12 September 2007

Be Tolerate Please

I went back from my lunch this evening. On the way I went back, I saw a girl threw her pepsi can to the construction area nearby to my place and I was like shocked and loathe to what she was doing at that particular of time. She is well educated (as i can see her appreances and i do take into account other facets of her, which bring me to this assumptation) Holly shit! Now, this kind of idea come in and pop up in my mind “ 1st class facilities and 3rd class mentality". Reading such "bold" phrase, what may come to your mind? Okies, let's start this "mind talk", shall we?

To be honest, I am so sensitive when someone is throwing something all over the place and some of you may have the same thinking. Littering sweet wraps is such a suck and abhor attitude to me. Yeah, some people might think that doing such thing sounds so “nothing” to them as it is a pity thing but remember, something that is gigantic should have a base to be immersed which comes from small thing, right? So don’t take too light when it comes to an attitude where you have predisposition to litter miniature things.

Besides that, I can see that some of construction areas are too “sick” while projects are ran by developers. May be of the leverages of environmental and constructions awareness in me makes me so gnashing my teeth when the sites are considered as reprehensible environmental sites! Ok here are the things I want to be highlighted by all of you, my silent readers which are:-

1. indiscriminate dumping behind the “shelter” of the workers

2. Solid waste and Centralize Labor quarters (CLQ) are not managed nicely. For instant their toilet is not equipped with septic tank.

3.House keepings have not managed properly as we can see some of the metals all over the place. Lack of Life Cycle Analysis awareness. That why in schools (nowadays), they try to cultivate “love the nature” among students. In biology area, it is called as Biologi Pemuliharaan. Some of courses are using such term.

4. Some of the sites may not show their Safety Signage clearly for the purpose of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

5. CLQ has lack of facilities which may hamper their Safety and Health in term of Water and some important needs for them to keep their productivity

6. Some of the yards are not maintained nicely as we can see lot of sharp and dangerous metals

Well, I hope all of us think seriously about the nature. To have a better live unquestionably and beyond doubt stats with a healthy place to live which, again, consists of the concept of Earth Sustainability. Till then, “today can create a better place for next, next and next tomorrow”.

X0x0x0x0x Josh

Forever Love- dulcet tune, isn't it?

Fasting is coming

Holla peeps....

I would like to wish those who are muslim, happy fasting my frends. May you all have full of blessing within this month. Not to forget to wish happy besday to a frend of mine "Darcywitty", the more older the more wiser and "handsomer"ahahaha. Wish him full of luck and happy many returs in what ever he will do. I have insufficent "crap" to nag here but then i keep my promise to cater you guys with trillion and lot more of some issues. By the way, am currently listening to Gary Barlow- he is my favorite singer since i was in my secondary school. I love his song "So girl help me" and the most dulcet, euphonious and tuneful song is "forever love" Gosh, i am speechless while watching and listening to this videoclip. Till then, takce care peeps...

x0x0x0x Josh