19 November 2010

have a perfect figure..would make u feel like a star?

hai friends....

It is Friday, and time moves so fast.

Well, sorry for late update. It is my apology. Before that, i would like to wish all muslim friends " happy eiduladha...and to all Malaysian, let's u pay them a visit, will you?

I my self paid my self a reward by visiting my muslim friends and ate with full of my heart ( sounds so extreme right but u know what, due to habit anything i will take in a moderation although during saturday and sunday). The main focus to pay a visit is of course, not about eating time yet more to business relationship. In business line- eating, talking, meeting and gathering are A MUST yet endorsing new concept of healthy life style, new ideas to promote the sense of awareness about self health conscious and generating new tag line for another mobile event. Everything has to be done passionately coz sudden results wont be a honor guest at all. Anything has to be " passion is the art of hoping" as long they may take times. By the way, i urge So, beware of you self inebriated coz due to dealing with people you will find your self keen to have a big appetite yet less workout coz you will be so busy as u need to entertain people. Your working regime seems to conquer your life styles. It is not a fault in this modern days.Trust me. Most of us may trip up and upon to hectic life styles.

Due to hectic life styles, instinctively you keen consume more or deposit more toxic into your body in these 3 main factors:

1. the food you take, and the condition will be much more worse if you keen to have a snack just for the sake of rushing or to get some bite! Snack consist of MSG and it will generate in about 2 times of calories level inside you. If you are one of hard dine fan for "spicy and exotic smelly food such as belacan(preserved paste of prawn), cincalok (preserved prawn) or curry thingy YET these are appealing to many of us, they you may jeopardize your colon and beware of it as most of Asian people keen to have such terrible state.
2.your skin is in a dysfunctional state.Why? coz, you may have less time to sweat and this seems to be worse for your body as those toxic waste which is called as sweat hardly to be flashed out. This may due to your body metabolic is weak and slow so hardly to get back to a normal state. This can be due to the no 1 state as mentioned earlier. So such waste will deposit inside your body and treat your akaline blood into acidic blood which would harm the function of colon.
3. you are being polluted by electro magnetic radiation- from electric suppliant or device such as laptop, aicord, tv and ect.

Such main 3 factors mentioned above would be one of the other factors which lead to colon cancer. Due to colon dysfunctional state, then you will easily gets:-
a. weight gain coz not all toxic will be flashed out from your body and it will stick to your colon and also your big intestine.Finally it will threat your metabolism
b. your faces might stuck in your colon and with no doubt it may be absorbed again to the body and finally intoxicate your blood which cause many threating illness such as cancer, tumor and also affect your kidney and boot up your cholesterol level.
c. due to your blood is acidic, so your skin will become much dull complexion, aging and skin pigmentation

ok, these are those symptoms that may indicate whether your colon is having a problems or vice versa:-
a. you keen to do big business once times within 2 days
b. your faces are sank
c.it is so smelly ( the healthy one would be less smelly) even it could kill any files.
d.it should not that solid yet smooth and easy and the shape should be like a banana
e. your bloatiness should not that so smelly
f. you keep on gaining weight even if you are on diet as your metabolism may get slow and weak

so then, if you happen to have one of more of such symptoms then you should get your self a help. Remember, prevention is better than cure. If you think prevention costs you a hole in your pocket then you should try illness then. Well, for any info or doubts, dont hesitate to let me know as am a wellness consultant and i will try my best to pay my attention to your needs and concern.For more detail regarding to what kind of service i can offer to all of you, please kindly click to this link " human energize service and consultancy" and remember read it up so you wont throw a very big puzzle to your head.

finally, remember, love your self before you lead other to do the same thing to you. Help your self before you ready to lead. Would you like to have a great figure like a super star? then the above link can be "a shoulder for you to cry on" when you in rush to get rid of cholesterol level, improve insulin sensitivity, low down blood pressure, improve your skin and sustain your colon with a great prebiotic management as all of these are packed in a sachet and ready to be carried out at any time and any where!

xoxox, Josh