17 June 2007

Breaking ur days into some intresting pieces

Breaking the Sunday morning

Hi fellas, I guess it is quite long time for me not to express some emotion and contemplation about anything which can be expressed and sound attractive because of its out of the ordinary value added or emblems. Lately I was too busy to keep posted and modernize my blog because of some tasks to be completed within constraint time. Okies, I just try to recap what I have done for this whole week. Okies, let i break these up so u can see the sens of demarcifation of the way life can be and see how everything under the sun is so elastic toward some fortifications are abound upon restiricted cirtumtances by our own mean. So mine is like this;-

Monday, I arrived at KLIA and nothing much happened on that day because of tiring and not in the frame of mind to do many activities rather than sleeping- homesick symptom I guess.This is a rampant thing ok.

Tuesday, I had an interview somewhere at KL for the post of writer. Well, the nice part that I like was, I need to put in writing an essay in about 350 words less than 1 hour and if I was not mistaken, the restricted time was 30mins- mind you. Well, thank god coz I have no problem to do so as I am used to “eat and sleep” with “writing”. Yeah, I was dealing with teaching of writing for couples of year and writing is one of my pleasures to do. In writing we have a big room to put across the inner voice either it sounds personal or can be expressed to public.

Wednesday and Thursday, Nothing much happened on these 2 days. I used to be out to sort out some things.

Friday, I went out to meet up with my supervisor and she said that still lot fo thing to be sorted out for my chap 3. Okies, the state of affairs got so tense because all of my housemates (undergraduate) have done theirs part, in thesis writing and it is just me that still mingle around in an empty room to find a black cat in a dark room! Does it sound so gloomy to you?

Saturday, I sat on my room to find some resolution for my own overwrought! Being alone in my room makes me wonder how the world look like if people keen to stay inside than outside? Will there less crime (I mean crime in the outside than inside), will it be more peace? Staying inside of the room doesn’t mean that your whole world is a safe place to be lived in. Yeah u might find that cool and safe being inside if your room, but then u will find that your world is empty for nothing. Life is too short merely beig inside fellas.

Sunday, I am in the department of thinking to go out with my housemates. Huhu, am looking a new sport shoe so I can go for gym! Yeah, now suppose to be “mega sale” but then we are out of it! Darn! hehehe. Everything seems to be in their own peak price! Okies, before I am signing off, I have a nice Video Clip to share with. It is a song by Enrique, he has a dulcet sounds and piece of music tho! This song is one of my top 10 songs! hehe..Top 10?i guess there are lot and lot more of fastidious song gonna be my fav song! hehehe. Overall, this song has it own strength to be ear- catching among those who are really comprehend the sense of grapping the “nucleus” of the such song! Till then, …

X0xoxoxxo Josh!