1 November 2010

crossing a bridge...

Crossing a bridge?
Would it be a subjective resemblance to social tenets- “an option” for you to get your “desirably destination” of life?
Talking about life opts, would be so nerve-racking to those “school leavers”. Even when you are in the age of 100, you might be considered as a school leaver? Or even you might not be graduated on that age. Gosh, this sounds so thorny. Okies, I’ll simplify this state of affair to you then. The picture is like this :School does not portray “literally a school” but it would be a imagery of social education domains- culture, social living skills, survivable skills, and the production of physical and mental quality via maturity process. Such domains is called as a maturity school.
After you reading the book- Cashflow quadrant by Robert T.K, they you will know and understand yourself- in what flow are you? E/S/B/I? what do these abbreviation all about? Squeeze your effort and get the book. Read it and you can get along to this entry. Trust me coz this would be a bit “not touching the ground” if you fail to grab those metaphors which will be used for the whole entry. This is a very serious entry of life which I want to share with you but you simply write it in a very abstract and absurd way. So the get the meaning of it needs you to really get your mind outside form the glass box( a modern connotation) A glimpse of this book would help you to comprehend in what flow are you. The flow is about how to get yourself to get a perfect combination of survivable learning skills that you got from maturity process of learning PLUS with your great efforts. Reading the book, and trying to implement it makes me able to understand what is my truly opt and how should I be able to tune my self so I fit myself in with the opt I have made. To fit yourself to what you are looking for is just a way to go. Yes, A WAY TO GO. You really need a bare way buy not even a BAY to get thru. Yet the way you really want to take it aint that easy to get. Searching, trying and doing “try and error” would be the finest elucidation to have a clue of “a short cut “ to get to your desire destination of your own life. Perhaps, there would be NO EASY SHORT CUT tho.
Yes people, you need a SMART BRIDGE. But do you dare to cross the bridge? This is a very big so called “big bang” question to your head. Unless you are a death fish then you won’t take it hard when It bents to your head. Walking alone the life roads would give you certain bridges that you would or rather leave it away coz you fear and really freaking anxious of walking on it coz of the height of the bridge. The higher is much better. No to say that, the lower of the bridge will be the worse for you but it is just an opt tho. The higher will be risky yet will promise you with a super duper security and satisfactions for the rest of your life. The indulgence of life or the binge of satisfactions is there people. Satisfaction would have a wide meaning to people but for those who are below the age of 30, I guess we may have the same desire and inspiration just that we cant tackle those desire into a proper channel. Just that the fear, less competitive driven and plain mindset yet overwhelming dreams will never be together in most of people and this would result the state of “partition” basically from the opt of bridges that they choose. So the question, would you be dare to choose and not only by choosing it but would u dare to have your bare feet to cross the bridge of your own in order to get your own destination of life? The bridge is a SMART SHORTCUT which is not that easy to be gotten. Get your self stretch and out from your cocoon and then tell me what do you have in order to be to the bridge you really want to. Remember, believing is a power of life regardless you are in the department of love, career, and maturity process.

Xoxox, Josh