22 July 2011

Stoney Rock

Hark, it was a day that I close all doors of hope silently

You might neither think nor remember the vanity of me

Since the day I hold my sight and my voice to you and also for me

Getting worse and hurt is worth, overtly

Respecting and jovial appraisal is so sick to be cured

Either to be cursed or ignored is bliss of life

For me, at least to keep me alive

I hold my strength to build up a pyramid

A stone for sincerity, loveliness and jovial are ready for my dine

Stones, heavy like the love i've shown

Solid as the ground i've known

And I just wanna carry on

And even in a desert storm

Sturdy as a rock I behold

Wishing every moment froze

Now I just wanna let you know

on the solid ground,am standing with full of courage

till then,
xoxoxox, Josh

the power of P

Perpetual of….

~ being serenaded by good flavor of life

~ having perfect interconnection with the elements of life

~ catering the needs of nation to gear up the Economic Transformation Program

~deploying the sense of veracity, unswerving, and full of veneration to god, family and society

~embracing dreams which come for many reasons

~ nurturing positive flavor to my self for me to appreciate my whole being

~sharing good news of Health, Wealth and Happiness to those who may lack one of those

~acting in accordance with rules and regulation as a child to my beloved parents, god as for him we come, a society player, as economic rat ( a term form Robert T.Kyiosaki) which in a rock-strewn rivalryto someone I love, to friends who always shade my personal judgment day and night

~of being me for you….

~being never so called Ending story teller for a story of becoming a human being

till then,

xoxoxo Josh