 CGPA, but I got my job 1st than him. Well, the world is cold to some of us as it is not that temperate all the time.Well, there are some many factor for you to get a job which I can see, most of them based on your character, expriences and the ability to persuade! Correct me if am wrong but if i am, then prove it to. I was teaching Public Speaking and Business Communication for both degree and diploma program using UUM’s modules. So I have credit to persuade and persuade people, u giess. okies, let me have the floor to presuade ya (test market la) .."mari abg mari akak..beli2 RM 10 I longgok"..hahaha..well, cut the crap will ya.. Till then, I leave u with my fav song by mercy gray- she is so beautiful with her voice and I love the way she hits her high and low notes which so relax ! Forthrightly speaking, I love hear hair seems that the hair is like wild beast, Ziff, if u are reading this, then i am giving ur credit here buddy as am mention ur name (Who can smell what "Wild Beast " gonna do to u?Thanks for being the pioneer for the term ya~..ahaks.. yet it is fcukin hot! I coloured my hair , lately. So sometime I do feel that am having lion’s hair.hahah..the insignia of being Hot dude I guess, ~kidding~ So enjoy ya!

~ not to gain social status here as u ca see the title "Mr" over there. This is taken from the invitation card that has been given to me. If u think am "blueeye" for this then i prove u r absolutely wrong. Just wait till i get my "Dr." soon.hehehehe.~kidding~

6 July 2007

Is life sounds cazy?

Crazy life but it makes my world from nothing to something!

Hi fellas, the weather is a bit temperate, could be around 36 Celsius – I’m referring the environment in my room, not that hot and not that humid I guess. So nice and this can be a cool motivation to patch up the bad mood (gloomy) that I have. Okies, was too tired last night. I went off to bed around 1am. Mind you, that it was quite earlier ya. So I ended up around 830am, today. Am listening to Michael Bubble” Everything. The song sounds pretentious to me. Even it sounds simple in wording but then it can inspire you enough. What ever it is, I guess u should try to listen to this song.


Listening to this song, I am so keyed up.Hehe, yeah nice huh but then seems that Bubble drunk in this concert. What ever it is, he has the great sound as Beningfield, Blunt, Neo and to some few names. Okies, today not that chaotic and hectic to me but then I took quite a long nap coz the mind was get squeezed . Yeah after this will help my friend to move out. Well, at least I can sweat out and also no tense. Oh ya, I have nice a unique song tho :Rock Steady by All Saints. The video clip seems to be weird but then believe me, it has a very great " unravel meaning” inside the video clip. Okies, here we go:


Some people couldn’t get the video but u can simply notice that it talks about social segregation- Black and white aka Money and penniless , rich and poor, clean and dirt. Okies, am going to talk about this overtly so I let this to ur own contemplation. U can notice that those who are in the bank (in the video) are well attired and intricate- social segregation. So this can tringle something to ur head. The title rock steady- might give u some ideas which come to facet as the “silent” boy is just a trick who is a “silent” killer of “drama” and this can embody the idea that never look down on those small things around you as they are more resilient than you are. In the real world, be ware of those small problems that may kill you time by time. Once u grasp it, then no use to be repentant. This may sound like cancer but then might be poles apart in other representation of the way both of them show aggression toward human’s epidermis but at then end u can feel the pain. Just picture this, in the beginning of the video clip, you can see that a boy looks darn mercy but then none of them give him an attention – the old woman fawns at him and she never expects that at the end of the day the boy gets what she has. In this video clip (as u can the beginning of the song, u can see the word “ all sinners”. The Girls (All saints) and the boy is the angle of death-Come with white but restored some black passion toward those human with the aim- we will take what u have. In this video, you can see that the blood over the white..” the black blood, indeed. What does this mean to you? i wont tell my intepretation as i need urs to re-shape to what am saying here. Nice thing to be awared off.Try to ask yourself , does ur cozy living is based on other misery? So, no wonder it the “dark” comes to you with the “blood” too. Or this can be sounded as sacrifices? Scarifies other heart? This sounds pathetic am I right? To get what you want is to scarifies something that might have value – blood is the emblem of birth (is the birth is a great value to you?); no blood no life occay! Mean taking other blood is aslo taking other life? People thing red might be taboo and ot may people can stand with its smell (so do i) but then, they never know how imperative is it to the circulation of human’s ( or might be other creatures) generation. So this can be the symbol of living? symbol love? Okies, why we keen to color or image that when we are talking about love we will draw the shape of heart in red even sometime it will be pink (most of the time, instead of black or yellow?So, if the “red” is taboo to ur feeling, why we need to show our valentine in the red way?may be some people may do this. Now relate the important of blood to human, to organ and anything else that can bring u life or anything that u think can bring u to "life" and "live". It is valuable right? Taking other “blood” will give u pleasure? In the sense that, to get the best we need to sacrifice others? So people, beware of what u have as many thing u will get then no harm to give. Mind you. This can be seen as the groups sinner and saint (human keep on thinking that they are much better than other so they keen to forget than this world is not that flat as they think) are fighting to get the idea of “timeless”. In this idea of timeless- there is a big paradigm to be shared with as these two groups are having common ground- life and death. So appreciate what u have and to end this up, enjoy the song (by clicking the link below), this may give u a space to remember who have u hurt and people that might need space to get out from interaction or toher functional ideologies. The theme of what am talking about is - Soceity is the weapon that may harm other life and this can be similar to what Durkhem(antprologist) says- ANOMIE. People get kill becuse of their society. So the "sucide theory" come to the facets. Well, am not having antropology as my background of studies but i do read some of its books as it has strong relation to Development Science which is my major. How u can have a good development project if there is no strong basis between human with the chances (projects,landscape, enviromental, spatial surrounding and technologies) as inside the human's norm there are so many complictions and less intergrity as thi leads to "polarization" in any levels of human's pramid. Well, what i can say is, appreciate life as it is shot and never underestimate other because they are too small so u can take for granted from them. Till then, crazy life is a joy as everything under the sun is crazy. The more crazy u will see, the more critical ur mind get to scrutinize it. Clik the link below and see how people in the video show their "true" sympathy to others as we can notice that some of them are pretending to be look good in the video but some of them are really frank.Okies, excuse me ladies and gentelmen, over as i need a room to breath..

Xoxoxoxo, Josh


1 July 2007

Let me go home...

Drink to me only with thine eyes,

And i'll pledge with mine, Or leave a kiss but in the cup and i wont ask for wine,

Let's not ndrink , let's just sit here,

and look ech other,

or put a kiss inside my globet , and and i dont want anything to drink.

Hai people, before we go further i just want you to click the link below (a song my micheal Bubble) and read the above poem. After than try to comprehend the lyric of the song then see how close the song and the above poem to your. Can u be a bridge for me? Then throw out ur intepretation then to see how far you and i can go to "vessel" this blog..i want to go home..seems that there is a chaos that i really be at home and feel alienated here!! (the above pictucre can represent the way to be a home and it shows a boy need a way to go home to find himseft in the million of eyes within the cold and flat world..the way is at the back of him so will u lead him to his real paving of life (home)? Dare you to help him as this can be a pricelss gift for him during this "frendship day?Sometime this can be sounded as hybridity , parody or something. Most English Postcollonial literatures will sound like this!fuh(it is just a sight) this is a title of a song..really nice to shared and heard...This song is so lovely..really nice in wording.Sounds mellow.This song remainds me about someone. Gosh it has damn placid tune tho! Feel wanna to cry when i come to the line "a million people i still feel alone... but im still wanna go home..." Gosh, it has my heart! I have just chatted with a friend of mine..we talked the past memories when the age was about to see why some people are sad in the midst of night (in this song, night can be represented by the term " am too far" as night is remote (far) from the reality), crying in the middle of laughing (refers to ther term "life " and "dream" as both sound joy) and shouting in the end of joy (refers to term "paris"). Well, listening to this song will make someone down to earth without any question for more!Humble is the way to scrtunize the verse of this song! Well, if you try to grap the terms to what am saying, so u need to go along the verses. I bet people who can feel the unravel semantic values in this song can get their tears out!till then, put ur hand up togeter with me to renjoice the song and give me ur holla so i know that we are in the same 'shoe" Enjoy the song fellas.Josh,

Another summer dayHas come and gone awayIn Paris and RomeBut I wanna go homeMmmmmmmmMaybe surrounded byA million people IStill feel all aloneI just wanna go homeOh, I miss you, you knowAnd I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to youEach one a line or two“I’m fine baby, how are you?”Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enoughMy words were cold and flatAnd you deserve more than thatAnother aeroplaneAnother sunny placeI’m lucky I knowBut I wanna go homeMmmm, I’ve got to go homeLet me go homeI’m just too far from where you areI wanna come homeAnd I feel just like I’m living someone else’s lifeIt’s like I just stepped outsideWhen everything was going rightAnd I know just why you could notCome along with me'Cause this was not your dreamBut you always believed in meAnother winter day has comeAnd gone awayIn even Paris and RomeAnd I wanna go homeLet me go homeAnd I’m surrounded byA million people IStill feel all aloneOh, let me go homeOh, I miss you, you knowLet me go homeI’ve had my runBaby, I’m doneI gotta go homeLet me go homeIt will all be all rightI’ll be home tonightI’m coming back home


Hai friends,

Lot time for me not to update my blog..
Well, there are so much thing to be mentioned here..but then, let’s go one by one..
It is 2.39 in the morning..Sunday morning. Well, am a bit energized today because one of my friends gave me a buzz today. Erm. Talking about “friend” I have no idea when is the exact date for this but only 1 think I really understand when we are in the department of thinking about this date..for me every time is considered as friendship day. Well, to all my friends out they, I wish u all with a happy day ahead and trillion of bright stars will follow ur way and shine ur paving of life. Okies, I have just done with browsing some slots of One In A million and I have voted for Dayang. Not to say that I ma into ther that much but because of her talent. Suki is not that bad tho as she is a new performer so she deserve to be considered as new talented celebrity. To judge her over than she is supposed to be as other pro singers is not that fair for me! She is a novice ya! Okies, here is one of Dayang’s slots that I really enjoyed so much. Not because of the title- button off, but the they way she represented her seft in the song! Well, fellas, am catering u with lot of Video clips so here we go….


till then, X0x0Xx0x, Josh