10 February 2011

ABS- racadabra

hai there...

It is at 1am in the morning and yet i still wide awake. Today, i am having my off day so most of the time i will do my consultancy. NO STUDENT ALLOWED for today occay?
Meet clients, guests and customers are my daily routine after teaching and also a part of re-studying some logical skills which used to be my substitutes after graduating form Campus.
Well, these state of affairs must be " busy like a bee" for those who may not be in the "same shoe" as mine. Well, i am used to it. No pain No gain tho.

Occay, yesterday was quite pack for me,. Back from teaching at 5.30pm then i headed to our therapy center at 6 and then mingled around for a dinner then ( i was a little bit being influenced by beers) and Thanks Ocsar for the threat. So, any one is near to Kuching would like to buy goats, do keep in touch with Oscar as he is an entrepreneur of goats.

Today, out of blue, i miss my parents and family at home. I do really wanted to be next to them, well due to my limitation so i cant break it thru. It is just a matter of time and i will be at home once my deals are synchronized and back in tune.

I know the best to walk the talk, trust me. Surprisingly, this early year promises a very good kick start for this "year of rabbit" and i hope every single luck will be poured and hooped like a rabbit tho. For me, everything seems to be in line, is projected in the array of placid rhythm of life and i hope this will not just a session point" to us.

During Chinese New Year, it gives me a sweet imaginary to
be captured in my mind and sing along the happiness flow of life during such day with my full of heart contents, Gosh, at least i wont feel homesick coz my family they do celebrate Chinese New Year for the first time ever in our history,. To my Bro0- in law, welcome to our territory. Well are looking forward to have it again in next other times. Well, i managed to keep my self no to become a food binge . A pat on my shoulder tho. Okies people i sure after this celebration, some of you might feel that - you are having self guilty pleasure and you may need a sort of fitness remedial . Okies, come and let' s we shout this magic phrase " ABS-racadabra"..

So, do you feel satisfy enough with what you have look? do those pictures help get back you you ass to work back on your abs? well, those pictures rather inspiring tho. Keep up the good work then you will get ur result in nick of time as long as you tight you self to ur healthy and workout regimens.

till then,

Truly enjoy your day ahead people.
xoxox Josh

* when PB asks for "cheese" so i show her what i got....