30 November 2007

The lonely days

I have been alone for 2 days without roommate and it is so lonely i bet. Sounds so sad huh? yeah it is. I am not having cheerless symptom tho. As usual I browse the yourtube and guess what the song of this month is ‘pick it up” by fergie which is her new “tour de force” as it is really nice coz I love the melody, the goes to it guitar. So classy yet the wordings is so ‘acraddabra” a.k.a magical to me. Nothing much I can say here. Darm, I was too lethargic to update my blog because of no reason and am still waiting my feedback from supervisor and it has been 3 weeks for me to wait. Gosh. I am so worry about that. She must be very busy I guess. Oh ya I watched “Enchanted” and the movie is just lovely for me but it does not really up to my par which indicates the highest level of exhilaration of watching it. Overall, it is uproarious yet melodrama. I guess I am crash on someone. Yeah, but this is still in the earlier period, about the such feeling, to be acknowledged but time will say it to me on behalf of the luck and destiny to be together with the person I am referring to neverthenless am still working on it but in a lower tone. Feel so desolate and barren because of the humid and muggy weather but then no harm for having rain as it helps to temperate the world climate. Yeah, as human being we keen not to appreciate the nature order. Once it is draught then we are showing the tense and again while we are in the season of heavy rain then we keep on blaming the world and nature because of unpleasant situations. Well, what should I say? Human is just a human and s/he will never out from his or her satisfaction rings and because of this, we keep on carving and complain for more.