1 July 2007

Let me go home...

Drink to me only with thine eyes,

And i'll pledge with mine, Or leave a kiss but in the cup and i wont ask for wine,

Let's not ndrink , let's just sit here,

and look ech other,

or put a kiss inside my globet , and and i dont want anything to drink.

Hai people, before we go further i just want you to click the link below (a song my micheal Bubble) and read the above poem. After than try to comprehend the lyric of the song then see how close the song and the above poem to your. Can u be a bridge for me? Then throw out ur intepretation then to see how far you and i can go to "vessel" this blog..i want to go home..seems that there is a chaos that i really be at home and feel alienated here!! (the above pictucre can represent the way to be a home and it shows a boy need a way to go home to find himseft in the million of eyes within the cold and flat world..the way is at the back of him so will u lead him to his real paving of life (home)? Dare you to help him as this can be a pricelss gift for him during this "frendship day?Sometime this can be sounded as hybridity , parody or something. Most English Postcollonial literatures will sound like this!fuh(it is just a sight) this is a title of a song..really nice to shared and heard...This song is so lovely..really nice in wording.Sounds mellow.This song remainds me about someone. Gosh it has damn placid tune tho! Feel wanna to cry when i come to the line "a million people i still feel alone... but im still wanna go home..." Gosh, it has my heart! I have just chatted with a friend of mine..we talked the past memories when the age was about to see why some people are sad in the midst of night (in this song, night can be represented by the term " am too far" as night is remote (far) from the reality), crying in the middle of laughing (refers to ther term "life " and "dream" as both sound joy) and shouting in the end of joy (refers to term "paris"). Well, listening to this song will make someone down to earth without any question for more!Humble is the way to scrtunize the verse of this song! Well, if you try to grap the terms to what am saying, so u need to go along the verses. I bet people who can feel the unravel semantic values in this song can get their tears out!till then, put ur hand up togeter with me to renjoice the song and give me ur holla so i know that we are in the same 'shoe" Enjoy the song fellas.Josh,

Another summer dayHas come and gone awayIn Paris and RomeBut I wanna go homeMmmmmmmmMaybe surrounded byA million people IStill feel all aloneI just wanna go homeOh, I miss you, you knowAnd I’ve been keeping all the letters that I wrote to youEach one a line or two“I’m fine baby, how are you?”Well I would send them but I know that it’s just not enoughMy words were cold and flatAnd you deserve more than thatAnother aeroplaneAnother sunny placeI’m lucky I knowBut I wanna go homeMmmm, I’ve got to go homeLet me go homeI’m just too far from where you areI wanna come homeAnd I feel just like I’m living someone else’s lifeIt’s like I just stepped outsideWhen everything was going rightAnd I know just why you could notCome along with me'Cause this was not your dreamBut you always believed in meAnother winter day has comeAnd gone awayIn even Paris and RomeAnd I wanna go homeLet me go homeAnd I’m surrounded byA million people IStill feel all aloneOh, let me go homeOh, I miss you, you knowLet me go homeI’ve had my runBaby, I’m doneI gotta go homeLet me go homeIt will all be all rightI’ll be home tonightI’m coming back home


Hai friends,

Lot time for me not to update my blog..
Well, there are so much thing to be mentioned here..but then, let’s go one by one..
It is 2.39 in the morning..Sunday morning. Well, am a bit energized today because one of my friends gave me a buzz today. Erm. Talking about “friend” I have no idea when is the exact date for this but only 1 think I really understand when we are in the department of thinking about this date..for me every time is considered as friendship day. Well, to all my friends out they, I wish u all with a happy day ahead and trillion of bright stars will follow ur way and shine ur paving of life. Okies, I have just done with browsing some slots of One In A million and I have voted for Dayang. Not to say that I ma into ther that much but because of her talent. Suki is not that bad tho as she is a new performer so she deserve to be considered as new talented celebrity. To judge her over than she is supposed to be as other pro singers is not that fair for me! She is a novice ya! Okies, here is one of Dayang’s slots that I really enjoyed so much. Not because of the title- button off, but the they way she represented her seft in the song! Well, fellas, am catering u with lot of Video clips so here we go….


till then, X0x0Xx0x, Josh