1 April 2013

SURVIVE is a Constructively Illusion

The title may sound bewildering to you, gentle readers. Currently, i am reading a book called" The survivor club by Ben Sherwood. Reading the book makes me smile. A though that i can engrave in this entry. Apology me for such constructive state: Survive is a constructively illusion. Apology is just  an  euphemism for the taboo ideology of death and life. Occay, let's make this straight: A warm breeze of disaster ruffles the clam state of your endurance and survival repertoire. In this case, what will you do?Seek and hide?or hide your self for "unknown" length of time? Such state may invoke you a question: why do some people live and others dies? how do some bounce back from uncertain adversity while others collapse to fight back?  This will create a "never ending" analogy to you and me. Don't you agree?

A survivor may be different from you and me  especially when we are in the state of overwhelming odds. Personally, i do have some issues towards "overwhelming odds" in live. A personal state where i find i lost, incapability to bounce back, became panic and unravel when being profoundly tested by life. A big question in the head" all of these are for real or for learning to stand strong?or if i cant then i am dying. Holly crap,this will not be me. I am lucky or i can say, "just" so lucky as i never ever "literally" faced odds. Raised up in  moderation ways as when i was in my childhood. I bet, the resilient factors of me are not really constructed yet. Till i was in my early 20s where i had a thought i want to be someone different. This is so not me coz, even in school, i was a moderate student and my competitive was not even traced by any cutting-edge radars , i guess. Then i made a decision to govern my self than others did it to me. Full of strength i went out of my comfort zone and i embarked my dreams by with a clutch of hope imaginary of becoming someone that i  have just met ( this monolog was taking place, somewhere in 2005) within me. My subconscious mind and me brought him to me. I welcomed him with my to bare hands. Then with a bunch of close friend we had a small venture which was related to education: a tuition centre, to be exact. I could vividly remember that we had like few students and even we accepted adult to improve their language skills or also prepare themselves before attending their interview.  They even called us and sent us warm of appreciation as in token for coaching them once they got the job that was applied by them. A beautiful feeling, indeed which made me lost for a while. The tuition centre was not that longer to serve the needs of students and people as the partners were not really practically aware of sustaining its growth. Too much of vexing agenda to govern it caused it became " madness" among us. Money driven took control over the logical state. At the end, we gained no profit yet fully in grieve deficit.  Well, am not blaming others for this yet thanks for giving each one of us to have a try at the very early age! Thanks my ex-partners. I hope you guys are doing good at any means.

Then, we were and made our own way. So i was still hunger to be someone different then i met my college mate and we both joined "multilevel" marketing for the first time. It was totally new for me and i don't really bother about the taboo of it among people toward its concept and reliability of it to make you darn full with cash! Luxuriously urges they have while their dream are represented with the achievement they have.  Not only in term of their cash, yet their mindset was sustained with the empowerment of becoming a leader, perches, politician, or hero in their own way and even can beat the wall of doubt, easily. It can be an overnight success story! Am an atypical and analytical person and simply will not judge thing easily yet i approve that "MLM" can really help you get fast cash even in a night! Well, i joined it for 6 months. Then i quitted for a year and working. Yet, teaching was not my passion then i joined other company to become newly Real Estate (hereafter RE) agent for a week then i resigned as the concept of becoming RE is based on commission and which is still similar to MLM. So i peeked my previous group in previous MLM then i saw them all were really fine. At the very young age, they had sport cars, pretty LV, uptodate gadgets and fantastic vocations. So i made my decision without any doubt so i re-joined them. I still remembered, that time i was in my first semester for my master's degree. Then within 6 months i managed to earn some pretty cashes. The earning was 4 figure which was triple of a fresh undergraduate's salary. I still had my pay slip for that. For 4 semesters, i paid my own education bills and expenses. Life was so glamorous and worry for nothing. I had my own capability to write my own paycheck. I can bang my chest like a king kong, banging God's door to talk to him all the way from the dirt i were to the state where he can see me, vividly. How ecstasy was i?You bet. I can say:
 i am in the wall of fame! yes, And the world's going to know my name
Cause i burn with the brightest flame
And you'll be on the walls of the hall of fame
i could go the distance
i could run the mile
i could walk straight through hell with a smile

......the question is, could you?

The power of leveraging that MLM has created to you a "wall of fame feeling" and now that is the new business methodology now. Nowadays, people do MLM to get their capital once they are good then the go for other solid and sustained business which may not same with common business that ordinary people are doing. Once you have cash, you can "move a rock" that stumbled on your way. The risk is, doing MLM means you lost your true friends as they walk away from you,  worrying if you might drag them in. Well, that is nothing you can do much about it. Just keep on moving. A year of doing MLM, then faced a cul-de sec as the road is ended with a gigantic block. Leadership changed and networking was so much affected not because of  company yet because the system was rebooted. So we walked to the normal road and kept on searching for new trials. I talked to my self- self commission of oath, that i wanted still to be the best.  was badly affected from the current state. From someone who earned equally like a professor ( not the associated professor) became a beggar! Continually with my living, I was in a deep depression, crashed into the pool of "inferiority complex",incapability to restructure the own future. The nerves of champion were numbed, extremely. Lost trust, and hope. Well, about 2 years i was in the world that was so alien to me. I was alienated mentally from both family and  friends. I was invisible and submerge to the society that was so cool as in a - 10 degree of ice berg. Until one day i read a book "Rich dad poor dad" and for its gist  i contemplated my way by considering  that  odds are " i was not going to make it". I did and still keen to do freelance job rather than a permanent job cause i don't like to work under others' authority or where my capability is not fully appreciated rather than i work for  my own. So i did sale layer cakes for few hundreds of them to Peninsular, did cleaning services and then my friends and i, we tried to have do a Spa and natural therapy thingy. We launched in Miri, Bintulu, and Kuching. It seems to be slowed and we are considering it as our "learning curve" and will keep on doing it as our freelance service. Then life is still challenging and commitment is piled up. Hardly to breath in yet in shallow.

Too much stories to be shared yet i can say, until now, am still learning, looking and looking for new ideas and opportunity to be grabbed. I still believe, crazy people create crazy result. I lost all before and i am not worry as i learnt how to have it before so why not in future? That makes me still believe in dreaming big! People who don't dare to dream big may not a faulty to other as people do have own issue when it comes to believe and dream. People, education is a bonus for you to get a seat in the high "extraordinary" profile people than high profile people.  Knowledge without application is nothing. There are lot of high profile people yet less extraordinary people. Live your dreams to the fullest as it costs you nothing. You deserve to be better. The story that i shared with you is not meant for me to have a blue eye as i had the history and future is something we cant hold  just that we can be the best in the life.  Remember. survive is just a word which brings a  SURVIVE is a Constructively Illusion. There is no Resilient Gene YET YOUR FOOD AND VITAMINS CAN OR MAYBE can boost your ability to bounce back from hardship.  In my own estimatology, ,it is you can really stimulate and invoke your subconscious mind to bounce back. The subconscious mind moulds warriors and survivors. The subconscious mind is really and super true, indeed! At the end, i still believe in leveraging income and no doubt on it.

You can be the clock
You can move a mountain
You can break rocks
You can be a master
Don't wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself

You could go the distance
You could run the mile
You could walk straight through hell with a smile

You could be the hero
You could get the gold
Breaking all the records that thought never could be broke

Do it for your people
Do it for your pride
Never gonna know if you never even try

Do it for your counrty
Do it for you name
Cause there's gonna be a day

Be a champion,

Be students
Be teachers
Be politicians
Be preachers

Be believers
Be leaders
Be astronauts
Be champions
Be true seekers

Happy Monday people and let's dreaming!

Writen and adapted by
xoxoxo Josh

3 January 2013

Hark! We are still kicking and what a “boo” to Mayan’s figment of the imagination.

Good day dear gentle readers. I’m so glad that  the myth of “ we are going the end of the world” doest really sound lunatic, at least for this time being after few of  lineages  of humanity are being haunted by such myth.

Talking about  2013. Well, it shows me some positive tonics that keep on circling around me. It is a good sign and I must say that this is leaded by those last minute miraculous cum unremitting results for being work hard and smart.  One of them, I have a trip to Bangkok, somewhere on  February 2013. Not to mention that I rewarded my self with S3 after being hard work to strive for a target. I told my self that I will go for it if I can archive that particular target coz previously I will get a  thing for granted which is at the end of the day I felt nothing. Also, I managed to extend my circle of friends and for again day by day I can be able to get closer to the closed friends that I have. Thanks guys for your trust. To those who have doubt on me, and making themselves away from the state that I’m standing on, well, I can’t further argue on  such state of affair as I’m nobody neither to hold nor to beg. To dodge in other life or not too, it is everyone choice seems to be nobody business. Yet I always welcome people as I always tell myself that, I love darks , of course, coz it shows me the stars.

Well, every day is a gift for me. Now I am so thankful to lot of people who share their experience with me about life, handling emotion and think wisely by being able to channel the anger and strong aura to an appropriate route.  For instance, when am too dull and kinda wishy-washy  then I will go for sport and make a run which bring me to several meters. Those fat asses get burn! Mind you. When am in the state of loathsome or rampaging for nothing- which is the worse ever, I go and meet clients which at the end I enjoy for being so energetic to get a deal which is worth, at least some reasons. Well, good things you can apply so at the end of the day it may fit you well, yet the so called “plain advice” you can just walk away and leave some comments for me to improve, at least.Deal?

Guys, how was your Christmas? Mine? i will post some pictures which I let those pictures play their role faultlessly. Mine was a blast as I celebrated it with my family compare d to last year- I was missed my flight back from KL to Kuching. Not to mention that I managed to catch up with few friends and we shared those days from evening to early midnight and the perfect phrase to portray this is- going out till you drop in nowhere! Overall, this Christmas does remind me of not to neglect my service as the servant of god and the more we keep on closer to him, the more we can get the scent and whiff  of saints. The feeling is kinda beauty as diamond, ruby, emeralds and lot more which bring delight to your inner side together with the music of Aeolian harps. It is also like something that there is a vortex that makes you being whirled and the sudden arrest of your motion, seems that you  will be able restore such beautiful feeling and state I try to describe. It is epic, isn’t it? With the  velocity of time, we are sometime careless to those how are in the need while we are enjoying our “ folklore” of life.

                                                          See, how beatiful the life is!

My beering chicks

                              My cake!!! it is so wonderfull and full of love. Thanks and credit to my family! xoxoxox

Till then,

Have a blast 2013! Dare to explore the blank of each page of 2013 and enchant your life to meet the disenuendo of life’s tune.