8 September 2007

arh...............how could i?

Today is my younger bro's besday...
I forgot to wish him and to be the 1st person to wish him when the date hits him. Well no point to wish him too early as he was not around yesterday as he went to Mukah for his school football competition. I has just realized that today is his "besday" and my mum gave ma a buzz to tell me that they are having a small celebration for him and i were cought on that time because of my "supidity" not to be aware because of this (rasa bersalah je..even i have such problem where i keen to forget the important date with my couple..hahaha) as i realized it straight on that time! Darn..well, am feel so bad because of this. My mistake then. I wish him with trillion of happieness and sucessfull in life. Happly ever after my dear bro. My wishes are u command and they are arround u where ever u go.

New baby is ready to grow for 2008

New move to all..there is a new sunshine to all of us.

After reading the Star today, my mind is captured by a slight reading on Budget 2008. Yeah , I just want to have a slight counter on that. Taken as a whole, I give applause to the Govt as it made a new move to perk up the development of nation by taking into account of Sustainable Development which are social & politic , culture, economic, environment . I know most of the bloger do react to this but this is the way how i do my recap about the budget 2008.

Social -no school fees, the quality of education is equall to all nations, good in healthy services and there is a privilege to buy some healthy equipments as well.)

Economic - the is a relief that we can see via the liase of property companies with the civilians as those who eligible and non-eligible buyers can go halves their joy while having their own material goods which is Rm 381 mil for low-cot housing is in its way to hit the nation, very very soon I guess. Cooperate tax is going to be reduced further 25% for 2009 which this will lead the impel of private investment.

Culture -via the appreciation and improvement of tourism sector as the budget welcomes the existence of infrastructure leverage which can be seen thru the allocation of RM858mil. By having such urge to improve the tourism sector this can give trickle down effect to those undeveloped areas to be sparked as other areas and for sure the education leverage will come along to this budding of tourism infrastructure. How? Then I let u to figure it out).

Environment-for instance, Pemudah is a new channel to apply for the approval of the EIA in an efficient and competent time and the manner of evaluating it-correct me if I am wrong). But then, seems to be less amendment about some allocations which are in line with the toast of property and tourism embarking toward a “better life” for tomorrow. Correct me if am wrong and if there is any, my silent readers. May be I didn’t across such amendment during this particular of time.

But overall, this Budget gives you some basis improvement throughtout 2008 as it concerns on the concept of sustainability of development which should not be taken for granted by any mean. Cheer up my nations and let’s enjoy and appreciate every single mean of life that comes to us as the life is so short to be prejudiced and all of sudden am thinking about "pride and prejudice by Julia A. Till then, welcome board to Budget 2008 and can it be called as a gift for this 50th Independent day to all nation? I deem so.

xoxoxoxo Josh