30 December 2011

Merry Xmas and Happy new Year people...welcome 2012!!

From my bottom of my Heart, Happy new year to all of you...

Have a blessed day and remember, every new day is a chance for us to rectify those yesterday "errors"...have a good day

Regards, Josh....

P/S: am in the holiday mood tho!

6 December 2011

Cause and Effect, Everyone

Having a good Dine and Wine will bring you Joy! Really? Here is the verdict of the "true of the statment"

It was pretty good as a paradise to have a pampered day and mind. Reading a book and licking all over the spoon!What a devine feeling, Ever!

Till Then, the consequence is keep on flowing to be a bit schlocky, just for a while.

Then as the lust and desire went wild for a while, just for a while..the effect of splashing the hot oil changes the "feeling" and "the mood" of this particular part of important muscle!

Then, i searched for a food which is more wild than the desire and lust...aummm

Finnaly, i commit and i admit that healthy is my priority..so i highlighted it for i myself!

till then,

While minggling around then these became hostage then and now~

Remember, never try to be wild event for a while as the cause and effect will bring lot of time to be recovered and being "occay" as people said, ,follow your heart not your heart (ikut hati binasa). Never even for Once...
see you guy then..

27 November 2011

I welcome you

While am in the midst of thinking, then out of blue i switched on my Lappy and i uploaded these gorgeous pictures of mine. I welcome them to come back to me to be my joy and my smile.

Back to a memory lane where this time, everyone is belong to each one of the Us! No false compared tho. Dear Mother Mary, grand my wish and pray to bring all of us tight together.

This was a gift from AXP to me, a wireless mouse and i was a solely owner for it just about 2months.R.I.P to you little device. Our relationship was not that blessed yet i thanked you for the creation of you to me which made my working days never been dull and dim because your colour means so much for me. Red? Yes, i can go for RED.It is really turning me ON. Organismic mechanism can be found in red tho.

Till then, i hope that you guys will take a minute to think back and appreciate what do you really have and care for. It is a need for you to think about "give and take" while we are in this lifelike orientation of life!

Till then, this is for all girls out there, take it or leave it from your mental picture storage;-

xoxox, Josh

Hark, Silent Breeze is my JOY for today

Silent Breeze wakes me up, yes it is.

It is early morning and it is 12.26AM also known as midst of a night? Well, the most wanted thing to be done at this particular of time is to have a very nice rest while having a very good slouching , having nice ice cream while reading your favorite books or watching movies? Scary movie, perhaps. It could be thrill as if you wanted to have something seems to be your midnight show. Yet, most of us might think that it is nothing much more great compared to have a good sleep. After leaving university life, my sleeping time was upside down. Now, I'm re-structuring my sleeping time in order to keep healthy and look fabulous all over the time and across ages and spaces. I sleep 6 hours per day. Including Saturday or Sunday. I will get my self sleep a bit late when it is Friday as I usually go for a midnight movie or late outing. Talking about sleeping, then here is my tip in order to have a very good quality of sleep as well as having an active mind all over the time. As for me, working with various of people , every morning, I need to keep my mind positive so for that aim I will ensure I my self to have a glass of green tea +a spoon of honey+ a cup of mineral water which is rich with antioxidant.

Can you spot the thiny bottle next to the glass?it is a bottle which is rich with antioxida andjust 2-3 drop in a glass of water will do.I'm consuming it. Its anti cancer, tumor, anti bacteria and also replenish your cell as well as cell generative mechanisme. In fact i dilute it with a mineral water can i apply it to the face as my toner too.

Talking about antioxida, it is a hot issue and if you do have some knowledge about antixosida , then you will be just like a hot cake, man. It is definetly true. Even now there is a postgraduate degree in Anti Aging and Regenerative as in UCSI ( Master of Scince in Anti Aging). People, everyone of us want to stay longer and be able to be always energitic so we can simply be where we want and eat what we are starving for! To have a power full feeling, you can apply a mask on your face then wake up in the next morning you will have another new and fresh “you”. Yeah, another way of having an active mind. Generating a good smile while looking in the mirror will make you become more gratifying to have you yourself. Wise man, uses to say so tho. I am not a very good in motivating people yet everytime I in blue, I will go and feed myself with motivation stuffs from MPH- Malaysian Publishing House, a book store! Again, a wise says that, dreams come true from those who have an active mind.An active mind comes regardless what age are you! This is a fact. I read this up from a book , 50 Ways for you to feel great!

Talking about an active mind, you need to take care your colon too! Asian, is the most highest rank to have colon cancer! Remember if you have constipation then it is a sign of less active mind as well as degenerative of immune system too. So the above picture which is on the left is EzOut.A solution to avoid Constipation. My another secret of having an active mind.

I’m thinking off to explore more on Environmental Psychology. It studies how mind is activated to have or do problem solving activities by considering Environment- policy, social,, biology, culture and economic as well as the design of landscape, and Psychology- behavior and some sort of neuroscience. I still remember, talking about brain related courses, I was so keyed up everything I was in psycholinguistic classes- a study of human brain with the mechanisms of acquiring English Language. What a time tho!

Okies, people, I think that I should stop till here. It is xmas and I can see that many things are lined up to be done for me. Gosh, the marathon is still not over yet. Struggling for almost 2 years yet it is still 70% to go for. Behold man, just behold! A friend of mine, he strikes my blurriness by saying this phrase, it is just a matter of time Josh. It is about a time. I hold his word. Unless I am not doing anything that it could be a day dreaming. I hate dreaming for nothing! It is never be me but could it be you? Yes, you,my silent readers. If it not so you then act now and unleash your positive tonic to change your YESTERDAY become a great “new” yesterday and the good things come all over again.

Ladies and gentelment, here i present to you my former team when i was in Health and wellness service consultant for 2 years.This picutre was taken when we had a roadshow in Kuching, May, 2011.So form the left to right, Didin- Engnering Background, Maria- A microbiology educator, and Me-Multi disipline character. What a perferct wellness team, isnt it?

Till then, have a perfect sunday readers. Spread your love and care to those you really care for.People, if you are in Kuching, do give us a buzz and if you happen to see our booth, do pay us a visit and normaly we will be in Boulevard, Kuching in week 2 or 3 for every month. Keep healthy if you want to have an active mind!

it is me, while consulting the client and health seeker about helath, cause and effect.

xoxoxo, Josh

21 November 2011

A potrait of mind goes to your soul

A portrait of mind

It is November and the Sea Games is ON. Up to date, we have in about 50 goal medals a way ahead from the target. MALAYSIA Boleh! Kudos to the team! Yeah, target will be much more valuable if you archived and much more wonderful when you hit it more that you supposed to do. It is the reality of result orientation. Yes, it is. Welcome to the competitive edge readers. Ignoring or passing by, would not be an only damn yet it is an impairment sucker for several life spams. it takes time to be vanished. It would not be that cool , isn’t it? If I have a chance to choose what career I wish to have, I wish to be a swimmer, snatcher (am I having a right noun for it? It is a person who is doing a snatch in a sport, like in Sea Game) or cyclist? In sport, there is so called less drama in doing thing! That makes me feel so real and expose to the inner feeling which at the end will give you in a state of peaceful mind. Now am watching “jangan tidur lagi” show, it is a midnight show- stay awake show. Notice that they have an active nocturnal- doing sport, it is great! Sometime I wish to have a busy day and always keep myself being occupied as what am doing now except for spot! Gosh, I am so super duper envy with their active life style in a good way it should be. Agree? Of course right. Out of blue, I lost my grabs of being an active player. Back to memory lane, when I was in a college, swimming is a must for me at least 3 times a week and 500 meter per session even though I do I slowly. I mingt not as good as my buddy, Ed Eron in while in the “wet” yet I can learn to be or to have perfect swing as him. Am I a competitive-er ? You judge me and I am here to be reshaped to be a better one.Thinking off to go and register my self in a gym then! So sweet, it is just a new entry for my wishlist which it is supposed to be done as a routine rather than a wish. It should be any conciliation to stay young and health, right? Wise man said, dream comes from an active mind regardless about in what age are you. This is one of a secret of being a successful dreamer, indeed.

this is the book i really like!go and hunt for it, folks.TRUST me it is worth for your money

My new brain stimulants.Nice arent they?

So, to make my self being occupied, I bought 2 books for my self and now I’m practicing it to the max and wish me luck people. Oh, a new hobby I have just started which is to read old newspaper as my “morning tidbit” for the brain as I’m in the lane of having a brain jog! Good day to make your life different and being other part of others who are not so you at all. It is so much FUN, folks. Cross your finger for it, indeed. As I said earlier, the active mind will lead to positive thinking and finally dreams become visible right to you. In this sense, active means S.O.B.E.R tho.

Wow, it has been 2 months I did not engrave something for my blog? My writing could be a bit dry to you, readers am I right? Well, how I wish i can share many things with all of you yet when the precious times are stroke by some jovial things which is, definitely , awesome compared to writing. What a lame excuse tho.

Well, in Dec i will right more. It is Xmas and i cant wait to be back at home! Starbuck does agree with me as it says that:-

So much fun, indeed and in KL for sure the decoration is all over the place and the smell of xmas is everywhere!

Till then, will update you guys agian then.

~The winner nevers quit the defeat nevers be that sweet!

xoxoxo, Josh

23 July 2011

lot of colours

when your life is full of colour, your body wants to be like this...

just you and me, we see yet voices are swallowed by the air and our despair,

it is nothing wrong with that just a simple isolation for us not to think much about what life may take ,

what you and i may lack of,


the unstoppable of questioning the truth of lies where ever it is.

life is never becoming as an unlimited of resources for us to be happy be merry

till then,


Business Review by me :Macro enviroment is essential not that what peope really want it to be- responding to my friends coversation

Small and Medium Industry (hereafter, SMI) has been emerging actively with a great participation form those local and international economic players. Due to this state of affair, the government comes with various strategies to enhance the capabilities of the industry. For instance, the government provides few facilities and opportunities such as flexible loan, seminar and training, markets and business networking center to those who are in the line of SMI. Full of support from the government and also other cooperate players would give some impacts to the successful of a SMI.

For a SMI, in order to sustain, it should be able to tackle few macro impacts wisely and all of these impacts should be addressed rightly. These impacts are identified as economic, politic, socio-cultural and technology. In fact, enterprises have reaction towards government efforts such as environmental social and culture (a part of culture),economic and financial( a part of economic element) and education & training(a platform to enhance the awareness of technology among enterprises).

Generally, the nature of entrepreneurship catalyzers is influenced by few factors such as background and culture, the effort of government to give their various supports and protections such as financial facilities, creating entrepreneurship programs and monitoring competitive markets either in the country or outside the country, particularly for new an entrepreneurship..

These macro impacts play a very vital role in an organization of SMIThis state of affair can be seen as in a small business. For instance, economic is considered as a basic platform to a SMI as the business and market indicators will be taken from the economic environment and being analyzed critically in order to come up with a useful report to understand the current markets and demands in nowadays within the economic scopes. The current growth of economic would be a benchmark for any company to understand their vision and goal within certain time frames. For instance, any economic turbulence such as critical inflation where the tourism player were unable to sustain the cost of developing the tourism industry, saturated market as unhealthy markets is caused by the other illegal counterparts activities, and also insufficient resources due to weak resources management and distribution from both government and cooperate bodies and this will hamper the growth of a company and finally it would not be able to perform well in business.

A part form economic impact, current political scenario does control the development and expanding of SMI either in direct and indirect impact. This impact can be clearly seen in term of developing and sustaining the policy of economic tourism, providing business consultancy for the new and existing tours guide company, tourism facilities such as tourism one stop center for training and self-development for tourist guide company, market, intellectual property in business nature and many more. The government contribution and participation of the government managing the political issues; political stability, as this will ensure the confidence of others economic players to generate long lasting growth, especially when it comes to global politics. This will attract a group of tourist to come to Malaysia especially from Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia which are the within Malaysia’s Business Networking. Some sort of political patronage is an absolute necessity to be considered critically by both host provider and tourist. Not only for safeguarding the interest of the company but even to begin the process of getting the required sanctions, one requires hold in the high echelons of politics and administrative circles. A stable political platform will ensure any nature of business will be able to generate great its growth and get their return of long term investment.

From the perspective of socio-culture impact, this state of affair can be comprehended overtly by observing the changing of clients’ culture which can be interpreted in term of their attitude, behavior, mindset, and needs. It should be able to understand the demands and needs by all types of tourist group. The scope of this impact can be used as a guideline in order to strengthen the management by objective approaches which are applied by most of the company in order to generate and balance their profit and loss account. A SMI should be able to utilize the exiting of local folks to exercise its current operation to the fullest by understand the folks capabilities in term of labor participation.

Technology impact is a vital element to gear up the productivity of a company, particularly a SMI. This is due to the nature of the business itself as it may have limited resources to expand the business operation yet by adopting the concept of optimizing business technology; utilizing the Information Technology facilities such as email, video conferencing, creating database and file server, would help a company growth fast in term of developing its networking, business relationship and exchanging latest information even though with limited resources. This impact clearly be seen by considering the any type of tourism company as a information hub to provide vivid information about a country avidly, particularly in Malaysia. Besides that, such hub will be a guideline for each of each tourist especially when it comes to decision making before selecting particular places to visit.

SMI companies are heavily influenced by macro impacts such as economic, politic, socio-cultural and technology Basically, the macro impacts will be used to forecast the progress, risk and profit& loss of a SMI.