3 August 2007

Just a view -part 1

I am so fervent to write, especially today. I have no idea and I have no explicit reason why I am so raring to go to engrave. Okies, Now, after writing some of intense stuffs, then I want to lessen the tense of these reading impacts by putting this reading stage into elastic mode. Just have done my reading on some note which are related to my MA (Development Science) The notes are talking about Environmental Impact Assesment. I love such field as it is related to Enginnering, biotechnology, agriculture, botany, chemistry, biology and geography. I got these note form a friend of mine. Arhman, if u are reading this blog, then my credit is given to you and ur brother! Guess what, it costs you rm 400-320, per entry in order to attent the seminar! Now am trying to search some construction and environmental consultant which are related to development and environment areas as my carrer pathway. Changing field of study from language to some semi technical things will cost you a lot in term of effort and brain to think as u are comin gfrom nothing to something. Everything under the sun is carzy so we cant anticipate something bliss by floding those arms! Well, maybe (not that sure as it depends on current circumtances) i enrol myself for another Master which is offered by UPM under Enginnering faculty- Emercency Respond Planning which will lead me to enter some offshore and site construction areas! If it will promise me a beter future, then not a big deal for me to bend my knee for it then as the knowledge is soemthing u cant buy unless u have passion on it.

Okies, let me show you the food i am looking forward to have at evry night. This killin' me to hate the fish (Ikan Keli). Gosh the taste is darn cool especially its sambal! People, u should believe my taste. I So fantactis in term of its fish and sambal. It ( Percle lele) is just a simple fries fish which is served with raw cabbage, tomato, and long bean. But when it comes with sambal. Man, it taste like u are “gonna” licking ur toe. McDonald, here it comes to bet u with the slogan u have –I’m lovin' it (can you see the grammatical error on the slogan?) hahaha. Well, this is the pic of the my preferred food. Well, looking to the food will not bring some utmost impact right. No worries as am not that blind to read between the line (as u might need some other things to stimulate ur mental picture about the mouthwatering food I am saying , now) Okies, here is the song I do adore. Akon- Sorry, blame on me! Gosh, out of sudden I am thinking to those people I am closed with and I do sorry for what I have done as I do know my responsibilities toward people around me. Well, listen to this song! Akon, you have another superb hit man! Darn,it is so implausible and far-fetched! Listen to the vibe of the lyric then u will know what the "direction" of the song heading t0!


To all my family members- sorry for all the burdens and my tenacious, God- as am not the holly virgin saint, my close companies, friends,, ex-students, teachers and lecturers, students and my ex-Collogues, makcik cafe Kolej Kediaman Amindunin Baki, Librarian UKM, Pekerja UKM, minah kilang (eh ada ke?) Piza Hunt (mike, if u remember what we have done, then u will know what am trying to say here man), Mr. Lab FPB (sebab print selalu tak bayar), the most bad thing- sorry to some of my frineds yg i bagi mkn wiskies Kucing!!heheh. To emy and C-kenit..so sory coz i always released the emission of carbondiaoxide to both of you and pulled out your tiub A.K.A bra until it makes sound which makes me turn up! My intention to entertain both of you in such way and my apology certaily follow my words..To wati, sorry because making you are in "confuse" while u were next to me..and to some few names i cant mention here..Sorry to all of you. Not forgeting to my univ mates, secondary and primary mates...sorry for something and thanks for everything!

~as life goes on i’m starting to learn more and more about responsibility which need me to speak for all of my substances, i realize everything i do is affecting the people around me~

xoxoxox Josh