17 March 2012

Let's coloring

Coloring….with your heart
We share the same colour of eyes (most probably with those common colours)

When we are talking about colour, it is kinda writing to me.

Yet, using colour as your words and heart as your “pencil and eraser” sounds not that easy as it could be.

Why?lets’ imagine if you may have ample of colours and they are blended like  yellow and white?green and blue?How about  we are going to interpret it without “eating our hearts. Let’s say we are using 1 method of writing using “hearts and colors”  all over the world. Hence, it may take time and mutual define toward everything.  Why this thing can be happened? This is due to the power of mind to differentiates itself with the rest. A flesh of meat  yet of has super powerful influence to govern each human being? So, another scenario is about to start, a voice or action overs than others. Probably I can say, we are talking about a same language yet different social class of using it. This is what happening in most of decision making as well as policy making. Come, we sit and have a peace of mind to tackle this thing. Nowadays, lot and lot of people are truly educated and this will make them the ability to interpret a thing in many ways( creative and innovative, as what this is the ideology of our school system). Bravo for this! Glad that am in that era to know and when I’m growing then I apply the creativity to my own business. Yet, it is kinda lack of something and probably the elements of being creative is not really solid in me. Meaning,  the flavor of creativities are not that up to the max as it is determined to be. No worry, ladies and gentlemen, there is still a room to improve this scenario.

When we are too creative, sometime other wont accept it and it is kinda weird and isolated to them. Rejection and objection are coming up and will those of creative will be able to cope with all this? Whether he will become more create or just holding back? Okies this sounds a bit foul for me yet do we really prepare this “the idea of tackling this” to your students across curriculum? Then, just a random thought, why those who are well educated fall apart at the end of the day as it could be in their life? totaly messy? Life is so challenging compared to before, isn’t it?. It is so cold out there yet lot of luxury coloring may put your consciousness and worriedness aside.  They need help and absolutely a help. Dont ever assume they can fix this “mess” by their own as when you are in a cul-de-sac, nothing can be seen clearly and at that point of time, your heart wont be able to replace the ability of writing alone the line, logically and sensibly. Moral of the story, teach our youngster to fish yet don’t forget to teach them how to hunt others which is totally not a fish as an ad hoc when the competiveness goes wild.

Again, can we really use our heart to write the meaning of colour?This will become a challenge to those Language teachers, isn’t it? Especially when they need to conduct LINUS to their students.

Well, happy school holidays to all students and teachers. Remember,  learn to fish yet learn to eat others too. A life should  be balance, build your foundation then no matter how far the storm may take you away, you still “sober” as before.

So, for testing on how sober are you, mind to read those colors with your heart. Caution: No emotion attached is embedded. ~Mata kita sama warna tapi tidak pada hati~


So, here, for testing,