6 October 2007

Hunting will never end

Sounds scary isn’t it? Nah it has no connection to the history of headhunter. Well, until now not all people are really understand the meaning of headhunter. Honestly, I have found few stupid fellas where they bumped their foolhardiness to me by asking “eh, you guys are still hunting for a head. Don’t you?” To my surprise, they have been living in a big city for quite a long time but then I still don’t really understand why they cant open their eyes to see the world around the globe? If they have problem to study something out of the box because there is no coverage facilities in term of broadcasting, then I am totally will point my fingers to them because they are JERK and i keep on saying this - your are Fucking asshole man, on the sly. Sounds stupid like a pig isn't? This state of affair really makes me on the warpath.

It has been alomot a week I have not updated my blog coz I am busying to hunt the time to complete my writing in the nick of time. Okies, let’s we see what stories I have for you guys to be went halves, shall we? on Wednesday, I was so hectic for job assessment which was at Puchong and it is freaking far from my place. I went out at 5.45am and reached the place at 8.00 am. The assessment was started at 8.30am as everyone was right on the schedule and the assessment lasted until 5.00pm. Oh man. the company has nice offers to those who are selected. I am applying for Town & Urban and Landscape Planning. I love landscape and environment so much. It makes me think and appreciate the world that I am living with. To my surprise, most of the candidates are a master holder. Gosh. I bet it is a competitive hunting. There were 400+ applicants for the post. After a rough screen test, then only 23 candidates were selected for the assessment. Then, at the end of the assessment, there are only 9 candidates had to go for the behavior interview including me.hehehe. I really hope to get the job in order to enhance my MA which I can say that I am a fresh graduate in the field of urban and town studies because I have no working experiences in such area if not in teaching line but I guess it is a time to change from teaching line to something new and ‘kinky’. What can I say here? I really wanted to have an itch to be in the line of the company’s rapid growth.

On Friday, I went to Cyberjaya for my second interview and it is for the post of an Editor. The company is also not that bad. One thing that I feel in the vein of in a publishing company is, they can wear what ever attire the want too. Means your office attires may not be formal but is should be tidy and exceedingly grand. This is my second endeavor for the post. As usual, I was given 3 set of tests which are 100 word sub-editing test, critical editing test and an essay. Well, I have no problem to deal with these two tests; 100 words test and an essay (I was doing a movie review and I have chosen Chuck and Larry to be disparaged). But the jumpy came to the surface when I need to deal with the critical editing. The text which was given cost me lot of time to think carefully in term of suitable vocabularies, grammar, speeling- am bad on it!, reliability, semantic- author query, and so forth. Besides that, the text is more specific to what the company is dealing with and it is a bit similar to legal texts! Mind you. I hope that my application will not be crossed out. I did my interpreter practical training in a court though but still hardly to understand those legal texts. It is really kicking my ass to digest the and download those fiddly and thorny words as the language is not that near to the common standard though! But, I still cross my finger for the post application. If not then I have to dare to play with the music yet i hope that they take a cake on me after checking my tests!My hunting for carrer and life will keep on 'rolling" bebeh.

Till then, will cater you guys more in the next other times. Have a good and nice Saturday fellas.

X0x0x0x0, Josh