31 May 2008

Selamat Hari Gawai Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai and Selamat Pesta Keamatan

I would like to take this opputurnity to say" have a toast during this gawai celecbration to all my srawakian friends and selamat pesta keamatan to my sabahan friends. An to all malaysians, happy holiday and enjoy the vibe of the celebration. Am feel so glomy today coz my mind is at my 'kampung" and lot of my close friends are going to celebrate our reunion, SPM 1999 on 3june. Well, due to my thesis, i need to stay back. Besides, out of blue i miss my late grandmother. I saw her in my dream, yesterday. This is the 1st time she appreared in my dream since she was passed away last september, 07. In that dream, i cried so hard as i was the most closer person to her. She spent lot for me tho! Hardly not to feel regard due to the fact that i was unable to bring her to walk around with me. Hope she will rest in a peace place.

Have no mood to blog but then i am really glad that having gawai celebration with multi-ethnices, races, and believes of sarawakian and hope this will last forever and ever..

Selamat hari gawai gayu guru gerai nyamai lantang senang nguan menua (happy gawai dayak, and have a pelasent, prosperity of life and also full of great blessing in this beautiful this world)

~aram kitai ngansar ke kaki, awak tertungkap angkat baru kaban, udah "ndai' alu ngerau kaban~

xoxoxo Josh