13 July 2010

What is…..for what?

What to write for today’s entry?
Few days back, I used to insist on myself to do blogging that the only way for me to activate my brain to get alert to my surrounding and also helps me add to my literacy skills, which is more to writing context. Time passes so fast and I cant believe that I have been in Kapit for a week. Most probably I will not come down to Kapit on the next following month. What’s a life.
During this “sweet and lazy curfew” I have spent my days to be in house, watching Geographical Channel and enjoy the World Cup..a part of that I am struggling to read a book ( In the lands of winter) which I bought 3 years back and until now I still in the chapter one. Sounds so pathetic right?
Will do some recaps regarding the book after I completed my reading…
1.What is the most movie I like during the “ curfew” is “ P.S. I LOVE YOU”..MSR…I dedicate the movie for u to feel and understand…
2.What is the most exciting “sweating activitiy” to me is “ jogging”
3. What is the most weird I have done during the curfew is “ being an owl regardless during rainy or at the midst of night”..Deco lan, u got this
4.What is the most enjoyable night during the curfew is “meeting up with my team and discuss about how far is the future from us”
5. What is the most uncanny yet bracing to me during night is “ xoxox” ( blueekkk)
6. What is the most hardest thing for me when the curfew is ended is “ I need to give a goodbye wave to those who I miss and those who will miss me till the end…hehe”
7. What is the most pathetic I have done during the curfew is “ I forgot the most important day…it is pembuat kek’s birthday..i am so ashamed to my self. I will never beg for exoneration for such chaos I made.
8. What is the most full of beans to me during the curfew is” playing and entertaining my neice”.
9. What ever is happening, where ever I go, my team and my cycle of friends will always be with me and that is the coolest thing happens on the earth, at least for me.

So, to all of u my readers…what is …yours then?
Remember…Life is full fo question and for better and for worse…”YES” and only you can get the answers..
p.s " our list for 'what is" will go on and on.......so enjoy it
Till then, xoxoxoxo Josh